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How can I play live streaming video from a website on Windows Media Player or on another player?
Is there a way to watch live streaming video from a website using windows media player or another media player without watching it on that website? For example can i watch live video from this website using a media player such as windows media player or another media player?
(for free preferably?) thank you for your help
u can probably watch it on a windows smart phones
How can I record a live streaming video that I'm watching on the internet?
I'm going to be watching a live streaming video on a website tomorrow, and it wont be available to download afterward, so how can I record it cause I want to have it to keep? Are there any free programs that I can download that can record live video?
this Streaming Video Recorder can record nearly all the social video websites, Web video and download online TV shows, Episodes, even streaming movies transmitted through various network streaming protocols.
How do i get live streaming video of....?
I need to somehow get a live video stream of the 2008 New York New years Eve Ball Drop?
first,if you don't have a webcam get one. without a webcam you couldn't get live video.second, do you have a laptop? without a laptop you wouldn't be able to have a mobile live stream unless you have the ability to do that on your phone.last find a site that lets you have live video streams like once you are on stickam sign up for an account and it will walk you through how to do everything.
Where can I watch Poland vs Northern Ireland Live Online Streaming Video - 5th September?
Poland v Northern Ireland Live Stream Online? Poland - Northern Ireland live video streaming on PC? Poland v Ireland live match stream online?

Poland v Ireland is live online at

You'll get every World Cup Qualifier live there! Brilliant quality streams.
How do you record live streaming video?
What program can you use to record live streaming video/audio?? I see a lot of people who record live shows like music bank, music core, ingikayo so i was wondering what they use.
1. Download it directly with YouTube Downloader.
2. Record it with screen recorder.
Does anybody know of a software to capture a live streaming video?
So tomorrow is the final space shuttle launch, and I wanted to record the live streaming of the event. Does anybody know of a software that will capture, record, and save the live streamed video? Thanks.
I have used "Streamtransport" with much success.

It's free.
How can I watch live streaming video on my PC to my WII using Orb?
I have a Windows XP PC with tons of Videos and Audios. I have Orb installed and from my WII connected to my TV I can access all of the videos and audio media from my PC through my Orb account.

There are occasions where I watch streaming video from the web on my PC. I am wondering is it possible to watch such live media through the Orb on my Wii/TV?

it is possible
Where can i get a live streaming video of the white sox vs tigers game?
OK I"m trying to find a live streaming video of the white sox vs tigers make up game. It's on today at 12:05 Central time and I"m actually trying to find it so I can watch it with a friend of mine in Iraq. He's a huge tigers fan and is missing the whole season due to being deployed over seas. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated! and go to video
How do you record live streaming video on vlc media player?
i recenntly just downloaded vlc player and i dont know how to use it and i want to know how you record live video using it. if you know how to, please answer. thanx
Yes it can be a recorder. I may be light on details, but here is the basic idea. If you know the URL of the stream you are watching (for example, the long series of characters starting with the protocol "..." or "mms://...", then you open up VLC, click the tab at the top reading "Media," and go down and choose "Open Network Stream.." A window will appear with a bar for you to type the complete URL into. Do this, and then click "Play." VLC should play most stream types. When the stream starts simply press the "Shift" key and then the "R" key. You should see the word "Recording" in the upper leftt. It will record what you are watching and stop when either the stream ends, or when you press Shift and R again. For me the recording goes right to your "Videos" in Windows. You can play it anytime or save it to a DVD. Also VLC (VideoLAN) has help pages and tutorials.
How do I put live streaming video on a website?
Its a domain (.com) purchased from yahoo I think. Anyways I needa find out how to put live streaming video on it.
Depending on the package you have with Yahoo!, adding streaming video may take a little work. If you only have a domain registered, you would need to upgrade your services to Yahoo! Web Hosting in order to stream any content from your domain.

You can find our web hosting page here:…

If you currently have a hosting service with Yahoo! or another company, it would depend on the tool you are using to create the site. Normally, with most site building tools there is an insert option to insert the original video or an embedded code (if you are streaming from another site such as YouTube or UStream).

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