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How often to teen boys masturbate?
So I'm a teen and I just want to know how many teens masturbate? I maturbate every day and I feel like I'm weird. But if I know how many teens maturbate then I'd be happy.
I'm older than the hills, but when I was a teen I masturbated once or twice a day.

Come to think of it, I still do.
Do teen girl masturbate as often as teen boys?
I know that teen boys masturbate everyday what about girls? How often and since when?
Teen boys don't necessarily do it everyday. But girls do it too. It just depends on the girl, some may do it several times a day, just as some guys might. Others may only do it once a week or not at all. If you are trying to figure out if girls are as sexual as boys, they are just as sexual.
What is the percenatge of teen girls that masturbate?
just wondering. what is the percentage or amount of teen girls that masturbate?
Well, I'll just put it this way. A majority of women will have masturbated by the time they get married. And I bet a majority of those who say they haven't are probably lying. XD Everyone masturbates. It's just a normal biological need.
Do you have to masturbate during teen years?
A few of my friends have been bagging on me about the fact that I have never masturbated before. One of them claims that in Health he was taught that during teen years boys constantly produce sperm and have to eject some on a regular basis.

I am straight. I still feel desire towards girls but I never really had to ever resort to pleasuring myself. Is it abnormal?
It is a Federal Law, passed by FDR in the dark days of the Great Depression, to help elevate the spirit of the people.

OK, forgive my snarky reply. If you have a genuine need to masturbate, then you will. If you have either a low libido or just a genuine lack of desire, then there is no need to
Is it dangerous for a teen to masturbate 5 times a day?
A 16 year old masturbating 5 times a day, maybe more! Is it dangerous towards his health? Will he have sexual problems in the future?
Great question........ the answer is NO. Masturbation is a great way for you to understand what makes you feel good. It will help you later to communicate to future partners what feels good to you. It is really a safe way for making you feel good because you do not have to worry about STDs or getting a girl pregnant. What is important to know for future sexual relationships is that you should not use masturbation as a substitute for sex, especial when in a relationship. By learning what makes you feel good now it can help increase your sexual experience with a partner later.

Good luck and remember “condoms are cheap then .”
How often is normal for a teen to masturbate?
I'm 13, going through puberty, I do it 2 times a day. I'm just wondering if this is normal, if I'm doing it WAY too much, or if other guys do it more often.
all boys vary in how much they jack off. some boys need to do it 1 or 2 a day other maybe more like 5 times a day. there is not a normal number of times. when i was 13 i was jacking off up to 5 times a day
masturbate as often as you want, you penis will let you know when to stop
What percent of teen males masturbate?
I'm 15 year old male and masturbate one time a day. Does masturbating cause prostate cancer? What percent of teen males masturbate
About 95% of males masturbate. And no, it does not cause prostate cancer. In fact, men who masturbate regularly have 3x lower risk of getting prostate cancer than ones who don't. Masturbation also helps calm stress and helps you control your sexual abilities (such as being able to last longer in bed) and reduces high blood pressure.
How often should an average teen girl masturbate? How much is normal?
Couple of times a month? Every week? Every day? More than once a day?
what ever schedule feels good to you. There have been sometimes that I would masturbate a couple of times a day, then others where I might go a month or more without ever doing it. Lately I've been doing it almost every night, it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep. I sometimes get a few extra on the weekends if everybody else is out of the house.
Is it normal for a teen to masturbate to 's cartoons?
My son became 14 and I noticed he's been masturbating to stuff like Ben 10 and Voltron Force. Especially when guy characters get close together. Is that normal or should I be worried?
I would be very concerned. You should probably get him into therapy before he develops dangerous sexual tendencies. Also, if he is masturbating to male characters he is most likely gay, so be prepared for that.
What are some good ways for a teen girl to masturbate?
I am 15 years old, and i am very horny all the time, all i want to know our some good ways to pleasure myself with out having sex, I please i only need to know ways for girls to masturbate, Thank you.
Have a look at these links:



A lot of people don't realize that teenage girls get just as horny as teenage boys, but I know of one really nice girl who needs to masturbate 2-3 times a day to keep her urges under control. The teenhut forum is excellent for discussing these matters safely, so do consider joining, and participating in the discussions.

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