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The Somali born teen who tried to blow up innocent people in Portland, was he a Muslim?

Tell me again we're not supposed to profile instead of committing gate at our nation's airports on innocent law-abiding citizens.
The US really needs to adopt Israel's flight screening procedures. Their airports are among the most efficient in the world and they haven't been hijacked or bombed in a LONG time.
How much would you pay for a teen to mow, edge, and leaf blow your lawn?
How much would you pay? Is $15 a good price? How should I ask them if they want their lawn mowed?
Depends on the size of the lawn. I was paying a $20- 15 years ago! Politely approach the individual, offer your service and quote your charge. Don't be afraid. It's good practice when you have to start selling yourself in the real world. Hopefully, your neighbors will see your ambition and respect you for it.
Im teen and i gav a ******** just last week now i am having a sore throat i was wondering if i had an std?
Im sure it is nothing but i juz wanted 2 make sure a sore thrat isnt a symtom of any stds
It's probably not related. It may have been coming on anyway, and you just irritated it with the penis (or the sperm if you swallowed). It happened to me once after I gave a ********, but there was no STD.

Oh yeah, and if it was a whole week since you gave the ********, then they probably have nothing to do with each other.
Teen daughters blow up quickly?
Please someone help me to defuse the constant fighting between 3 daughters. They are 14,15, &10. The littlest thing sets all of them into screaming. They don't seem to ever have a nice thing to say to each other. The oldest blames everyone but herself. The other two are ok most of the time. HELP ME! This is tearing me apart.
its called being a teen girl with sisters
Is the song "Smell's Like Teen Spirit" about blow || jobs?
The hello, hello, hello, how low sounded suspicious to me. If not, what's the real meaning?
Why, yes it is. Lucky guess.
Is it gay for a 16 year old boy to blow dry his hair?
I did it a few times and my family of 8 brothers and sisters started noticing and like they always do they started gossiping about me. They start thinking im gay. They never talk crap about me in my face so they say it to each other. So is it not normal for teen boys to blow dry their hair?
I dont think it is. Of course not.
Is there a photo depicting a teen star blowing a kiss while holding a star?
If you have the picture, send me the link with the picture.
lmao, how specific.
Never seen one like that.
What movie where the woman hooks up with a teen boy and her daughter is blown up by a washed up bomb?
There was a movie I was watching where this provocative woman with dark hair kept hooking up with this teen and one time she tried to have sex with him and sent her little daughter outside to play...her daughter was playing with a large bomb that had washed up on the beach. An old woman tried to stop her, but the little girl blew it up and died.
Is it Summer of '42? ...
I spent about a month making 200$, (im a teen under working age so it was hard) should I blow it on a designer
discounted BAG? I worked hard for the money, (my mom won't buy me designer things) what should I do?
As a parent, I can say that allowing to learn how to manage their money (hopefully with some guidance) is good because you will someday need to manage a budget and learn to cover all your needs.

That said, just like an adult, you'll make wise purchases and dumb ones. It's the mistakes in life we learn the most from.

You know how hard you worked for that money. You also probably have a good idea how hard it will be to replace it.

So maybe you have to really decide for yourself which way to go.

My opinion (yours counts more here) is that buying one purse that in a year or so you'll be bored with, might not be the best use of HARD earned money. If you shop sales racks and shop stores with cool looks that are less expensive - like Forever 21, you can buy a lot of clothes for that.

Or you could put some of it away for a car which you'll likely want in a few years.

Or you could put it in the bank and save it up for something else big you really want.

In other words, you have choices.

I like "designer" labels too but not so much I think that paying many times over what the same object, often of the same or better quality, is just plain foolish. Yeah, if you're really rich and have money to burn, it doesn't really matter. But understand that to such people, nothing material really matters. They don't value that LV bag any more than the one your friend bought at Target. It's just "stuff."

While it may be true that you're judged by your appearance (the whole package), nobody worth a damn is going to think you're hotter or better because you have a designer bag.

So why buy into the BS?

Now..if you're determined to go that way, here's a couple of ideas you might not have considered:
1. You might get something really cool off ebay. I actually just bought a cute BCBG bag for $35 NEW and authentic off ebay (yes, I do own some labels, but only because I really liked the style AND I got it cheap..I don't pay full price ever)

2. There's a cool website called www.bagborrowandsteal.com. One of the gals I work with is a member and you get to rent designer bags at a fraction of what ownership costs. If you know you'll continue to earn some money throughout the year, maybe your mom would help you join (you'll need a credit card so she can help with this if she knows you'll pay her).

This would be fun because every few weeks you can have a different, new, authentic designer bag.

Anyway, while I did give a bit of a lecture, I still feel it's totally your decision. Only in hindsight will you know if you made the best choice or not.
Why do teen shows really blow these days?
Once upon a time there were tv shows that were so unique and different from one another. Even better, the actors were really different as well. They didn't act pretentious and it seemed as if they acknowledged ethical limitations. In other words, is it right for or not?

But today's garbage-filled shows are driven by so-called actors that act so shallow, superficial, pretentious, and downright rude. Even worse, they have to cover their garbage filled minds with perfect clothes, perfect hair, lots of makeup (including boys), and basically act programmed.

Are we living in limbo, or purgatory? It reminds me of Saturday Night Live. The 70s episodes were good. The 80s episodes sucked. The 90s were good. And now since 2000, SNL sucks badly again. So does every other show on tv, except the classic reruns.
because people have lost there imaginations. We've used basically everything we can think of so people think lets just change the names of the characters and do the exact same thing over and over no one will notice! They should let a teen design a show for a teen.

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