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Shorts for teens that aren't short shorts?
My daughter is going into school with a new dress code,
the shorts must only come six inches above the knee.
She wants some shorts that are still really cute and still in style,
but they have to go along with the dress code.
Do you know of anyone who makes shorts like this for a teenager,
without being too expensive?
Bermudas are really cute shorts that are long to the knee. Almost any store has them, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Hollister, Jcpenny, Target, Macys, Kohls, Forever21,ect.
Pretty much any store in the mall. They might cost around $25

Hope i helped!
Teens in heels and short shorts?
Would it look trashy if I wore high heels an short shorts? I'm just starting high school. I have long long legs and I want to show them off, and I have this cute pair of really strappy 2 inch heels and a pair of short shorts. Would I look too slutty wearing them?
i think it looks reallyy cute, but mostly for like a night out, not to wear to school. knowing how high school girls are, they will most deff. think its slutty, ESPECIALLY the two inch high heels. but if your going to a regional high school, then reallllllyy dont wear them because there will be people from other towns there that you dont know. so just dress good, but not too good(; make some gooood friends first, then maybe occasionally wear that because IT ISSS CUTE! (in my opionin) but make friends & stuff first then, when you go out with guys you like or just your girlfriends, and your looking for guys, defff. wear it(: well, hope i help & best of luck in high school, it can be hard a times, but if you make the right disions and do the right things, you'll be jusst fine girly(:
Whats so wrong about teen guys in short shorts?
Basically, I don't understand whats so wrong if teen guys wear denim short shorts or whatever kind. I don't understand how that constitutes them as being gay, is there something wrong with showing off your legs? Its not really gay if you want to look attractive... I need your detailed inputs. Why do girls find it off putting, and why do guys snicker and laugh when they see teen guys in short shorts? I honestly don't understand.
The only thing wrong with anyone wearing shorts is doing so in winter.
What are some stores where i can buy teen shorts?
I can't find any stores that carry shorts that aren't up my butt. I'm not looking for Bermuda shorts--just shorts that i can wear in public. I've looked at Old Navy, but they're kind of high rise. I just want low rise, teen shorts that have a normal length.

If you're second guessing yourself they are too short, but parents are pretty strict.
hollister has all shorts on sale
Short skirts and shorts on teens is unacceptable. Am I the only one that feels this way?
I live in an area where teen pregnancy is high. It's a neighborhood with mid income to high. It's I see teen and younger girls running around in skirts and shorts that are higher than their mid thigh. Sometimes it's short enough to be cheerleader briefs or something. A lot of times the midriff is exposed. Why do parents and families allow this? Am I the only one who thinks it's inappropriate?
I agree. I don't think young teen girls and younger should wear something that short. Shorts are alright but I believe they should be mid thigh. Young girls and teens who dress like that are asking for negative attention that they will not be able to handle and could affect them for a lifetime.

Responsible parents would not allow it.
Do short shorts look as trashy on a teen as everyone says?
I'm 15 and i practically live in short shorts. But the other day i was walking into star bucks and this lady comes up to me and tells me i need to buy some longer pants because i'm looking very trashy in my shorts... I was kind of insulted and i've been thinking about it a lot and i just wanted to get everyone else opinion on it. Do you all think short shorts are trashy and give off the wrong message?
Wow. That was extremely rude of that person. Don't worry about it though. I live in my shorts too and I don't think its trashy at all. And I don't think it gives off any wrong message. (:
How to wear shorts with long legs.?
I really have long skinny legs, i try to ignore it but when im at a store and i see myself in a mirror i feel extra skinny and tall and my legs look really long. i know people would kill for them i know, but i dont mind but is there a way to wear shorts and not make em look so long and i like short shorts not like hoe short but short for teens..
show them off girl, would suggest with flat shoes.

now if the problem is with your torso (long or short torso), then you should definitely look up how to dress it up. it can make a million of a difference!
MOMS!!! why on earth do you let your teenage daughters wear such short shorts?
Iam in disbelief with this summer trend of teens wearing seriously short shorts, my 14 year old borrowed a pair from her friend since i will not allow anything so short to be worn, she put them on and to my amazement, they were less than an inch from her vagina, and they were MADE this way, not cut! unreal, you could see her butt cheek just slightly peek out, this was just plain not allowed, she got so angry at me because she wanted to wear this to school???!!! crazy, i have noticed this on lots of girls at my daughters school, why do they allow this? this is not an appropriate look for a teenage girl, not one bit. a porn star or stripper maybe, but not for school or teenage girls.
I wear them and I'm your daughters age and sometimes I feel kinda old in them. But I live in houston and its 100 degrees here so I kinda have to but to school thats just. (Sorry ) skanky!
Where can you buy shorts right now?
I live in Utah Salt Lake is there any place where you can buy short shorts for teen girls or women? Cuz I am going to Hawaii on Wednesday


charlotte russe
Who is a female celebrity you would never see in short shorts or in a bikini?
Who is a female celebrity (in their teens-20's) who you would never think you would see in short shorts or a bikini? There aren't many I can think of so anyone else have any ideas?
Rosie O'Donnell and thank god for that.

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