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How would u address a teen who has taken nude photos?
the teen is 18 and unaware that her dad and i know. she has put the pic on the computer will this show up in cyberspace?
Unless she uploads the photos herself to any of her profiles on any social networking websites she may belong to (i.e. Facebook or MySpace); or unless she sends the photos out as e-mails; generally speaking--the images will stay put on her computer.

I don't know the details of your situation--specifically, why you ask "how would you address a teen?" Although she's still in her teens, she is 18, which means she is old enough to legally consent to be photographed nude--or worse (if she so chooses).

To answer the first part of your question--you should/would address her VERY DIPLOMATICALLY, if at all. I say this because, as far as you know, the photos still reside on her computer. And I have to reiterate she is 18 years old.

From a privacy standpoint, it's no business but her own at this point--unless there's a really good reason to confront her (which is also no one's business but your own).
What do you think of teen celebrities like Miley taking semi-nude photos of themselves?
What sort of effect do the scandals have on your ? Do you feel that they should not be looked at as role-models for that reason? Or do you talk to your about the mistakes and move on?
I think it should just teach that everyone makes mistakes growing up. It's kind of like this quote i heard:

"To be old and wise, you first have to be young and stupid."

I mean we all make millions of mistakes in a lifetime. So we shouldn't dislike someone for one mistake they have made.
Teen Girls Sending Nude Photos via Text Message....?
There seems to be an epidemic at my daughters High School of Teen girls sending fully nude photos of themselves via text message to usually what is supposed to be their B/F and the photos are being forwarded to practically everyone even to younger son is 14 (8th grade)and receives them all the time (at least 2-3 a week)....anyone out there seen this happening at their high school school...or you is this something that is happening everywhere, even in your school?
If your son knows these girls, get their names, and give the info to the school, and their parents. Those cell phones need to be taken away!!!! If I were their parent, I can't put it in to words of what I would do to them for a punishment!
This day and age, have NO SHAME....and NO DIGNITY! UGH...I can imagine your frustration!

Shame on those ! Sounds like your son gives you heads up on what he receives on his cell phone, and kudos to him for that. :-)
Can a teen get arrested for going on cam nude if both parties are both teens?
Recently they arrested a teen for sexting. ( sending nude photos over the cellular phone)

If it is considered porn on the cellular then wouldn't it be porn on line?
If it's nude and under 18, it's porn. Period
Teen girl charged with posting self nude photos on Internet?
Oky I just came across this article and I was wondering how this works?

Teen girl charged with posting nude photos on Internet
PITTSBURGH (AP) — A 15-year-old girl has been arrested for taking nude photographs of her self and posting them on the Internet, police said.
The girl, whose identity was withheld, was accused of sending out photographs of herself in various states of undress and performing a variety of sexual acts. She sent them to people she met in chat rooms on the Internet, police said.

Police seized her computer and found dozens of photographs stored on the hard drive. Authorities did not say how police learned about the girl.

She has been charged with sexual abuse of , possession of pornography and dissemination of pornography.

How do you get charged for sexually abusing yourself and taking pictures of yourself? Seriosuly can someone explain this to me?
You get charged because distribution of nude photographs of a minor (even if it is yourself) is illegal. If she was a legal adult and distributing pictures of herself, then that would be a different matter.

The issue will be trying to make the charge stick. The same age that makes her act illegal also protects her to a certain extent. I doubt if she will be charged as an adult, and thus will probably end up with a slap on the wrist.
Don't you think it's a bit drastic this teen got arrested for posting nude photos of HERSELF?
Here's the article.…
It is disturbing how many teens and young ones at that are takign nude photos of themselves and posting them on the internet or sending them to friends. It's almost like not a big deal. What's wrong with our society? I don't think this girl should be arrested though and charged with pornography and possibly have a SEX OFFENDER RECORD! That's outrageous. She's only 14. A 18 year-old girl can post all the nude photos she wants of herself on the internet and it's fine. If anything, this girl needs counseling. She obviously has some self-esteem issues and didn't think about the consequences of posting these pictures. Now if someone over 18 had taken the pics. then yes, they should get arrested. She took them herself though. I'm sure she didn't even know that it was illegal. I think they should just make a law that under 18 can NOT take nude photos of themselves (even on a camera phone) and the penality should not be jail. It could be community service (as a detterant) and definitely required counseling. However, they shouldn't even be handcuffed. They should be issued a ticket and told they have to go to court in which time the judge will decide if the youth needs community service and counseling or just counseling. And all schools starting from like fifth graders should have a police officer and/or a counsler come in and talk to ALL students about that taking these photos is ILLEGAL not just not a good idea. I feel bad for this girl. I'm sure she has some major issues and she must be scared to death thinking she could go to jail! THIS IS SO SAD!
Yes, it is absolutely absurd. However, I live in the state of New Jersey and can tell you that only HERE IN THIS HELLHOLE would they enforce something like that on a . If ANYBODY is responsible for that happening it is the parents who did not raise their to have self respect. Yes the did something wrong but I cannot even see who this falls under porn statutes when it was of herself...her own body and she was not selling it but merely sharing her photos with friends. Her lawyer will get this thrown out of court and NJ will have egg on their faces for harming a 14 year old and we idiots who are stupid enough to live in NJ will look all the worse
Teens have you sent a guy nude photos of yourself before? what happened afterwards?
did the guy do anything with the pics?
do you regret it?
did it ruin your reputation?

im just wondering bcuz i sent a guy one and i totally regret it...
Don't scare her all you guys up here! Well, Hun, are you sure he wasn't that kinda guy who'd misuse it? Because guys all all those editing stuff, and put it on porn sites. Be careful next time and don't EVERR send anyone your nude pic or let anyone take any. All you can do right now is pray that the guy keeps it just for himself.
Was It Right For A Teenage Girl To Be Arrested For Posting Nude Photos Of Herself On Myspace?
A 14 year olf girl was arrested and charged with possession and distribution of pornography for posting 30 nude photos of herself on Myspace.

Some are mad saying she needs help and not punishment and some question if this is really considered porn.|hp-laptop|dl5|link5|
I don't think she'll do hard time for this......but something needs to be done......may be this is it ?
Why taking nude photos?
Why women (teens/old) take nude photos and post them via websites as flickr for example with no intension of getting any money or modelling and making them open to all?
Narcissistic, maybe a sexual attraction for others.
Is it illegal to send / receive nude pictures on your cell phone?
I was reading online articles about how "many teens use camera phones to send nude photos", but I was confused as to what was illegal, sending and receiving the pictures, or distributing pictures to others or the internet. Help?
The illegal part of it is that they are teenagers/minors. It's not so much that they are sending nude pictures but that adults could potentially get their hands on it making it illegal pornography.

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