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Do girls still wear super teeny bikinis at the beach ?
I am going to hawaii with my wife for her birthday..and I realize I haven't seen her in a bathing suit since our honey moon 2 years ago...what types of suits should I expect to see..and will it be so small guys will be ogling her...
No they don't which is surprising..
An elegant bathing costume is better for both of you..and a sarong to tie around her waist or wear as a sarong dress.

Some of the one piece bathers are stunningly sexy..so do let her make a choice as to what SHE feels most comfortable in.

I for one, would HATE to be pressured into wearing something in public that I do not feel great in...
You need to think about her too...
Is it okay to wear a teeny bikini?
Someone gave me this very cute and original swimsuit. I like it a lot but it shows a lot of my butt, its not a thong or anything, but the bottoms are super skimpy. I am 23 yrs old and going to the beach next month? Should I wear it? I feel comfortable in it bc I have a pretty cute figure.
Definitely wear it. Do as the Brazilians do.

I buy all my bikinis from Caspia ( CaspiaBikini.com ), for exactly that reason. They're designer Brazilian bikinis that are made to accentuate your butt (not the thong bikinis everyone is calling Brazilian, actually Brazilian). I would assume yours is a similar cut.

Showing a bit of butt is totally in, as long as it isn't sleezy and tacky.

Actually....if you think you look any good in your bikini they're having a contest right now and you should totally enter! ( CaspiaBikini.com/Bikini_Contest ).
Why do some parents take their babies swimming?
At my YMCA they don't let you have babies under a year old in the pool. Part of it is due to chemicals but I think there are more reasons. But then at an outdoor pool I went to, it was so irresponsible! People were taking babies under a year old on a waterslide with them on their lap and on top of that it was a sunny day! I can't help but think that some parents don't even use sunscreen with their babies even though they are wearing teeny bikinis already.
There is nothing wrong with taking a baby swimming. Its not like the parents are letting the baby swim by its self, so how is it irresponsible? Most parents do use sunscreen on their babies so its nice to let your baby out on a sunny day.The thing I dont get is are you saying you want to take your baby swimming in bad weather? I have a one and one on the way and, I used to take my baby swimming all the time when she was just 7 months! When I have my baby I'm going to bring him swimming too!
Big breasts, teeny bikini?
*I'm not trying to be inappropriate. This is actually a serious issue for me*
I have 32DD breasts and they drive me crazy. i was going through my wardrobe this last week getting rid of everything that didn't fit or i didn't need so that i could throw it out or donate it. and to my dismay, since my last growth spurt (in the chest area), most of my bikinis no longer fit or even COVER my breasts and they were a size LARGE. I have discovered that i can no longer wear triangle bikinis because the girls... just dont want to stay in. I would love to have a bra style top for a bikini but most of the bathing suits i have found come out to be (once you buy BOTH the top and bottom) over $100 which i can not afford. where can i find supportive, cute, COVERING bikinis for under $50 (when you buy both the top and bottom)?
note: please do not suggest one pieces or tankinis or triangle tops.
I have the same problem !!
I'm a size xs on top but D cup breasts.
I don't want a massive bikini top just so the cups are big enough.

So get a bikini top that is your size and try a tie string one so you can make it tight and hold in your boobs so they dont pop out, its what i have to do, try halter neck.
cause then the bottoms are my size too
(in the uk you can't mix sizes for tops and bottoms, one size only)
Is it inappropriate to wear a bikini to a pool party hosted by church members?
I am invited to a luau pool party hosted by some members of my grandmother's church at their home. I grew up in this church. Anyway they have a pool and want everyone to swim. My question is, is it completely inappropriate to wear a bikini to a function like this? I can understand a teeny bikini but I'm talking about just a regular bikini. What do you think?
It's a POOL party. I'm sure they've entertained the notion that not everyone has a one-piece swimsuit or will go out and buy one specifically for the event. Wear your bikini; you'll probably be fine.
When is too big when fitting into a triangle top bikini?
So I'm a thin girl with a big chest...I wear a 34e in bras. I bought a cute triangle top bikini in a large and it fits like it's supposed to, but there is a LOT showing. I'm fine showing that much in public, but I don't want to come across as trashy.

When is big too big when it comes to teeny bikini tops?
as long as you are not "falling" out of the bottom of the bikini I think you are fine. You need to feel comfortable about it as well, if you think there is too much skin showing, there probably is, maybe try on different types and see if you are more comfortable with a different style instead?

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