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Who is the girl in the pink bikini in the buzzin video?
Who's the girl in the pink bikini top in the buzzin video with mann and 50 cent. I searched everywhere and all I hear is bella gonzalez. Isit the same girl throughout cozz they don't look the same. Who is that girl in the pink bikini help me out
Brasilia Kurts~~
What music video has the two school boys who pretend to do bikini casting?
The music video where the two school boys that don't go to school but instead pretend to do bikini casting and they record it. At the end one of the boy's mum picks them up from outside their school.
"Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Max Graham vs. Yes…
Where can i find the teal bikini in Shakira's Loca Video?
Anyone know where I can find the teal shimmery bikini featured in Shakira's Loca Video?
that was made custom for the video and you wont find it anywhere
Find me a good quality picture of Lady Gaga in her black bikini from the Born This Way video?
From the dance sequence towards the beginning of the video. I want to print it out and put it on my wall as inspiration. :)
Thank you.…
Techno Music video with girl in a bikini hitting a hammer on the wall?
I heard a techno song with some hot girl in a dress who eventually takes her dress off and starts hitting a hammer on a wall. Anybody know what that is? Was a good song.
beni banassi - satisfaction, has a video where hot girls play with hammers and power tools, could be that one
Whats the name of the girl in the platinum bikini in the Pitbull video I Know you Want Me?
Yeah its the girl with the platinum bikini
Her name is Sagia Castaneda. The guys from I Saw It In A Rap talked about her last month:…
What is and where can I find other than you tube a video where a girl loses her bikini?
I am looking for alternate free sights where there are movies about girls losing their bikinis. Also do not send me to a place where I find the one with the three girls and the nerd.
...umm...awkward question...

U know the best thing would be just to search on google... like exacty ur question u posted offense but it would save a whole lot of "wows" on Yahoo. lol
Torrie Wilson "white bikini" video. Where can i find it online. ?
I found a picture of Torrie Wilson in the ring wearing a white "bikini". But this "bikini" was not a seperate bra and panties, it was attached from top to bottom, covering her top part and her bottom part. I dont know which night it is from. I would like to find the video from that night or possibly even more pictures of that night. If anyone has the video or pictures or knows where I can find it please let me know. Thank you. Here is the picture of the "bikini".
sorry idk
How do I get a body like the girl in the bikini in the Iyaz Replay video?
the extremely pretty girl who wore the blue and yellow bikini
Diet-Work Out- Plastic surgery (optional)
What is the house music video with a girl in a bikini that comes out of the ocean?
the girl walks to an shower. The whole movie is in slow motion. Its really long, I think about 10 minutes. I cant for the life of me remember the name of the song. Maybe its an electro house song. Idk.
just go with it

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