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What if you caught your teen sucking on a Pacifier and wearing Diapers?
because I have heard of teens sucking on Pacifiers because it is some sort of fad. What Should I Do?
Pacifiers are common among ecstasy users, because the drug can cause you to grind your teeth, so it helps to prevent that.

A pacifier AND diapers at the same time, however, might indicate an infantilism fetish en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraphilic_…
Does anyone know how to stop teens fron sucking their fingers?
please do not tell us to put socks and gloves and tape on it cuzz it doesnt work!!!! or liquid substances?
Try "Dave's Insanity Sauce". (a real product)
What are the damages of sucking a pacifier in your teens?!?
my cousins been sucking a binki since she was a baby shes 17 now & has braces ..?!!
and she still sucks it? wow. um if she already has braces then i don;t think that there can be much damage but after her braces come off and if she hasn't quite by then then constantly butting somthing like that in her mouth could move her teeth around and start spreading them out. (I think)
Teens: What's sucking in your life right now?
sorry, i hate being one of those negative nancy's. normally i'm an optimist, but i went to the doctor today and i have a mild concussion from headbanging and my head hurts really bad right now.
but hey, that's what i get.
so how about you guys? is everyone excited for thanksgiving break?
My mom had a brain aneurysm Monday night, then slipped into a coma Wednesday and she's not doing to good. I'm scared and worried. :\
Thumb sucking at teens :( ?
ok. i have a slight tendancy to suck my thumb on accasions. i usto to do it when i was teething as a baby, but then when i was grew to about 6 i did it basically when i was bored and when i slept, im not 14 and i still do it sometimes when i sleep, but i always get the need to do it all the time like i really want to suck my thumb in a lesson. how can i stop doing it, i look silly when my friends sleep and they wake in the morning to me sucking away on my thumb!!! its embarassing!
I was a major thumb sucker and i manged to stop with a threw techniques ( sometimes i wake up with it in my mouth im like wth!)

Put something on your thumb like hmm nail vanish, soap something you don't like.
Imagine yourself when you are 30 and sucking your thumb.
Get your mum to reward you for not sucking your thumb
As soon as you are sucking your thumb take it out!

Good Luck x
Why do teens suck each others blood?
am i the only one who finds this sexy?
the fact of having that metal flavored blood is sexy to me for some reason.
Blood Sucking Books for teens?
Ever since I was little my daddy would tell me stories about vampires. Now that im 13 its kinda hard to sit in his lap and enjoy a 5 minute story. I know that the book and movies from Twilight brought the need for bloody books to other teens so do you know of any good books about vampires that have 1/4 of romance? Here is what I have read so far....

Twilight Saga
The Host
House Of Night Series :D
Night World Series ;)
Harry Potter Series
Dark Visions
Wicked Lovely
Somethings Upstairs

Then to a more girly level...

I Love You Beth Cooper
Shopaholic Series

Thanks for all of your help... I heart you guys!!
Read Vampire Academy! it's my favorite vampire series..i liked it better than twilight and house of night both.
it has alot of exciting action, characters, and a good plot. it's suspenseful, alot of twists and turns..and the romance is seriously to die for!!

The Vampire Diaries is good also..since you've read night world and dark visions by lj smith..you'll probably like this one too.

Another really good series you should try out is The Mortal Instrument rs series (city of bones, ashes, and glass)
this series is beyond amazing. it has vampires in them but they aren't the main focus. along with vamps, the series has werewolves, demons, warlocks, and faeries. the main character are demon killers..but it has alot of exciting action also, and amazing romance too.

wow i wrote alot, sorry :/ hope i helped!
Why are teens now being sucked into labels?
I see girls at school with Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Eagle from head-to-toe. It's a horrible style. It's not unique at all 'cause you just know someone else is wearing the exact same thing. I'm not saying to be totally funky that everyone thinks you're a freak. Just tone down the labels a bit, please.
I noticed you asked why they are "now" being sucked into labels. It was the same way when I was a teenager, but it was Calvin Klein, Guess and Gloria Vanderbilt. I don't think the fascination with designer duds will ever go away.
Does anyone know if police recruits teens for undercover stuff suck as drugs and other assignments?
Sincerely I am just tired of seeing many people including my friends be caught up in drug use and getting arrested. I know some people would say that its their choice to use or not use them but I think they shouldn't have to make that decision if there weren't these many dealers and drugs on the street. A teen could get in deeper in undercover than any adult could.
Yes, police have used teens and younger sadly to go undercover for assignments. I know a few personally who have done so. The sad part is a lot of times it is for plea bargaining to keep them out of trouble they have to nark someone larger then themselves.

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