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All Comments

Has anyone noticed how skinny redheads are?
i know redhead's just a hair color but why are the majority of redhead girls soo skinny, boney and pale? anyone else notice this?
well I cant say ive seen an OBESE redhead...
Which would you prefer looks wise a tall skinny brown eyed brown haired?
woman with small eyes. Or a petite skinny redhead with big blue eyes?
Honesty i would say the tall brown haired girl. However, if the skinny redhead has a good personality then theres no point in how she looks. And besides redheads are feisty :)
Whats that porn stars name from the 90's she a redhead skinny small **** white skin- makes faces?
it's pissin me off so badddd=== this skinny dark red head porn star usually does anal and she makes faces- kinda older now i recently seen her in a softcore movie only she was jus there for a small part ---she was also in a movie (well alot but) it was called wet and sloppy or sloppy n wet where shes in a junk yard
Hard to tell by your description, but it could be Katja Kassin.
GUYS; do you think this is to skinny??...?
how about this picture then? this to skinny?…
Not entirely..... But you should have a few more pounds because it can hurt you with certain diseases.
Why does Tiger Woods only like white chicks?
Out of the couple dozen or so women he banged, some have been blonde, brunette, redhead, fat, curvy, skinny, ugly, smoking hot, but they've all been white. Why isn't he never got curious with another race?
He is 50% Asian and then he is part black and part white, so he can like whoever he wants, the man is multiracial and he claimed he takes big offense being referred as a black person, so what is your problem?
Are you that desperate to claim someone black when the man is only part black?
Which women are best in bed and why?
Is there a way to determine if a woman is good in the sack based on physical characteristics?
Which is better-
blonde, brunette, redhead?
skinny, average, fat?
black, white, asian, hispanic?
tall, average, short?
young, old?

I have my opinions, but Im curious what other people think.
The one that likes me the most!
Do you think a redhead (auborn) could pull off a taper haircut?
If not what would be a haircut im not fat but not skinny
hair colour doesn't have much to do with the style. it's more based on thickness, texture and face shape.
Big boobs/small boobs? skinny/curvy?
guys & girls- which do you prefer on girls?

big boobs/small boobs
small lips/big lips
cute little features/striking, bold features
short hair/long hair
Boobs that fit the rest of the body. I have large breasts on tiny girls... specially when you can TELL they're not real...

Curvy! Skinny girls look like they'd break if a strong wind blew...

Brunette and red heads. I can't STAND blonde hair... UHG. (Maybe its because naturally i'm blonde?? I dunno... blonde hair just looks bad)

I like big lips.

I think there needs to be a good mix in features, and they need to compliment each other. Big bold strong eyes look amazing with a soft jawline...

HEALTHY hair... Uhg.. too many girls out there ruining their hair then complaining about being frizzy. Its not hard to take care of hair now people... mine was to my *** hadn't even had a trim in a year and i didn't have a single split end or trouble with frizz or anything...

Short or tall so long as they are proportional.

and Wow... Neither. Scene girls look ridiculous and preppy girls act it... Yeah... I'd rather them just be like... themselves.
Which glee project episode is it where sam and ellis kiss?
(the skinny redhead and the guy with dreadlocks)
Omg I like pie and I hate gleee
Help with a research project adults only please?
Ok what is you ideal best friends look like? Tall, short, fat, skinny, blonde hair, brunette, redhead, blue eyes, green eyes, brown? What does she say or do that makes you want to be around her?

Part two - Where do you meet most of you friends? Where have you met them in the past?

Please give you age and gender.
Thanks for your help!
I am 78, female. I do not care what my best friend looks like. I like people who are kind, honest, living a harmonious life with themselves, others and the world around them.
If the only criteria for a best friend is looks, then I think you need to add a comment about the superficiality of the survey.

You meet your friends in their homes, down the street, at places of mutual interest like patchworking etc.

I'd love to know how many oldies you get on your survey. Hope you do well on it.

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