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Do think its creepy when grown men put lots of photos on facebook of his pre-teen daughters in bikinis?
He has TONS of photos of his pre-teen girls posted. A lot of them are in little bikinis......do you find that creepy at all??? (He is a single dad by the way)
That's disgusting! When I was that young my father wouldn't dream of letting me *own* a bikini! He sounds majorly creepy to me. Where is the mother?
Best ways for a teen to lose a little weight?
so i am 14 and i want to lose a little bit of weight before the summer, so ill look good in my bikini..right now i am 5'4 and weigh 115 Pd's...i just want to lose a little bit of weight all around. mostly on my thighs and stomach. any tips would help thanx
Just eat healthy and exercise. Limit junk food and eat lots of whole grains, lean protein, fruits, veggies, etc. To burn fat, do cardio - walking, jogging, biking, swimming, dancing. Do 30-45 minutes about 4 or 5 times a week. And you know what's also really great? Wii Fit! Definitely buy it if you have a Wii.
I am a teen that needs help kissing a little weight?
I just turned 14 two months ago and I have a cubby stomach . The rest of my body is fine maybe just my legs are a little chubby.I don't want to be chubby for the summer because it notisable when I were a bikini or a shirt that runs in smalls . I need to eat because I am growing but I need some tips on tasty healthy food and good exsersizes. I am 5'5 and don't do any sports (maybe do track in spring doing cross country this summer) any tip will help I need healthy tasty foods good exsersizes  that u know works thank you so much if you help.
Don't eat like a pig
Looking for a title to a 80's/90's teen suspense book.?
This book was about two teen girls, one of whom was Muslim. Her little brother died from SIDS and then they are baby sitting a little Jewish baby who also dies from SIDS. The Muslim teen is accused of murder and she & her friend try to find the answer to what happened to the babies. I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name but the original cover was black with the picture of two teen girls in bikinis with their faces erased. Anyone else remember this title? Thank you!
Show Me the Evidence by Alane Ferguson
Why are there so many options for little girl undewear?
Ok I am not trying to be pervy or a troll but I have a legitimate question. I guess part of this is my ignorance as a boy, he he, but I had no idea there were choices in girls underwear until my daughter was potty trained. I just thought all girl underwear was the same. I don’t see why there are for little girls ; bikini, high cut, boy short, full panties. You can find everything that women have with the exception of a thong. I guess I should of expected it because they do the same for boys. My son is only two and has some little boxer briefs. To me those choices seem to … I don’t know sexualize little girls. Does a 4 year old really care about low rise or high cut. To me that is something that a teen or an adult should worry about. Probably just me being over protective dad
It's not limited to underwear. Female clothing lines are far wider than males. Designers go where the money is. There is always a screaming market for the female clothing industry.
Would you let your teen daughter wear a micro bikini in the hot tub? just with her friends?
my daddy won't let me. kinda angry! I don't wanna wear a one piece. I wanna wear the skimpy little micro, because all my friends will be wearing them. I don't want to feel left out. I already bought it. would be a waste of money not to wear it.
Well, first off all, I know that this seems like the biggest deal in your life right now. I don't mean to sound patronizing, because I'm a 15 year old girl, so I of all people get it.

But try and see this from your dads point of view. Its hard to see his daughter growing up and wanting to wear such things. It is just your friends, but maybe he just can't handle it right now? If I were your dad I probably wouldn't let my daughter wear a micro bikini. Seriously, can you try a regular one? He might allow it. Or just the top and some short board shorts?Or try to rationalize or bargain with your father. ☺ Anyway. Once this has passed, I guarantee both you and your friends will forget all about it. There will be other times, I promise.

Good luck, hope I helped! ♥
Do you think the ’s clothing industry pushes girls to grow up faster than boys?
With training bras, bikinis for little girls, and scanty clothes in general in the girls section, do you think that young girls are getting more of a "push" to act like teens? Or do you think that boys are receiving the same push from other sources?

Do you think that this push is a good thing (it means they go through phases quicker) or that it's a bad thing (they lose some of their childhood)?

Or do you think this isn't really happening, and that clothes don't make the man (or in this case, girl)?
Oh yes. Just compare a 's clothing catalogue from as little as 20 years ago with today, girls' clothing has been increasingly 'sexed up' and presented as 'little adult' wear.

I do think boys are being pushed also ~ of six and seven can't be friends without being boyfriend and girlfriend if they are opposite sex, and little boys are still expected to be 'tough' and mechanical rather than creative and intuitive.

Check out how sex-divided the toy section of any department store is for confirmation.

Parents and other adults have the power to change this, simply by exercising their pocket power, but it's also good to remember that go through 'phases' of liking toys, dolls, colours and activities ... if it's not made too much of, they'll often move on to something new!
Is it weird to wear a one-peice as a teen?
im 17 and am getting a swimsuit soon, but the thing is...i dont like bikinis. not because im uncomfortable with my body (okay, maybe a little bit), i just find it uncomfortable to be so naked in public since i dress fairly modest during the rest of the year. but i dont want all my friends who wear bikinis plus everyone else at the pool/beach to think im weird or something. your thoughts?

any teens out there at wear one peices? i dont want to look like im 5 or something...
Try a monokini. www.gojane.com/27448-swim-halter-…
www.gojane.com/31540-swim-one-pie… really a full one piece but not really a bikini either a combo of both.
Read my English short story and tell me what you think please.?
I love the beach
The sand, the salty tang in the air, the sound of waves crashing against the rocks and the shrieks of gulls as they fly by searching for food, the quiet chatter emerging from the sun tents, towels and thongs lining the beach.

run covered in sand, colored zinc, wearing little bikinis and board shorts, carrying around buckets and spades, collecting shells and piercing the air with their laughter.

I’m not at the beach for them.

Middle aged couples lay down, pale skin turning red, flicking through sand drenched magazines, crunching on sand covered fruit, sleeping behind sunglasses

I’m not at the beach for them.

Teen aged girls lie, in groups of three or four, tanned and brown, rubbing lotion on each other’s backs, expectation of admiring glances, with silent knowledge of how pretty they are.

I’m not at the beach for them either.

I pull my hat down further over my nose, and pull my shirt closer. I shuffle through the sand in my polyester pants and my black sand shoes.

My detector beeps loudly, one of the middle aged couple glares up at me as I dig in the sand

Two dollars.

My day has begun

Please post want you think and how i could improve it because this is really important
If what you're trying to do is an academic essay:
1/ plz gather sentences into paragraphs; and gather paragraphs into 3 parts: introduction, body, conclusion
2/ You make tons of run-on sentences (you use too many ideas in 1 sentence; and you do not use any ";" or any word to link them together). So, you should break it up into small sentences. This is a tip, as many teachers, they prefer short sentences than long sentence.
3/ Plz organize it, I can't see where your thesis statement or conclusion is (if your essay is just it)
4/ I don't get the idea of the essay. Don't understand, and it's not interesting.
5/ "I’m not at the beach for them either" should be "I’m not at the beach for them neither" ("either" to "neither")
6/ Capitalize "I" plz
7/ Be careful on using words
I think that's it. But this is kinda short, isn't it? You should go to the tutor center really.
Any good websites or stores with cute bikinis?
Summer is coming up and i want to start looking for bikinis. I'm 14 have a pretty small bust and a small waist. sometimes i see really cute bikinis but they dont fit me right but i dont want bathingsuits with no pads in them cuz there a little too small. so do you guys no a good online website or store, website better that has cute bikinis for teens. i relly appreciate it thanks:)
Busy Summer has some cute bikini's

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