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I have an awfully small belly at 36 weeks, I checked galleries of pregnant women and mine compares to >18wks.?
Did I have a miscarriage somewhere along.
Nope, no worries! All women grow differently. I am 30 weeks pregnant and my friend is 40. I am 4 times as big as she is! And her baby is healthy and everything is going great for both of us. One reason that you may be growing slowly is that your uterus could be turned. Sometimes a woman's uterus does not grow out it grows long ways! This causes your belly to look very small and flat
Can you get anything pierced while pregnant?
I want to get a surface anchor microdermal piercing done and I am 17 weeks pregnant.... Is it safe??…
i never heard of infection from a piercing harming your baby its really not that serious excpecially when the infection is only located in th area your piercing is . I thought about getting my top hole repierced around my 17th week but the only reason i didnt is because when you go to the hosiptal to deliver they make you take all of your jewelry off and your piercing probably wont be fully heeled by then its better to just wait it out until you have your lil bundle but its totally up to u that was just my chose.Good luck hope this helps.

pick me as best answer pls :)
Will the cops stop you if you have a pregnant wife or hurt person in the car while speeding to the hospital?
Just a random question from the peanut gallery, but I was wondering this since I always see the Cop shows on TV and wondered what would the police do if there was an emergency such as a pregnancy or someone has an injury like someone shot and you had to get to the hospital.
There is no law allowing you to speed, so it comes down to officer discretion.

If you are not driving carelessly, most officers will let you go.

However, if you are driving recklessly, it makes no sense to risk the safety of others for your own gain, and there is a good chance you will get a ticket.

I've investigated more than one accident where someone with good intentions causes a crash which not only delay their medical attention, but it injures others. This will not be excused by any officer.
Did any of you get professional pictures don while you were pregnant?
i really regret not getting pictures done when i was pregnant with Gracie, so i decided for this pregnancy i will. i am only 12 weeks so i obviosly want to wait until i get bigger. i was thinking about getting them done with this lady shelleysmithphotography.smugmug.c… what do you think?do you think she is good? oh and if you got professional pics done, feel free to post them. i want to look at a wide variety of maternity pictures.
I think its a great idea and her pictures look stunning,
its a keep sake for you to remember being pregnant,\
Go for it Hun and congratulations on your pregnancy
How can i make my digital picture look professional?
i have a good digital camera but i was wondering if there are any tricks or techniques to make my picture look like it was taken professionally (i will be takin my own pictures) incase this makes it more easier im taking pictures of my belly im 5 months pregnant and submitting these picture to a gallery for pregnant women.
I've run into this situation many times.

Digital cameras have a tendency to over-sharpen edges and highlights. Turn this setting down if you can. Get a nice lens filter (Tiffen Pro Mist or any soft filter will do) or do it on the computer.

Lighting. Never underestimate the power of good lighting.

Play with contrast and level settings on your computer.

Add a little artificial grain (be careful with this one)

Always use a low ISO setting on your digital camera. Digital noise is far less pleasing than film grain.


EDIT: Fool around with your white balance settings to get a warmer tone to the photograph. Don't use a flash.

Hope this helps and congradulations :)
Do you think it's appropriate for pregnant women to wear bikinis?
Seeing as summer is here I was wondering what your thought on pregnant women in bikinis are. Right now I'm in my 14th week and im not showing yet but I'm sure in July or August it'll be quite visible. Do you think only one pieces should be used? I think it'd be cute to show off a pregnant belly. Thanks to all who reply.

This is what I mean:……
Belly is huge at 14 weeks pregnant?
I haven't gained a single pound yet but the shape of my belly has changed so much already. I feel like I look huge. I am 5'3" and 130lbs. I look through photo galleries of other belly pictures that other women have posted at 14 weeks and I look bigger than all of them. I have had an ultrasound and its not twins and this is my first baby. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you end up being gigantic by the end of your pregnancy?
I was like that with my first and i ended up with a huge belly at the end.. people though i was having twins.. and im 18 weeks pregnant.. and getting huge . the good thing is that i havent gained more than the needed weight. but the ultrasound lady told me my daughter was over the regular weight and size..
What are some friendly activities to do with an infant?
My husband and I like to take day trips, go to beaches, museums, galleries, amusement parks, etc.

We're pregnant but are exploring all areas of parenting and want to know what other parents do to stimulate their babies or if most people wait til toddler age?
As a newborn, they will really just sleep most places you go. As they hit about 6 months, they become both much more alert, and much easier to carry around, in my opinion (once they are sitting unsupported they can go in a backpack or sit on your hip in a sling). So around 6-7 months was when I started taking my dd places just because she might have fun there.

There are a couple things you have to remember with baby outings. The first is that your baby will probably only be able to be happily awake for a few hours w/o feedings and/or a nap (some babies nap well on the go, others don't). So for any longer excursion, you have to make sure you plan in stops/time for these things. Babies also usually have a pretty short attention span, so the best outings are ones where enough is going on to keep them interested, but not enough to by totally overwhelmign (like very loud or very crowded. I have found my dd does much better in overload situations when she is close to me in the sling, as opposed to in a backpack, in the shopping cart, etc). The final thing to consider is that babies are more sensitive to environmental conditions - they should not spend a lot of time in the sun or in extreme temperature conditions, esp since before 6 months sunscreen is not recommended.

So that said, I have found the best outings to often to be ones that can be done in just a few hours, between naps. Often these are very mundane things. Babies LOVE animals, so a trip to a local petshop can be a favorite outing. We also go to the library's room/story time - besides reading and getting books, babies LOVE seeing other . Many areas have science centers with special corners for young chilidren. My dd also enjoys the pool, going on hikes or walks (something we did since she was very young), going to the playground, and actually even going on errands (lots of people to see).

As far as the things you mention, amusement parks are overwhelming for young usually, and while they like the beach, a few hours out in the sun is probalby enough at that age (plus you would need a ton of gear to keep the sand/salt/sun off). babies are pretty indifferent to things like museums - they would probably enjoy the people, its just a question of how bad you would feel if she was loud (babies are pretty unpredictable). So I guess my overall recommendation is to keep it short and local most of the time, while they are young. Longer expeditions like camping or the beach are possible, but tend to take a lot of planning, packing and vigilance, so most people only do day trips occasionally.

Of course there are tons of things you can do with your infant in your own house as well.
How long did you work while you were pregnant?
I know some people work up till their due date, and kudos to them but already the symptoms of pregnancy have interfered with my job. The problem is I manage an art gallery by myself.. there's no other employees, so when I'm sick or late the place is closed. I've been late and missed days and I feel really bad. I also gashed my knee open and had to get stitches which lead to me missing a week (just my luck :( ) My boss won't fire me because she feels bad for me but I feel bad for being such a crappy employee lately. I'm 27 weeks.. what would you do?
I ended up working until i was 25 weeks because i ended up getting contractions here and there..then as time went on they got worse, and i was on my feet all day (tanning salon) so i was ordered bed rest...if you feel as though you cant do it anymore, dont jepordize your babies health. it can lead to worse things. and nobody wants to end up in the hospital, cuz i'll tell sucks. now there is a chance i wont make it past 34 weeks. take that into consideration.

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