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Hot teen celebrities? Help please!?!?
Hey everyone, I am writing a book, and need some fresh celebrities to represent each character... I'd prefer B list celebrities, or ones that are very well known but not complete randoms. Lol.

Dena - 17- Brown curly hair, curvy body, and big brown eyes. Kind of bitchy, and boy crazy.

Rory - 16- Blonde straight hair, blue eyes, and very skinny. Extremely shy and keeps to herself. (Not overly attractive)

Dominika - Brunette. Cheer leader type, perfect body (big chest) and okay face.

Adara - (Alice Cullen looking type) Short hard that flicks out, kind of pixy looking, but would prefer non-twilight related characters. Lol.

Ronnie & Skeeter -- White and nerdy type.
Ronnie=red head.
Skeeter= dark brown extremely curly hair-- mini afro. Lol.

Jace - 19- Hot looking blonde, could be mean if he wanted to be, and reasonably attractive. Jock type?

Jesse - 18- Black curly hair, light tan, hazel eyes. Always smiling and very easy going.

Mikhail - 19- Tall, tanned, brown hair that falls over face and blue/green eyes. Muscular-- typica hot guy type. ANYTHING MAN CANDY!! :P

Alex - Brown hair, light eyes, muscular.. Baddass looking type, the bad boy you hate to love and love to hate.

Ziggy - 28- (A young David Bowie?) Very peculiar looking, but attractive in an odd way.

Even if you could help with one, or give multiple suggestions that aren't Miley Cyrus or a Disney character, I'd deeply appreciate it.
Links and photos are also appreciated, but don't worry too much.
Thanks in advance.
Best answer wins! xD
Dene- Victoria Justice

Roy-Janette Mcurdy

Dominika-Jennifer Lopez

Adara-Halle Berry


Skeeter-Seam Flynn

Jace-Cody Linely

Jesse-Taylor Lautnor

Mikhail-Johnny Depp

Alex-Drew Roy

Ziggy-Patrick Dempsey
What outfits do teen boys think are hot?
I am fourteen . a girl. light light light brown or dark dark dark blonde hair with highlights gray blue eyes my hair is wavy except I straighten it its seven inches from my shoulders Im a C cup I am five foot four I weight 115 lbs . what outfits would boys think are hot on me ? what style do the like the best ?
Instead of asking what outfits guys like (cause as they have all demonstrated so far, they are very immature), ask what they respect. No guy that you would want is going to respect you for that kind of immodest dressing. I promise.
Teen guys: would you consider me hot?
I'm taken but I just wanted to know if my boyfriend is telling me the truth I I'm hot.
-blonde naturally curly hair
-blue/silver eyes
-not too tan
-very athletic
- I'm a swimmer
-I have a flat stomach
-hourglass shape
-I love to dance, swim, and eat!
- I'm 5'5
-117 lbs
-I have a hugeee appetite
- I'm very smart
- my favorite subjects are science and math
- and I hope to become a doctor someday
Can I be you patient? :P
What is the name of Allison's mother in Teen Wolf?
It said that her mother in teen wolf is Eaddy Mays but thats the old lady? checked google images after gettin the name I want the name of the hot blonde that looks like shes 23 years old in teen wolf do u know?
Pamela Wells?
or what Teen Wolf are you talking about?
Teen guys; would you consider me hot or not?
I'm taken but I just wanted to know if my boyfriend is telling me the truth I I'm hot.
-blonde naturally curly hair
-blue/silver eyes
-not too tan
-very athletic
- I'm a swimmer
-I have a flat stomach
-hourglass shape
-my boobs are a 34B
-I love to dance, swim, and eat!
- I'm 5'5
-117 lbs
-I have a hugeee appetite
- I'm very smart
- my favorite subjects are science and math
- and I hope to become a doctor someday
Yes you can safely say you are hot :L
Who is that blonde with the feathered hair in that teen acne commercial? She's creepy and says "hot".?
She's sitting with a brunnette and when she sees a boy before picture she says "gross" and on the after she says "hot". It's bugging me because I want to figure out what product it is and who she is.
idt thats anyone famous......and the product is acne view.
Why do women get uglier and uglier after they hit 20?
In their 20s, they start to take on the appearance of your average bar slut (e.g. overdone tans which look terrible on them... and they go overboard with the makeup/lipstick to conceal the fact that they no longer have the natural appeal they had as teenagers).

And everyone knows what happens once they get into their 30s and up... weight gain, deteriorating facial appearance, and the long-term effects of excessive tanning.

Give me a hot blonde teen with fair skin and large breasts anyday.
In twenties women use 'makeup' to enhance their beauty. In consequent to this their original beauty gets hidden and artificial appearance takes place. In the long run this destroys their natural beauty and they become uglier & uglier soon after they start applying 'makeup'.
Do you like my 2nd hot teen romance story (it's short)?
I'm writing a story about 2 girls that r friends but 1 is rlly ugly(sammi) and the other is hot and popular(laura) and they both like the same guy. But the guy goes for thw ugly girl and they don't know why. But it turns out that the guy did it as a joke and then he started dating the hot girl:) here's a section from it

laura brushed her long blonde hair out of her face because it was in her eye a little bit and it was windy. Her tube top was relly low on her boobs which were a lot bigger than Sammis. Bothe the girls stood next to eachother watching guys in the park walk by.
sammi said "I'm so lucky to have you as a friend."
Laura said "Yes. Thank you. Look at that guy he is hot"
There was a hot guy walking near them with messy brown hair and gold eyes like Edward Cullen.
"OMG" sammi said
Sammi called dibs
Laura laughed
she told her that i didnt matter if she called dibs because no guys liked her
"Ya, whatever but I will date him" is what Sammi said.
Laura laughed again.
Laura had long PLatinum blonde hair and was really tan. She wore all MAC makeup and had a skinny waiist and wore miniskirts. Sammi was fat. She wore big dresses and had brown hair that was curly and had glasses and pimples. Laura was sometimes embarrassed to be seen with her. But they were still friends. They both liked the hot guy named Brad. Laura wanted to date him. So did Sammi
Wow. Shallow and overall terrible. No thanks.
How to look like a hot blonde?
Okay, so I'm about 5"8 and in my teens, and although I'm fairly tall, I'm not super super skinny. I would say I'm slim but I have curves such as hips and thighs but I'm not big if you know what I mean. I'm wondering how I can look like a hot blonde? I have blonde hair but how should I look super hot? What can I wear in winter thats super hot? how should I do my makeup and hair? should i use tan? help! what do you find hot?
Just copy the style of a celebrity you find hot...

Gwen Stefani comes to mind.
Or you could go for a glamorous Marylin Monroe style..
My boyfriend..Watching Porn?
Should I Be Upset? Im 18.

I get upset at him when i look at the history on the computer and see that he is watching porn.
We Are together all the time, and even if i want to have sex he says hes going to go take a bath,
when he takes a bath he masturbates to porn..
I have tried giving him sexy pics and videos of myself.
I dont masturbate.
It makes me upset knowing hes looking at all of the hot teen blondes and such..The skinny ones.
I can never look like that, ive dieted and i walk.
It makes me feel like im not beautiful.
And when i try to tell him i dont like it when he watches it when im around, he gets mad at me.
Instead of telling me theres no one else he'd rather be with, like most boyfriends. Or that im beautiful.
He rarely tells me im pretty.
Im done arguing with him about it and i would love some advice from other people.
So?? Should i be upset? Or.. Do i have the right to be upset?
it's o.k., i'm sure he's putting your face on their hot bodies.

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