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Does anyone feel that a lot of adult male perverts post questions on here posing as teen boys?
It seems like a lot of these postings aren't real. I think they're posted by men who love the sexual affirmation from other men that they didn't get when they were young. What do you think?
the question i posted was fake but i really am 14
What are some creative teen picture posing ideas?!?!?
im 16 and i always see these awesome creative beautiful photos of my friends on like facebook/tumblr and i want to know if any of you guys have any cool fun creative ideas for a picture pose to show off to my friends.....
some examples for what im looking for:
laying in grass smelling flower
blowing glitter off hand

pleeassee helpp! (:
the ideas you mention sound good - use those.
Teen facebook picture posing ideas?
Well i need a pose, because some girls look really pretty in theirs, im tired of the whole
smiling and being natural thing, just a pose?ive done peace signs and im running out of ideas quickly:S thanks.
Just have a picture of your vagina up their
Do find it annoying when teen girls do these disturbing poses in their pictures?
I mean on Myspace or Facebook, I see all these teens doing inappropriate posing. Like sticking their tongues out at each other and licking them. Or wearing a bra and having a fake belly button piercing. Does anyone else find it annoying? Especially 6th graders doing it?
It freakin trash. Prostitutes and 16 year old moms in the making...
Girls think they need to act like strippers to have a place in this world these days lol.
Except the smart ones..lol
I have girls doing that stuff all the time at my school. Im in the 7th grade and I see girls trying act like that at school and it just makes me have baby barfs. >.<
Thats prob why some are pregos..(pregnant)
Is the law the same for females posing nude as to doing porn? females have to be 18 years old?
or can females younger than 18 pose nude? why i am asking is because there are nudest sights with teen girls posing nude and was wondering how can the web sights get away with this; granted there is no sexual content but you do see them with other females and males.
First, it depends on where you are. Different states and different countries have different laws.

In the US there is a law prohibiting minors from posing in a sexual manor. The context is the determining factor and a clothed photo could be determined to be sexual. Nude does not necessarily mean sexual context as is the case in the nudist photos. It could also be an artistic photo, but since most people believe that it is illegal for a minor to pose nude, most photographers will not take the chance since it could result in them being drawn in to a legal situation.
What are good ideas for teens posing in pics?
we r taking pics for myspace and need creative ideas for different poses?

"Fish lip" poses! (Sarcasm) I can't stand when teenage girls do that. I know many men can't stand that either.
Apart from the myspace angle and the duckface, what are other idiotic poses young teen girls do?
I feel the need to catch up on trends. =}
BQ: Do the orange fake tan and sunglasses in the dark count as well? Not as poses themselves but as accessories to the awkward looking poses.
"smiling into mirror with digital camera extended in hand"
Teen Girls: Photo posing?
What poses do you do when you take pictures?
For example, i always do the peace sign or i just smile.
What else do you think its better?
sometimes i do peace if i have no idea what to do. i know its lame but whatever. just smile or make your eyes look really big if you are trying to be funny with your friends. or sometimes as a joke i do this


lol yeah
Where can i find pictures of sexy teen girls doing a sexy pose?
i love pictures of teen girls doing a sexy pose and i am looking for a website or something ..don't waste your time and write something stupid
Yahoo Answers.


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