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Is there any way a teen can get calcium besides drinking milk?
i just found out that skim milk has 12g of sugar!! i'm a teen, but i dont want to have that much sugar. would it be ok to take a vitamin instead?
soymilk is the way to go
it tastes really good too

vitamins will work too
How should I use muscle milk as a teen?.... Will it hurt me in the future ?
How many times a day should I drink it? I heard it contains cadmium, which can stay in the kidneys for 20 years. Also I heard it has toxic levels of lead, mercury,and arsenic. Im a little nervous about using it after reading things on the internet about it. And is it true that if i use it i will get acne? Im 16 and acne is something I dont need. I want to continue to be healthy in the future.
I did my research too and yes it does contain toxic materials but not toxic levels of it. I use muscle milk and im 15 yrs old kickin *** on d football field. Just dont take more than 2 servings a day because that's when it can be dangerous if you overdose (i learnd the hard way) take it right after workout and again in the morning and THAT'S IT! Eat right and you will be fine
Is the myth about if you drink milk as a teen you go through puberty quicker true?
Ive heard it by various people and the Internet, is it true, I just wondered
I never heard that one but when you think about all the growth hormones (look up rBST) they are feeding cows these days, I'm sure the cows somehow pass these hormones on to whatever feeds off of them - humans.
What will drinking a half a cup of milk do to a teen thats 3 wks preggie?
Well my boyfriend told me to drink a half a cup of milk and let him know what happens. Im scared he may be trying to harm the baby and not tell me. What will happen if i do this? An before i eat anything
A doctor would recommend that you drink a lot of milk or eat cheese during pregnancy. It will not "do" anything except provide you with extra calcium, which you need while pregnant.
Whether a 19 year teen girl will be having milk in her breasts or not ?
Im 22 year boy. I want to drink breast milk. Im having a 19 year girl friend, whether i will be able to achieve my wish by her.
that's nasty
What type of milk is best for teen ?
what type of milk is best for teen to grow bone and get taller. That not make fat.?
that I can easier to find at store
thank you so much!
Breast milk!!!! HAHA just kidding.
Does drinking milk while you're a teen really make your breasts grow slightly larger?
Is this true, while your breast are still growing? Or is just an old wives tale?
Nope. Drinking milk (or getting calcium from other sources) now is important to help your bones stay strong and healthy in later life. But your breasts are going to get whatever size they end up being based on your genetics and your body fat percentage.
1% lowfat or organic milk healthier for a teen?
which is more healthy for a teen girl? i need to drink more milk, but i dont know which is better for me. thank you!
1% low-fat or 0% skim milk is ok if you are not lactose intolerant. There is no scientific research that indicates organic milk is any better. Just don't buy unpasteurized raw milk which is very unhealthy.
Is it bad for a teen not to drink milk?
I hate the taste of milk.
And im worried aboutmy bones.
u must worry about bone health now u dont start now u will have problems later in life
take a calcium pill
or have orange juice fortified w/ calcium and vitimin D
or have cottage cheese and yogurt and cheese
soy milk goat milk
choc milk strawberry vanilla milk?

those are options of getting calcium and u need calcium

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