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What are tips for shaving female genitals?
I usually shave down there, but it's never 'perfect' there are usually bumps and you can almost always still see stubble. What can I do to get a good.. um.. 'porn star' shave
Get a Brazilian wax u will love it other ppl will 2...lol
Female Shaving Genitals Advice?
I hope I can ask this. How can I shave without getting razor burn and cut. I tried using the Venus Vibrating Razor and regular disposables. I tried it with C.O. BIGELOW and Coochy Cream. I get cut and razor burn. I don't want to go get it waxed. I also tried putting deodorant on after, but I don't want my husband to taste Dove....sorry....plus it didn't work too well.

Any razor or shaving gels/creams to try? Or just a general certain shaving direction that works for you? Anything helps.
Well if your like me, you have tried everything! I have even went to get professional waxing which does work better, but I hate paying the money for it and well I just hate going to be honest. So, here is what I recently started doing.... plucking! Yes, at first it does hurt and it is time consuming, but it does get easier and it does become faster when you get the hang of it. After awhile, once you get over the initial shock of it, you'll really enjoy it. I pluck just the first inch down then the line and shave the rest as that part really never was affected by razor burn to begin with. Do be careful because I am dealing with ingrown hairs which are a pain, but they will go away. Good luck! Isnt it great to be a women!
I have what started out as a small tender to the touch knot on the pubic bone above the female genitals?
I have what started out as small tender to the touch knot on the pubis bone where hair usually grows I have shaved to long to remeber, I thought that might have been what it was but it kept spreading out and getting harder mostly on the right side it has swollen upward near my waist.It has made my outer and inner labia to swell.I work in a lab so I brought home a small needle and poked a small hole where the knot first appeared and after a little pressue pushing finally it started oozing a yellow greenish (pus)I guess thats what you would call it kinda like a zit but diff. color.I was running a fever and the area it spread to was really red and hot to the touch,it has went down some but is still really big on the pubis bone and labia still swollen and along side where the thigh touches not alot,but im trying to give as much info as possible. It is Still oozing but hurts way to much to try to push more out of it,I can barely walk.What could this be?Single mother cant aff.DR.NOTsexActiv
go see the doctor right away! this dosnt sound like something you can resolve on your own. it is in your best interest to see a doctor right away, regardless of fees because this could be something very serious. PLEASE! For your own sake see a doctor.

also, you might want too look up your symtoms for possibilities of what it could be at www.ecureme.com
thats where i go when i have a problem (though ive never had anything as serious as yours sounds.) and it usually gives me pretty good information.

i looked up your symptoms as best i could with the info you gave on www.ecureme.com and a list of possibilities poppued up, with Abscess leading the list. this could have been caused by an ingrown hair.
How to shave your genitals?
I'm a female, and I want to start shaving my genitals.
What would be the best way to do it? Tips & tricks?
Get a good razor for starters and make sure its new. I use venus spa breeze it has for blades and shaving cream attached. Its kinda expensive tho so sometimes I use venus embrace disposables instead. Get a shave cream whether u use the venus embrace or not. Shave after about 5 minutes in the shower u will notice ur hairs standing straight up. Apply the shaving cream and pull the skin taught. I and shave in the direction of hair growth. U may need a mirror for the bottom side until u get used to shaving. After shaving rinse well and use a moisturizer. I use "coochy cream" brand lol that's the actual name. Also if u use solid bar deodorant such as dove it helps keep u smoother longer and prevents shave bumps. Its a trick models and dancers use. And it keeps u smelling good without messing up ur natural ph such as feminne sprays and douches. Good luck! Aslo u may look at hair designs some women leave a little hair. I have a thin landing strip many men think its sexy.
Why do females shave their genitals?
i'm truly curious
Woman do it for various reasons.

1. it's cleaner
2. It's more breezy feeling
3. It enhightens feelings for sexual encounters
4. Some partners prefer it to be shaved before giving oral pleasure.
5. Some shave with their partners to share the intimincy.
Will a nurse wait to insert a urinary catheter into an unwilling male patient until he is unconscious?
Will a male hospital patient that won't let a female nurse insert a urinary catheter ever be put to sleep and then do it?
Also, if he refuses to let her (a female) shave his genital area during Pre-Op will she wait until he's unconscious and then do it or will she find a male to do it?
I would rather take the slight chance of a guy being gay then to let some girl just out of high school do it. Especially being from a small town where I'm likely to know her and might run into that girl quite often afterwords. That would be more awkward for me. I imagine getting a gay male nurse is pretty unlikely.
Question about my female genitals.?
Hi I'm 14 and I have a question about my privates. I have always been self-conscious about my body and I now have this question to ask. When I look at my vagina/vulva in the mirror, it doesn't have any skin outside and is completely flat with minimal skin. The only reason that I am concerned is because in the locker room and in showers (don't ask) for my field hockey team I see that other girls have "lips" hanging from their genitals while mine is very internal. Even my best friends - whom I have confided in, told me that they also have some extra skin around their areas. I've started shaving recently for neatness and this makes it even more apparent.

If you need more details, I will send a photo of just my vulva area since this website is anonymous.

I'm really not sure about this and would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Will future boyfriends be turned off by my features when I finally strip for them at some future time?
Don't send anyone a picture of your vulva. I'll bet creepy guys raid the women's health section for questions like this one.

You're just not fully developed. You won't be until you're at least nineteen, but more than likely about 21. Don't be ashamed in yourself.

By the way, I'll bet the other girls in the shower are probably uncomfortable with the fact that they have the extra skin. Too many girls are insecure about pretty much everything with their bodies. And nobody else even notices those "flaws."

:] Just get comfortable. Your body will change on it's own time.
How do you like the female genitalia?
Shaved or not? And why?
definitely shaved. much more hygienic. much more attractive.
What is the best way to shave your genital area if you're a female?
Although I like to get professionally waxed it's just to much and absolutely have having to do it myself because I don't get it all so I result to shaving, but when I do I'm always left with ingrowns and it looks horrible, what can I do to minimize such a thing.
take a warm bath.. before u shave there.. lather with a female shaving gel.... that wil soften the hair..... use a brand new razor..........shave in the direction of the hair.... don't shave an area more than 2-3 times........

after you are done... dry and moisturise the area with a light moisturiser and apply some good powder for dryness..

avoided scented products..

hope that helps for you and give u relief from ingrowns and itching..

Good luck!
I have a question about female genital piercings?
im getting a vertical hood clitoral piercing done on my birthday, i was wondering does your vagina have to be shaved before you go in to have it done. what do i need to do to prepare myself before i go in?
I would call the shop that you are going to and find out their procedures. Ask them what they need you to do in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Good luck! Hope everything turns out well :)

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