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What household items can I put in my vagina to masterbate with besides dildos and hairbrushes? ?
I'm a teen girl so I get horny often. I use my fingers and the ends of hairbrushes. What other things could I use that I could find around my house besides dildos and bananas and cucumbers?
I understand that electric toothbrushes are popular. You can even purchase discreet attachments for them.

I suggest you don't go for the cucumbers - you want to keep things tight down there.
Teen pregnancies, abstinence only...Why can't teens buy sex toys?Shouldn't we be advocating them instead of sx?
People complain about teen pregnancies, many insist we not teach about safe sex, and instead just tell them "no", but we don't give them any realistic alternatives. Shouldn't we teach them about safe use of sex toys (dildos, and padded cylinders, for example) in school, and THEN urge them to wait for real sex? Wouldn't that create a better turn out of teens who actually wait?

On an other note, teens have extremely high sex drives, and most people start having sex at that age... So why are teens under 18 banned from buying sex toys? They can buy condoms, because not letting teens use them turned out to be a very bad idea a few years ago, but they still can't buy toys, which are even safer than just using condoms with a real partner. What sense does that make? Worse, those people who attempt to keep their bodies to themselves, often wind up making their own toys...and often they cause serious injury. (one case in which a man tried to use a real power saw -probably after hearing about the "saw" sex toy- with altered attachments, wound up seriously injuring a woman, who needed immediate major surgery)

I'll admit that there are some very...dim teens out there, but that's all the more reason to teach them proper use of toys, and give them access to ready made products. After all, the alternative is real sex, and probably a few thousand very dim, unintended offspring, (annually) and also STD's.
Hm, I didn't realize that couldn't actually buy sex toys. I know they're not usually allowed into sex shops, but I've seen plenty of in stores like Spencers (which does carry sex toys).

So, I do have to agree with you that it's pretty dumb that they can buy condoms but not sex toys. It's almost kind of backwards...Maybe we should push to get some discreet sex toys sold in places like pharmacies or something, since condoms are available everywhere (a small, simple vibrator that isn't meant to look exactly like a penis, for example). Hey, it could happen...

And yes, teaching about basic sex toys would be a lot better than teaching abstinence only!


Wow, a couple of these answerers are disturbing ME! You guys know damn well that horny teens are going to want to have sex, and if they want to have sex, most will. But they don't usually want to make love to their partner - they want to see what an orgasm is like. They want to have a good time. They want to feel good. You honestly don't think they should masturbate? If more would/could satisfy themselves, they might not want sex as much! Maybe there would be fewer pregnant 13 year olds!

Grow up. There is nothing wrong with sex toys for an adult, and if a vibrator would stop some idiot 14 year old from doing the nasty (with someone else), then there's nothing wrong with letting younger teens have sex toys, either. A lot of young and teens masturbate on their own, anyway.
What is the best thing to use for a girl to masturbate with?
i am only a teen, so I cant go and buy a dildo or a vibrator. and i don't have a detachable shower head. so what can i use to masturbate that will give me good orgasms
corn on the cobb, those little miblets will drive you crazy, of course it is probably to big for you right now, so just use a well lubed finger...

You can buy a dildo off of the internet, pay for it with a postal money order....
How to obtain some form of dildo? Bicurious male teen.?
Okay, first off I'd like to say that I'm not gay or anything and I don't really like the idea of another boy pleasuring me anally. However, I would like to try some form of anal stimulation, such as with a dildo. I'm only 16, so obviously I just can't waltz into the porn store and buy a dildo and then go experiment. I was wondering, are there maybe some extremely homemade ways of producing an amateur do-it-yourself dildo or something? I mean, I REALLY wanna try it, but I haven't really found anything that'll work. Any help?
try here

Why all a sudden am i geting dirty , dirty , perverted junk e-mail on my yahoo e-mail?
I have had the yahoo e-mail acct for several years and have never had a problem with spam , obessive junk mail ..For about 7 days straight i have been getting atleast 50 to 70 emails a day , the are all porno email , it is titled for example , Hot Dirty Teen's having dildo fun ...I have reported them as spam but they still keep coming ...why ??? help ??
Kailene's right. Either someone sold your email address to those websites, or you(or someone you know) might have visited those sites and typed in your email address somewhere...that would do it. And once those sites have your email address, it's pretty hard to get them to stop sending those emails to you. Your email address is just gonna keep getting passed down from site to site. That happened to me once so I got a new email address. There's not much more that can be done...
Where can I buy a Dildo?
I'm a 15 years old girl and I masturbate and I'm not going to lie. I watch porn also but sometimes I feel like using a Dildo for more pleasure, but I honestly don't want my parents to know. I know it's a natural thing to do but I'm to embarrassed to say anything to them. I don't even see what's about having one because I'm not gonna get an STD or anything. So if there's like a place that's allowed to sell them to teens and depending on if I can get away with it without using a credit card then can you all let me know.
get an older friend to buy one for you (one at least 18) from an adult store...or look for a website where you can send them the cash instead of using a card. make sure you can be home to get the package though....you don't want your parents asking questions, obviously.
Is there a way to get a sex toy without permission?
Any sex stores that allow young teens? any thing local? or any great websites?

im looking for a dildo with a strap, without my parents permisson
Surf the web .. all you need is a credit card .. they really don't care who they ship to.....
What are the best ways for a girl to masturbate?
just household items, no dildos or anthing. im a young teen girl and i have no way of getting one of those lol.

what are your best origional tricks?
i usually just use my hands, but its not very good. sometimes i use an electric toothbrush, but i mean, i bruch my teeh with that thing! i try not to get it on the bristels.
and sometimes, i will take a bath in the jacuzzi i have. and damn, thats good.
but any other tips or tricks for a reall good orgasm?

i also used to have a back massager, like, a couple years ago. but we lost it somehow.

so any tricks?
ah. just rub your clit, if ya can find it, that is!!!!
Name of a movie, i forgot?
THere was a group of teens in a circle on the ground and each of them were passing around different kinds a dildos such as a double headed one a super small one and i guess it was a sex ed class and the main got stuck with the small one and at the end they all had to put condoms on them
I think it is called extreme movie
My dad thinks I'm gay?
I'm not hating on gays but please I desperately need help.

My brother bought a dildo for his friend as a joke on his birthday. And after the party his friend hid the dildo in my brothers backpack. After that my brother had no clue it was in there but that backpack was really mine so he gave it back and i put it in the closet. So its been left there for months with out me knowing. So one day my dad was looking for some of my tools I use to fix my computer and normally I kept it in that backpack. My dad went to my closet when I wasn't home and dumped the backpack and he said pornos, dildos, and condoms dropped out of my backpack that night. My brother is 20 years old and I don't want to get him in trouble because this is fully an accident and my brother did not do this to embaress me on purpose. What do I tell my dad? I've had girlfriends before but he calls me gay because he thinks how teens dress these days are considered "Gay".
tell the truth about your brother

why should you have to take the blame for him

anyway all guys are like that, ownin that kinda stuff

i doubt your dad cares

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