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Which is hotter blonde, brunette or redhead?
blonde - paris hilton.

brunette angelina jolie

redhead lindsay lohan

i vote lindsay! lol
Hair color doesn't matter. What does matter is freckles. The more freckles the HOTTER the girl looks. With that said, I'd have to say Lindsay Lohan, but only because she has tons of freckles. :)
Blonde joke...its cute...rate it and give it thumbs up or down pls! =]]...?
A blonde, brunette and redhead are in a desert.

The brunette says, "I brought some water so we don't get dehydrated."

The redhead says, "I brought some suntan lotion so we don't get sunburned."

Then the blonde says I brought a car door."

The other girls said, "Why did you bring that?"

Then the blonde says, "So I can roll down the window if it gets hot."
Ive already heard it but its still funny :)
What do you think of a pin up girl tattoo?
I love the idea but my best friend said it sounds trashy... I kind of just want that style, the girl would be fully clothed (in a short dress and heels) and be kicking up one heel behind her. I think that sounds really classy. What do you think?

Kind of like this girl but she wouldn't be in this position. But dressed like this and a redhead with this kind of face. Like this style of girl,…
I think that if you get that tattoo, you will forever be viewed as a low-class person. In my opinion, you should not get tattooed. Your body is clean now, and not profaned by any graffiti, but that will change forever if you pay some tattoo predator to ruin your body. Just don't do it is my advice to you! You have lasted this long without tattoo, do not cave to the pressure from lesser people or a sick society and take that fatal step. Everything will change for you, for the worse, after you get that first tattoo. We are instructed in the Holy Bible that our bodies are holy temples given to us by the Lord in 1 Corinthians 6:19 “19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; “ Our holy bodies are not canvases to be profaned with unholy graffiti, in a manner offensive to both man and God, who instructed us through the prophet Moses : "Do not cut your bodies… or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD” Leviticus 19:28. Although this is Old Testament, and some Christians think they need not obey, I am not so sure myself. If the Lord does not want tattoos on His Levite Priests, is it beyond understanding that He may not want them on his Christian followers, despite the fact that there is no specific prohibition against them? It could be construed as disrespectful of the Lord, even. Praise the Lord forever. Praise His Holy name. Pray for your guidance from the Lord, and good luck. Let me tell you why I am so anti-tattoo and so anxious that you not take this ugly step. The true cost of a tattoo is a lifetime of regret. There is an 80% chance you will regret it in your lifetime. Many people will look at you with disgust, for tattoos are offensive to many, many people. Your chances of getting a good job will be greatly diminished—most companies will not hire you since your tattoo will be seen as offensive to other workers. There is nothing good about a tattoo. A tattoo is little better than a cartoon—you can’t get a good quality drawing on the human skin. Tattoos are an urban blight. They are ugly, like graffiti. Like graffiti, they lower the quality of the environment. Tattoos lower the quality of life, for everyone who has to see their ugliness. I don’t like the whole concept of tattooing, the way these hideous cartoons are inked into the flesh of people through bloodletting and pain; to me they are a dark and evil art. Tattoos are closely linked to other forms of self harm, like cutting, piercing, drug use, etc.; they are hand-in-glove with these destructive behaviors. I don’t like the way evil people encourage our vulnerable to get tattooed, so they can make money off of them. They do not care that they are causing harm. And yet, these evil ones, these tattoo predators, are even admired by their deceived victims. I don’t like the way that young people are fooled into wanting tattoos by degenerate Hollywood and the media. think tattoos are cool and cutting edge, but over time, they wind up hating their tattoos. Far worse, they wind up hating themselves. I don’t like that parents and older people are so afraid of being disliked that they say nothing against tattoos, even though they know better. Worse, some completely abandon their responsibility to provide sound guidance and even encourage the young ones to get tattooed. I don’t like how young people are so angrily defensive about their right to get tattooed and ruin their lives. . As far as tattoos being “art”, that is garbage. A tattoo is NOT "a work of art". The human body is not a canvas and the abusers and mutilators who desecrate it are not artists. Most of their so called "art" is little better than comic book drawings. The majority of western people get tattooed when young and their decision making process is not yet matured. They need to be very careful in making important, permanent decisions. The reasons young people get tattooed are not mature (i.e. they want people to notice them, they want to pretentiously “honor” someone in a way that will attract notice, they want to pretentiously present some “deep” quotation on their skin in the hope that people will think they too are “deep”, they are rebelling against their parents or society, they are conforming to what they think are social norms, they are unable to see ahead and view the negative results of their actions, etc.) If you want to see the true level of cultural development for tattoos and other body modifications, look at this video:… . More and more young people are buying into this Hollywood lie that tattoos are a cutting edge way to “express” yourself. But that is so not true. You should express yourself with your words and actions, not by inking graffiti onto your living flesh. God bless you and good luck.
Which redhead is the hottest?…………
Sorry... I don't jerk it to cartoons
but if I did it would be the Little Mermaid
Need help figuring out a bow release (RedHead XPS Caliper Release)?
Just picked up the release from bass pro because I lost my old release. The trigger seems far away and i have it set as close (short) as it can get. I mean I'm 6'2" and i cant reach the trigger. I think its because im not wearing it right. I have the black leather piece that is attached to the trigger in the middle of my palm, leaning a little to the thumb side. The strap is just around the top side of my hand and palm, but not my wrist and it feels uncomfortable and easy for it to come off. Can anyone help?
You need to put the strap around your wrist, not your hand. This will make it much more comfortable and you will be able to reach the trigger. The mistake you are making is trying to hold the black leather piece in the palm of your hand. It is not designed to be used in this fashion.When it is tight on your wrist, it will not slide off your hand and you can pull your bow back with your hand opened up if you wanted to do so. But try it again with it properly strapped down on your wrist and use it. Your accuracy will increase using the bow release. Good luck!
What shade of red hair is this?
can someone please tell me what shade of red this is,girl,lily,redhead,photo,vintage-2d16cb205228c6d5333be1efab31c2d5_h.jpg
Kinda auburn, I think ? Or a really dark orange like shade
How can I convince my friend she's pretty?
My friend is a model but she still thinks she's ugly
How can I convince her that she's not ugly?
This is her btw……
She actually looks AMAZING & the red hair gives her a unique & beautiful look to her thats makes her evn more appealing =]....

but this is the kind of situation where she needs to discover self confidence & she needs to find it herself. no matter how many compliments a person receives if they don't feel that way about themselves its pointless. If she doesn't believe in herself than who will ( i mean besides u of course lol) but seriously she needs to love herself & accept that she is beautiful on her own time
IS this FUNNY, FUNNY, OR FUNNY...(seriously you have to read it..)?
A blonde and a redhead met for dinner after work and were watching the 6 o'clock news. A man was shown threatening to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. The blonde bet the redhead $50 that he wouldn't jump, and the redhead replied, "I'll take that bet!"

Anyway, sure enough, he jumped, so the blonde gave the redhead the $50 she owned. The redhead said, "I can't take this, you're my friend." The blonde said, "No. A bet's a bet."

So the redhead said, "Listen, I have to admit, I saw this one on the 5 o'clock news, so I can't take your money."

The blonde replied, "Well, so did I, but I never thought he'd jump again!"

STAR (the interesting button) if you like it..thxs everybody...and yes best answer will be chosen to the one with the most Thumbs UP...

I will GIVE averybody a thumbs UP!
lol..thats cute..=)
This or that??(hairstyle!)
I want a new haircut. And I was thinking of these hairstyles. What do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down? P.S._ if you're wondering what I look like, i look exactly like my avatar only i have shoulder length hair. :)…

the blond one:…

or if none of these you think that does not suit me. You can find one for me.
No question, first one hon!
So cute, you seem like you can work it well.
Would it be okay to dye my hair red?
I really love these hair colors: :D……

My natural hair color is dark brown, and I have pretty light skin, and bright blue eyes. Would either of those colors look okay on me? :D
Either would be a pretty dramatic look, I say go for it! If you're dying your hair more than a couple shades different than your natural color, though, you should probably get it done by a professional.

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