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Teen prostitute that had enough and wants to stop...any advice?
Is there any help out there for struggling teen mother's? I am 17 and I am a former prostitute and I am planning to stop at 18 but I dont no who to turn to for help..I dont have any kind of support from family or friends and I have 2 to take care of where should I turn for help?
you could try to go to a shelter to live
until you get your feet on the ground

if you did not graduate fr. High School then finding
a job won't be easy & if that's the case then try to
get your GED some how .

As far as getting out of prostitution the only thing
you can do is leave & go so far away that you will
NOT be tempted to go back ( saw that on the
Tyra show, perhaps go to her web site for more
info. about this)

best of luck
I was approached by a prostitute when I was a young teen?
Think I may have been 12 or 13. She asked if I wanted to do business, I didn't know what she meant then she made it clear. Another time I was approached asking me for a light, and clearly I was too young to be smoking. Was this prostitute just joking or would they seriously go for a guy that young if he was paying?
Best case scenario: you were young, unlikely to beat her, be a psychopath, visit whatever cruelties she has endured, etc. if she's lucky she get's a pleasant 'regular' out of it

Worst case Scenario: She was looking to beat and rob you and looked like an easy mark.

-Ways of the world.
I'm looking for a manga about a girl who is a teen prostitute and gets taken in by a sweet old lady, and she..
I'm looking for a manga about a girl who is a teen prostitute and gets taken in by a sweet old lady, and she steals the old ladys money, and eventually she meets a boy on a swing with a heart condition and the old lady is his grandmother and the money was to pay for his surgery so she goes off to get it back by whoring herself double time and even stops eating and developes Aids, but I totally forgot the name of the manga. Anyone know what it was?
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari

From Kotonoha:
Ayu, a 17-year-old high school student, believes neither in a future nor the happiness it could bring her. By selling herself, she tries to justify her existence, which is as bleak as her heart - it’s devoid of joy, sorrow, love. Not until her encounter with a kind-hearted old lady does Ayu begin to realize the true meaning of happiness…

I cried after reading this manga the first time. ;_; I just finished Pao's story last night too.
What would you if your teen daughter wanted to be a prostitute and have a baby?
I would send her to an all-girls military school and show her the realities of having a and prostitution.
Be quiet son and eat your waffles
Movie about a teen prostitute?
Hi. I saw a movie a long time ago, about a young girl whose mother used to bring men into the house and have sex with them. The girl tired of that life runs away from home, hits the streets and becomes a prostitute herself. At the end she suicides when she realizes her next client is her father.
Anyone knows what movie that is?
might be Angel
Who are women that get teen prostitutes out of prostitiuting their bodies?
Not girls who choose prostitution but those who are forced like in China
Are you asking what a girl who is forced into prostitution gets? Sometimes she gets a little less abuse from the people who have enslaved her. Not always, but sometimes.
Are teen male prostitutes in the US being overlooked?
I have heard about teenage boys prostituting in street or park areas in large US cities and online and I was just wondering if there are any people trying to help them?

I think they must be pretty desperate or maybe addicted to drugs to be doing that and that it is dangerous. It certainly isn't healthy.

I wonder if maybe there is not a lot of attention about this because some people see it as a gay thing and that they don't deserve help?
Yes, more attention needs to be paid to the runaway epidemic. From what I have read, these teen boys are not gay, they are trying to survive. Many of them find the whole scene repulsive, but due to circumstances they're in the life.
As long as there are horny men willig to pay for release, there will always be a market for those services. We need more outreach centers to help these get off the streets, it's a damn shame society has let these fall between the cracks.
My boyfriend used a prostitute when he was a teenager. Should I dump him?
I just found out my boyfriend of 4 months went to Boys Town no less than 5 times as a teen and paid a prostitute for massages with a "happy ending". I am very disgusted, but I am also trying very hard not to judge. Is this something I should let slide? Is this pretty normal, or should I be concerned?
You might be surprised to learn that it is perfectly normal. I think you sound mature enough to cope with this, and your being keen not to rush to judgement is very commendable. I would forget about it. Don't bring it up in arguments, and move on to a happy time together. No great harm has been done, and it really isn't important.
Is teen prostitution common in Texas?
I was watching a story on Yahoo! about a thirteen year old girl who was arrested for being a Madam at a nightclub in Texas. It later went on to say that teen prostitution is common in Texas. I didn't even really know about teen prostitution until now. Sure I have heard little bits and peices here and there, but not much. Is it common anywhere? How do teens prostitute so often if they are ?
teen prostitution is hard to catch because information on them is usally sealed even to the police. so while the law is trying to protect their rights. they use this freedom to walk the streets. and walking the streets isn't the only they do business. they work the trunk stops ane can be call girls too.

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