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Boyfriend is good and also asked for marriage one day, but he watches STRIP videos?
So my boyfriend is a good boyfriend and he asked me to marry him one day, however, I found out by YouTube that he liked a Strip video.
I'm confused... He always tells me I'm good in all ways and we're open in sex, we do everything we want and I even play out fantasies for him. Why is he watching videos of hot chicks stripping?
All guys like porn you can't hold it against him
(Men) You watch strip videos even if you have a girlfriend, would you like if your girl did the same thing?
Men say it's normal and ok for them to watch Strip videos even when they have a girlfriend.
My question to you guys, how would you feel if your girlfriend watched male strip videos? Or even more explicit videos of males?
It wouldn't bother me one bit, and I'm being honest here. Maybe it will make her want to have intimate moments with me even more.
Carmen Electra strip aerobic videos do they a really work?
Has anyone tried them? I just bought all 4 discs. Not the vegas on or the one in the bedroom. But does anyone know if it really works. When I do them I feel a little burn. And I have fun. But is it really giving me a work out. Or is it a waste of time and money?
if you're just starting to work out, they are great. It's a low impact workout that is easy on your joints and that improves your flexibility.
If you're in good shape, they might be too easy, but they are still fun and they are great for toning your hips. If you find them easy, add wrist and ankle weights (you can get them in any sports store or even Wal-Mart for $3-5).
How do you strip videos from youtube?
i have kindof an embarrasing video on youtube, but its really funny and i want to keep it on my computer, but i dont have the file anymore since i got a new computer. is there anway of stripping the video and the audio too? thanks
Download RealPlayer and make sure the plugin called RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 1.0 gets installed on your browser.
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I want to learn male strip dance, could you recommend me some videos or dvd lessons?
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Is it weird that i like to watch dudes watch my ex gf's strip videos?
is it?
Does anyone know how to strip mp3s from youtube videos?
I want to put them on my iPod. Thanks in advance.
Is it leagle to strip audio from youtube videos?
what are some good websites to use for stripping audio? and will they give my computer bugs?
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