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Women masturbation?
I'd like to hear some stories from wonem about masterbation. Is it a habit that they cant stop even if they have partner?
no its not a habit that i cant stop even when i have a partner. i do it if he is not around or i cant wait.
Women & Masturbation?
I don't mean to sound perverted--this is truly something I am just curious about because no one ever talks about it.

I am curious about where woman masturbate. What position they are in. What they use. How they do it. I know all people are diferent, so there will probably be a lot of different answers.

This is just something I have wondered about.
I really don't think that is a perverted question. People nowadays are to sexually repressed. I masturbate at least twice a week. I normally use the side of my hand near my thumb instead of my fingers. And I lay on my back. It's kind of sad that people won't answer the question. Why did you go to this question if you weren't even going to give a satisfactory answer instead of asking why he wants to know?
Women masturbation.......?
should a 13 year old female masturbate?
how ?
and when ? before bed ? laying down ? help... reallly curious
well it is normal for a girl/ guy to start there masturbation early around ur age. well with anything that can fit, such as finger's, toy's, handles, just nothing harmful and make sure it sterile so as to not get an infection! u do that by washing the thing ur about to put inside u.
anytime really it doesn't matter, it's ur choice really as long as u feel comfortable. and u can masturbate by rubbing around the what every u want to call it or by putting and object or ur finger in and out!!!
What is the most realistic form of masturbation for women?
I am curious, because many women I know always talk about how many different forms of masturbation feel the most realistic. I'm curious to know which one it actually is.
I have never heard any woman talk about that, ever. Masturbation needs to feel good, not realistic. It's not an imitation of anything, so it doesn't need to resemble something that it isn't.

To be honest, the idea that masturbation should feel like something else (you are probably thinking of intercourse) sounds like a male idea, not one that a woman would have. Most women don't climax from intercourse. Why would they want to imitate that?
Why are women not comfortable enough to talk about masturbation and sex related things, but men are?
Like as a teen girl yeah I masturbate but like it's really uncomfortable when you talk about womens masturbation with other women. Why do women tend to hide things like this? Is it just because guys masturbate a lot more often then women do?
Society has conditioned women to think they need to be modest and 'lady-like'.
Also women are hardwired to chose a mate carefully and stick with that partner (because they have a big investment of time and energy in a ), where as men are hardwired to be much less selective and loyal, not that they can't be those things, but that could be more cultural than anything else.
All that being true, it's still the case that some women have a very open attitude towards sex.
Fellow Chrisitan women is masturbation a sin?
There is a part of my body that I like to touch that arouses me, but its not a sexual organ( its weird, its my belly) and I dont have to have sexual fantasies in order to get off. So is it wrong? Would it still be called masturbation?
If you're wanting to touch your body to get sexually aroused, yes it is masturbation and it is a sin. Masturbation is thinking about oneself and what one can get out of sex, even if you are not having sexual fantasies. It's out of lust instead of love for a partner. If you plan on getting married, that is not a good mindset to have.
Are there any changes in technique a guy can try to spice up masturbation, women seem to have a lot of ways ?
It seems women have all kinds of variations to pleasure themselves and men can only just up and down with the hand kinda seems old after a bit any suggestions to spice things up for a guy? this is a serious question.
there are as many ways to masturbate as there are varieties of soup. And there are so many places to masturbate that can add to the thrill as well. As for techniques try the sites mentioned below. As for places use yoru imagination - parks, the woods, the shower, the kitchen, just about anywhere you can do it and not get busted for offending some prude.
Do women have any closure during masturbation?
For us men, the closure is the orgasm and ejaculation. Do women have some kind of closure during masturbation? I ask because I hear orgasms are rare for women while masturbating. So is their closure the conclusion of the fantasy on their head or porno on their screen, or do they abruptly stop masturbating?
no! thats not true our closure IS an orgasm and that "its hard for women to get an orgasm during masturbation" is a load of bull$hit
Does masturbation affect confidence towards women?
I masturbate regularly (not really proud of that) and I am normally shy around women. When I abstain from masturbation I find I am much more confident around women and can talk to them easier. Is this a normal thing or is it just coincidence?
I disagree with the other answers--abstaining from masturbation can certainly have a psychological effect on you. If you are very horny (from lack of sex or masturbation), you have more sexual desire. This sexual desire helps you get over your normal shyness, so you can find someone to satisfy that desire with.

This is the same thing that happens to you when you get hungry--as your desire for food increases, you will go to more and more desperate lengths to get it. (Of course, you won't die if you don't get sex, though you might have psychological problems).

Finally, as a side note--almost everyone masturbates--men, women, dolphins. It keeps you healthy and sane. Nevertheless, good luck with the ladies.
Do women really get better orgasms from masturbation than from intercourse?
I've read in a lot of places that women are more likely to have an orgasm and have better orgasms from masturbation than they do from sexual intercourse. It doesn't sound right to me, but from some of the explanations I've read it does seem to make sense. I've never had intercourse, so I can't really tell what's true.
Sometimes it can be better than sex because you know exactly what you want when sometimes your partner won't, and you can change what you're doing according to what you want. for me though, sex is something entirely different and there is no comparison. sex is much more satisfying.

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