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Crazy ways to masturbate?
whats some crazy ways to masturbate? some crazy ways to get real horny and then masturbate im just so horny and sick of the normal one and ive got a girlfriend, just want soem stuf to do in my free time?
F#cking a watermelon or other fruit
What are some crazy ways or places to masturbate?
I'm 16 and I'm looking for some differentiation, but subtly...don't want the 'rents to know. Any ideas girls?
run bath water over your clit.
Whats the best way to crazy masturbate (for a guy)?
I really wanna spice up my self love life... just may lone hand gets boring. I need some crzy amazing positions or something!
Put a plastic bag with lube of some sort in it under the edge of your mattress between the bed base and mattress and then slide your penis in. You can increase or decrease the pressure by pushing down on the top of the mattress. You can thrust in and out like intercourse. Enjoy some hands free masturbation!!
Im 14 and need new creative ways to masturbate, can you help?
im a girl, could you help? i need something new im tired of my old way, i want something crazy and that will make me orgasm extremly
Well, I use a vibrating toothbrush. I keep my underwear on and turn the toothbrush on too. Then I put it on and move it around until I have an orgasm, just also you can do it in the bathtub too. Just run the water, bring your body all the way to the end of the tub where the water is running and put your vagina diectly under the running water. You can play around with the temperatures to what feels best. And it also helps if you lift up your legs and push your feet up against the feels really good. :D I hope I helped. Oh, and also you can just stick your finger inside you and wiggle it around. Again, I hope I helped :) and good luck!!
What is the craziest way that you have ever Masturbated?
I was just curious to know what is the craziest way you have masturbated?
with a glass bottle, letting my bf watch
What ways of masturbating will make us go crazy? ?
I'm 16, guy and are finding new ways to do it :)
have a friend jack you off, you choice of which sex, try, other hand
Masturbating with crazy stuff?
im 16 & i masturbate like every night. i use hair brush handles, remotes, cell phones, sex toys, and electrics toothbrushes, vacuum handle, broom handle, untensils, and other crazy stuff. its getting old & boring. i only do penetration stuff. but yeah how can i make it more interesting and how can i make it feel better cuz sometimes it doesnt feel as good. help what are some good ways to masturbate
Just stick to the sex toys and that's pretty nasty if you are using vacuum handles and remotes and broom handles which other ppl have to use. I hope you're joking. Other things that you are using aren't meant to go in your vagina and you could be actually doing more harm than good.
What are some kinky things to do and kinky ways to masturbate?
Ok, so i'm a 21 year old college guy and my roommate is gone to see his family over Christmas Break. I'm bisexual and i have a huge crush on my roommate but he's also my best friend. I love to do kinky things and it makes me so horny. What are some different things i can do in my apartment that is kinky? I'm open to EVERYTHING. Im not really asking for techniques to masturbate but i'll take what you give me. I'm open to doing whatever i need to with my dick and *** and well, my whole body. I want the craziest things you can think of!
The kinkiest way I know of to J/O is to take a plastic baggie (or a condom, whichever you have available) Lube it up and place it between a couple of pillows and your mattress (you have to lift it up off the bed to make this work). Then you kneel down next to the bed and place ur **** in the baggie/condom and **** the **** outta your mattress and pillows. Feels absolutely amazing, just like sex and you can only really pull it off when you know the roomie is gonna be gone for a while and nobody will interrupt.

My fav way to do it is to have some porn on at the same time too. That way you can really get into it and put yourself in the movie!@

Best of Luck! =)
what is the craziest way for a female to masturbate
I've tried all sorts of objects when I was a .
The weirdest was probably an old fridge that we had in our house when I was a . The motor was old and the whole fridge would vibrate a lot. The kitchen table was close to the fridge so I would lean back against the table and press my crotch against the corner of the fridge and enjoy the "good vibrations" :-)
What are some ways to make masturbating more fun?
Any crazy ideas? Thanks (:
Call me!

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