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Cheerleading uniforms?
Does anyone know where to purchase cheerleading uniforms for school teams? i live in canada and i have absolutely no clue where :S thanks!
My squad LOVE the uniforms here. The first few pages are a bit slutty and trashy but carry on through the catalog!! We usually only get performing uniforms from here but there are some aaaawesome practice uniforms I especially love the burgundy/red uniform on page 35

here's the link;

Have fuun! Xxx

PS: there are quite a few colurs you can pick frm
Cheerleading uniforms?
Where can I buy used cheerleading uniforms?
eBay or craigslist are probably your best bet. Other cheer sites may have some really cheap sale uniforms.
Cheerleading Uniforms?
our middle school cheerleading uniforms this year are t-shirts and b-ball shorts. Is there a way I can make them look like regular uniforms?
Yeah that is pretty strange. Try getting your coach to have a fund-raiser and order uniforms off of for you guys. The best part is that you don't need to order more every year. Just have everyone turn theirs in at the end of the year and the only time you would have to order new ones is if you have a girl on the squad who doesn't have anything that fits the next year. Your uniforms sound pretty awkward. If not, you guys can just order skirts instead of full uniforms from and just wear your shirts with them. That's cheaper and the skirts are only like $30 a piece depending on which one you get.

Are cheerleading uniforms as much fun to sleep in as they are to wear?
I'm a varsity cheerleader in high school. My sole purpose for wanting to be a cheerleader is to wear the cute outfit and get attention from boys. My definition of "competitive cheerleading" is competing with a bunch of other girls in my school (both cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders) for attention from certain guys. Those uniforms are SO much fun to wear!!

I'm thinking about sleeping in my cheerleading uniform (wearing it to bed instead of pajamas). Do you think that would be fun to do?
do it!!!
Where can you buy cheerleading uniforms for a large cheerleading group?
We need to new uniforms for cheerleading. The other ones are to old!
You could go to because it is very cheap.I don't know any website that sale for large group so i think this one is the best.
What are some way to get cheap but cute cheerleading uniforms?
Im on the JV cheerleading team this year, and we are really good! But i hate it that we are going to have t-shirts for uniforms. I really want cute and cheap uniforms! So if you have any suggestion feel free to tell me. :)
You can request a rep to come out to you to take measurements and everything.
Is Cheer brand laundry detergent the best to use for washing cheerleading uniforms?
Based on the brand name, is this the best detergent for washing girls' cheerleading uniforms?
Yes, and it will make them happier. Use "Bounce" in the dryer.
How should I tell my coach we should get new cheerleading uniforms?
Is it possible to suggest to my coach that the girls on the cheerleading squad should get new uniforms since our old ones are very old?

I can help with the designs, you know..make it more updated and glam? =]

is it possible?
Go with a plan. Do some research so you know what kind of price range per girl you are looking at. Have some examples on what kind of uniform you would like to change to. Have several ideas of how to pay for them ex: fund raising ideas. You can't expect the school to totally fund it out of their budgets. Our school does mini cheer camps where younger girls (1-6 grade) learn a fun, cute routine and perform at a half time home game. The parents pay $20 per for a two hour camp and the get a cute t-shirt to wear. They do this twice a year--once during football season and again during basketball season. Hope this helps!
I need some fundrasing ideas for cheerleading uniforms for my team. Can anyone help?
My cheerleading team is wearing the same uniforms I wore when I went to the school....10 years ago and they were old then. We are a middle school team so we don't have a budget. Its also a catholic school so any fundraising has to be appropriate for 5th to 8th graders (i.e. no car wash). They desperately need new uniforms can anyone think of anything to help me?
You could try asking for donations from places like Walmart or Target, they don't have to be big stuff, but it would help. If they don't want to offer you anything more than a few dollars, then you could all chip in to buy a $20 gift card maybe? Then you could hold a raffle! If you go around your neighborhood and ask people if they would like to buy a raffle for $1 or $2 people would easily donate, then when you pick the winner, you can give them the prize, but if it's not so much valuable, then give out about five or so. You could raise some money doing this! I hope I helped, and I'm sorry if this is hard to understand, I'm not good at English!
Are cheerleading uniforms comfortable to sleep in?
Last week, after the football game, I went over to my girlfriend's house to hang out. She's a cheerleader, and she was still wearing her uniform. We were in her room listening to music together. She was lying on her bed, and I was massaging her back and playing with her hair. After about 10 minutes, she fell asleep while still in her cheerleading uniform. I never knew those things were that comfortable. Lots of cheerleaders complain about how their uniforms are NOT very comfortable.
very strange question.....

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