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Teens why is this girl wearing tight jeans with no underwear?
I seen this girl bend over with these super tight jeans on and her butt crack was hanging out, she had no underwear on. Thats going to cause some kind of infection down there.

sometimes with tight jeans girls dont wear underwear because they would have panty lines. i was never comfortable doing that but to each their own.
(Girls) What annoys you more: Guys glancing at breasts for a sec or when guys stare at your butt?
I'm just wondering what bothers young women more. Glancing at your breasts for a sec or when guys stare at your butt? Normally if a hot teen wearing a tight shirt with nice breasts It would capture my attention but so does when a hot teenage girl wearing tight jeans or tight shorts. So please tell me.
It annoys me more when guys stare at my chest just because they tend to look there instead of your face when you're talking to them. It's harder to notice when they look at your butt after you've already walked by. Usually, I don't notice them turn around.
How to know for sure if u are having the dreaded cellulite?
I used to be athletic in my teens and have a really toned body. But after I began to work long hours I grew lazy to hit the gym. Im now 25. My body is still fine but recently i notice if i squeeze my butt cheeks real tight i can see dimpled skin on my butt. Once i relax my butt it smoothens out again and i still wear shorts n bikini no one can tell nothing. I ask my bf and he tells me im finding fault with myself again he sees nothing wrong... >,< I show him the butt squeezing motion he say im crazy if so i have it too. really? do guys have cellulite too? And he gave me this look (-_-)"' So as to not exasperate the poor dude anymore am i imagining things or its a sign that says cellulite is there or is coming soon? i bought a tube of nivea anti cellulite gel does it help to prevent cellulite too?
yh i have dat 2 buh its jus starting is it sort of white and not noticible if it is den yh if u get ani fatter in a short amount of time dey are going 2 become strech marks

p.s i don fink its celulite


Clothing help for teens!!!!!? \?
Okayy, I`m almost 14 going into high school and I need help with my clothing styles.
I`m 14, 5 foot 2, hourglass shape, really white and pale, and also i have freckles...
My parents are strict so no revealing outfits, but my school is strict over clothing as well...I`m kinda tomboy but also girly. IM AGGRESIVE!!!! but i usually wear my short brown hair straight, dark eyeliner but only on top kinda like Katy Perry`s, I am short keep that in mind, but i wear kinda tight jeans to show off my butt and t shirt to show off my curves off my chest and hips.

I NEED FASHION ADVICE!!! and plz note i live in a small town and im not as you say rich....
here are some picturesof some styles you may want to try. These are affordable and cute too :)



SHOES: any gladiatorsor flip flops or stuff like that would look good :)
Why are teens so mtv these days?
I'm 14 years old. It seems like everyone acts like the people from The Hills, and i don't even live in a rich town at all. It's like everywhere people act like that. Didn't Mtv used to be about music and play Beavis and Butt head and stuff like that. Everyone has to wear really tight short shorts, anorexic with 200 pounds of makeup. Teen pregnancy is going up and they have that show 16 and pregnant. Now people carry around the latest phone. I saw a 7 year old who just got the new iphone at a store today. Now everyone spreads rumors through myspace and stuff. Does anyone else agree.
yah sad to say but that is what you have to do to fit in and be "popular" nowadays. im only 13 years old and this is my sad story of what school is like. im soooo glad its summer! SORRY ITS SO LONG BUT THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING IS TRUE AND I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING TO SHOW PEOPLE HOW BAD THINGS ARE GETTING :(

i just got new shorts that to me seem very very short but are not even considered "short-shorts". some of the the short-shorts are actually more like denim underwear in my opinion. i really want to fit in because yes, i am in the "popular" crowd at my school so i have to get at least short-shorts...even though my friends arent mean to me i still feel left out when they wear skinny jeans and i wear bootleg ones, or when i still had school people started wearing short-shorts and i stuck with boot-leg jeans. it was just wierd and i dont think it should be. but with mtv ya it seams like everyone dresses that way.

also im convinced my best friend is anorexic. she threw her lunch away everyday at school and just kept saying she "wasn't hungry", which was an obvious lie. she also told me she does at least 200 crunches daily to get a girls six pack. her stomach actually goes in!!! and when she sucks in all her air you can see the bottom of her ribs!!!!! my group of friends had to convince her to even eat a granola bar! and whats insane is two other girls during the school year started to try to be as thin as her and they skipped lunch too. my best friend is about 5' 3'' or 5' 4''...im not sure...and weight less than 85 pounds!!!!!! and her younger nine year old sister ways about 50-55 lbs she told me!!!!!! shes always saying others are fat but when she looks in the mirror she says she is fat and has thunder thighs (she a muscle legs) and other stuff :(

as for the young pregnancy...i know of 3 7th grade girls at my school that mess around...i also know of 3 7th grade girls that are complete druggies...and 2 7th grade girls that tried to commit suicide...one of the suicide girls is in a mental hospital right now :(
im not friends with any of these girls...just anorexic short-short girls...but can you see a pattern with the mtv style living...it makes you depressed and it makes others around you depressed also.

i LOVE to watch mtv, but the truth is it should actually be canceled :(
Why does this woman keep wearing tight clothing at work?
I work in a contact centre (UK), there's a blonde woman who always wears tight jeans and a skimpy top. Trouble is my desk is in the middle of the building, so when she walks up I have to glance at her butt, she always wear tight jeans as if she wants people to watch her, the building doesn't have many people in it and I'm stationed pretty much in the firing range. She isnt a young teen who would usually wear that, she is in her 30s with etc.

What can I do to avoid seeing her like this, I cant help look and its driving me nuts
LOL- a dude complaining about a hot Mom- come on man- wearing her skimpy clothing makes her feel good about herself- not too many women with can look good nor wear skimpy clothing- it's a sense of accomplishment for her in this vain world- just enjoy the view- best wishes!
Workouts for teens....?
Ok, so I am 15 and I weigh 100 pounds even. I don't want to lose weight and NO I am not anorexic...I have kinda big thighs and butt and love handles with a rather small pudge. I just want to tone myself and build muscle...So please do not be mean I just want the little flabs to be more tight and for HEALTH because I am anemic which means I am low on iron in my body and I am weak and tired alot. So please give me some simple exercises that I can work up to because also I AM UN-FIT lol and I want to be fit and in-shape because I cannot run lol so please be nice and give me some ideas...THANK YOU =)
well i am 14 and im 112 pounds and im not anorexic but i am anemic also so i know how you feel.and i also dont want to lose any more weight but i do want to tone up also. well i do p90x (or really try to do it) and i always drink about 3 cups of green tea before i work out. it kinda gives me a little energy.i take this pill called Juice Plus and it replaces those multivitamins. i also take fish oil pills and i do believe that those pills help. i am also on potassium pills and that really works. i do sometimes eat apples before my workouts because fruit tends to give you energy. another thing that helps is to eat more fruit. like i said it gives you energy. and i also eat tuna because i THINK that it has a bit of iron in it. well if you are un fit then first just go for a fast walk first,then do squats and lunges and calf raises. and maybe something that will be fun is to do one of them dancin workouts that they got in walmart and such.but if you cant do them dont worry cause i cant do them either lol. oh another good workout dvd is the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. it has 3 different levels and they are all about 27 min. but they do use light hand weights. maybe you could just do some of this to start out with and then as you get stronger and more fit get harder dvds that uses weights and that do lunges and squats and such. well i hope ive helped. :)
Is this normal for a 13 year old HELP?
I am 13 and i am worried something it wrong with me. i am being serious. Well i am attracted to butts. I like girls with tight pants. i kinda think about having sex with them. This sounds really disturbing but i am being honest. i also masturbate a lot and look at pictures of hot woman.I feel like a normal and have a lot of friends. I just am not sure if it is just an ordinary hormonal teen or what but i am worried about myself.
wft...ur not normal, bro you are a sick f'er, no you are normal I say if you did not masturbate to porn and look at the human body then you would not be a normal 13 yr old
Small Boobs with a Big Butt;)?
so i have small boobs and a big butt
boobs are 34 A and i can fit into even a 36AA or a 32 B the AA is a little tight an the B is a little loose
my butt is pretty big and so are my hips to me they seem a lot bigger than my chest like a pear shape.
my stomach is flat my arms are toned and skinny my things are skinny, but bigger than the average teen's, my calfs are completely toned(there is absoulutely no fat) and they are skinny but not just like all bone

my friends always look so much better because they have big boobs and small butts so they look good in bathing suits and they fill out their shirts and they can always find cute jeans to fit.

i was wondering if my body type was attractive to teen guys aged 13 to 17? i get butt complements a lot but i think maybe my small boobs make people not want me. and im always jealous of how guys ex girlfriends have so much bigger boobs than me and so much smaller butts:( i wish i could just be one of those typical teens stick skinny with little curves and nice big boobs. it seems like thats the only thing hot guys want!:(

so please
comment on my body type/how sexy it is (good or bad)
give your age
say your race/nacionality
and say anything else you want:)
Big booties are sexier, nice and round and firm.
1/2 White 1/2 Hispanic
I have a big butt and an hourglass figure too, except I'm a 34B/small C.

Small boobs with a big butt beat big boobs with a small butt any day. Big boobs/small butt looks very out of proportion. Stop with the social norming and be confident, your body is great!
Shopping for short girl jeans? so annoying!?
i need help buying jeans!
i hate getting my jeans hemmed cause i have short legs (im 5"2)
most my jeans now are from american eagle, and they are 0 short and it doesnt fit good in the butt.
i hate trying on new jeans! their either too tight (made for young teens with no hips) or just too long or too baggy in the butt! its just depressing trying on jeans cause none look really good.

short girls, where do you get your jeans?
my size is 5"2, 105lbs
I either get mine from Anchor Blue or Wet Seal. But I usually get mine tailored which for one pair of jeans it cost $8.00 which is pretty cheap for me. I would suggest having someone tailor it for you because they make it look exactly how the jeans were, just in a shorter length. :)

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