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Why are teen guys so intimidated by pretty girls?
all the guys I know like ugly girls, esp. teen guys. it doesnt make sense too me. and its almost like theyre scared of pretty ones. but older men like 20's and up are attracted more to pretty teens. WHY?!
It's not just teen boys that are intimidated by beautiful females it's most males. I really pitty
these girls because they get cheated out of dates. The reason is, most men don't think of themselves as good looking and so they don't
try to date a beautiful girl; they don't want to be rejected. These girls are stuck with egotistical males that no one can stand. Very sad!
What do you think about cute/pretty teen girls getting boob jobs?
18 and 19 year olds I mean...or 17 with parents permission in some states I guess. To look sexier...I'm kinda not sure...on the one hand if you are already cute, why mess with nature, but on the other hand they are pretty sexy I have to admit...
I mean I know A LOT of guys like it...but when it comes down to it if a girl had naturally big boobs they'd like it I wouldn't get them...manly because my boobs are a D and still growing....but yeah natural looks better even though I actually don't think that fake boobs look too bad...just not extreme
Why do some pretty Girls of teen age thinks that Boys are born to them?
Do u think it is because they watch a lot of violent movies?
Why are most pretty teen girls into more aggressive..Guys?
OK here is the past of what's been happening. I started off a regular boy, stayed out of trouble and stayed away from drugs, violence, just say bad stuff. I was 17 and in high school and trying to get with girls. Well from what people say I'm good looking so I went after the hot, and popular ones in school. Not working the way I wanted it to I asked a buddy of mine how he does it.
My friend dresses like gangster, and he's quite aggressive from what I have seen.
He said to me "to get girls dress like me, and treat girls like crap, but at the same time pretend you give a damn to what it is they say and in time you'll get some"

First I was like no way that won't work but he was serious.
So then I changed my look, and my attitude, into everything he said. I wore Big black tall shirts, big baggy jeans, flat cap and some other things. Sure As shi* doing what he told me to do got me Puss* in a matter of 3 weeks, from a teen girl I only really knew for two weeks, Mighty Fine.
To get the girl this is what I did So maybe I have came to the answer "What a Girl Wants"
Dress Hip, wear it baggy, wear Long Shirts, be aggressive, and basically be the rule maker.

In Conclusion hey if your a guy and your not getting any give this a try. I really just don't understand why girls like bad guys, but you know the saying "Nice Guys Finish Last" And they Do From My Experience. So my question is
Why are most pretty teen girls into more aggressive, Gangster dressing, and not good guy behavior? Well for sure I'm not going back to the old me?:)

ps. Grammar isn't the greatest and maybe that's because I typed this all in a matter of minutes.
Peace<> o recap I'm 18 and on number 2, a brunette this time
well your pretty much an *** for just wanting to screw girls and nothing else but that mindset in teenagers changes at about 24-25ish for most girls. they realize that those ***** they were goin out with/dating/screwing.... are nothing but losers who are just tryin to get laid. So they move onto the nice guys who have gone and actually done something with their life.

but to answer your question they see protection/strength/power and for some reason they think thats what they want. The thing about it is usually the guys that act like that are not worth having around.
What are some pretty hairstyles for teen girls with long brown hair?
I'm 12 years old and I have long brown hair, and it is really thick. I usually straighten my hair with a flat iron. And i'm getting a haircut soon. How should i get it cut?
Get it thinned out if you want but it will gro back thick again (personal experience)

Go with a face-framing style, and long layers are cute.

Good luck! and I would go with a easy - to-style haircut.

Wispy bangs are cute too.
Why do doctors offices have a lot patiens that are teen girls?
I went to the doctors today and I seen a lot of pretty teen girls there, as good as they look why do they need to go to the doctors?? Did they have an STD or on birth control or something?
um idk...birth control maybe.
Where can i find a pretty teen girl backpack?
im looking for a backpack for a teen girl, and ive been searching for almost 2 days on the web and have found nothing. i need help, and FAST. i want a pretty backpack that people will like and compliment on.
Here are some suggestions:

Jansport (there is a really cool solid turquoise one =] )

Heres an idea: Find a soild color backpack (not a name brand or anything expensive or anything) or an old one and decorate with cool keychains and stuff that she likes)

Remember, when searching the web, they don't have many options as they do in the stores. Check out some stores, even if you don't think that you will find anything.
Why do doctors offices have alot patiens that are teen girls?
Today I went to the doctors office and i saw alot of pretty teen girls there. And im just wondering why doctors offices have aot of pretty ladies as patients? Could it be that girls get alot of female stuff done??
Because you probably focused on them. I'm pretty sure that there were at least a few middle-aged guys with heart problems, somebody who's overweight, and at least one or two with runny noses. You just happened to pay a lot more attention to the pretty girls.
Do you think asian teen girls are pretty?
I mean, they just don't seem like the ones that really handsome guys go after.
Some are. Most that are really pretty are the ones that are asian and mixed with another ethnicity, usually white or hispanic.
Pics of pretty teen girls?
i need *CLEAN* pictures of teenage girls form 13-18 years of age, they need to be wearing a lot of makeup, or at least be very pretty and they need to be fairly big pixx, nothing huge but much bugger than a thumbnail. also they need to have awesome hair, preferably blonde. thnk you.

oh they need to be white

this is for a book i'm not some perv i like to see pics to base my characters on...every author has somthing special about them, and this is my thing.
You know what I like to do when creating characters, go to wikipedia and just chose a name like Natalie and see what comes up and then browse those and often you may find pictures........... Of course most of them will probably be grown up and not teens but you could stretch your imagination. Sometimes I just see one person and think, "Okay their nose kind of sags at the tip, I'll include that" then I see another person and say, "Okay they have a large square forehead", one of their eye sockets is darker than another, they have dimples below their left eye. Other times I just see one person and say, "There, thats my character"

So my main character is basically exactly Paul Betany.

Another character is a mix of a girl I went to school with and a girl friend in Israel

Another character is based off my favorite author.

My main character's name is the name of my favorite band's lead vocalist, Trevor McNevan. I later found out that Trevor is a character in the Harry Potter books, (a series I don't read) and Trevor is a pet toad belonging to some guy named Neville. So Trevor's mother's maiden name is McNeville (a cross between Neville and McNevan). Then I thought, "in school he may be teased and called evil McNeville". But his image is not from Trevor the singer, but Paul Btany the actor.

For instance some of your characters you mentioned in the other post were in a girl band (I think) so think of girl bands you like and try to borrow features from them. Girl bands I can think of: Avril Lavigne, Apocolyptica, Flyleaf, Barlow Girl, Superchick, and of course there are all those others like Brit Spears, that Hillary Duff chick, etc etc etc. Maybe you take just one feature from them, maybe how they tilt their head to the left a lot or how their eyebrows look or what they are wearing.

When I write a character I don't think, "How do I write about this person?"

Instead I think, "In a movie, what does this person look like?"

I try not to be a writer, but a director. Set up the right angle, make sure the costumes are right, maybe have the lighting set up a certain way. Pacing. Humor. Suspense. So I try to think of the movie version first, then the book itself is easy.

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