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When did you start to get your preggo belly?
About how many weeks were you when you started to get a little chubby? I'm 5'3 25 y/o and about 100 lbs. I am 10 weeks and I have noticed that my pants are a little tighter and belly is getting chubby. This is my 1st pregnancy. When did you guys notice?
Around 20 weeks
What's the best way to get rid of a post-preggo belly?
I had my son 8 months ago, and by now I would think my stomach wouldn't be pudgy, but it still is. I have lost most of my baby weight, and I am down to 123 and I am 5'3. My body is fine, all except for my stomach. What is the best work out or way to get rid of this belly that I feel like I am stuck with! I have tried crunches, but it just works out my upper stomach. ughhh!
You likely have left over fat accumulations around your intestines and your uterus is probably still a stretched out mess taking up space.
You will likely simply need to firm up your muscles (all of them) and watch what you are eating. If you have or are currently breast feeding be carefull of excess calories, as that will make it harder to lose those last bits of fat.
What is the best ointment/lotion to rub on preggo belly?
to help keep moisturized and prevent stretch marks?

i know depending on your skin type and family genes, the appearance of stretch marks is inevitable, but i've also heard that there are lotions and ointments to help with this issue.

which ones help the best?? :) thanks for the help!!
Palmers coco butter used several times a day is supposed to help, but really, you need to start that before you ever get pregnant for it to be effective. You want the skin in prime shape (which takes a couple of months of constant use) before it starts stretching, otherwise, it's just going to stretch and tear as normal.
Losing that post preggo belly tips?
I had my son 3 months ago now and I'm desperate to lose the extra kilo's and size of my belly. I used to be so small and toned without a sweet tooth but during my pregnancy I developed a huge sweet tooth and I ended up gaining nearly 20kg. anyone have any tips to lose/tone up the post preggo belly. I'm also exclusively breastfeeding so I'm wary of getting too much Lactic Acid in my milk supply
Give yourself some time. Your body is still healing and getting back into shape. I lost my baby weight through breastfeeding, but it took about 5 months to see any results. When your doctor gives you the okay, go ahead to the gym and workout some. But don't pressure yourself too soon to lose the weight.
I usually have a flat stomach but the past few days I have a preggo looking belly! Is it from my period?
I also have lower-mid back pains and stomach cramps but my stomach seriously looks pregnant. It's really weird because I usually have such a flat stomach and I have never seen it like this. It is not normal for me. Besides Thanksgiving, what else could it be? I haven't been eating much at all! I have like a coffee all day and then veggie burger and green beans for dinner. After dinner I exercise. What is going on?
Prob PMS, or beer.
Does anyone suggest a style of exercising to get rid of the post preggo's flabby belly?
It's nearly been four months now and well, I've still got the flab around my belly. I have been breastfeeding. It's helped a TON. I've lost a good 35 lbs but I still have the loose flab in the middle. Any suggestions? Pilates? Yoga? I walk everyday, breastfeed a ton, eat as well as I can with a little baby about...what else?
the cross trainer really helped me and so did doing crunches xx
8 months preggo and my belly is shrinking?
This may sound crazy but I KNOW my body, even pregnant. Something happened last night where I kept feeling this weird discomfort in my lower abdomen. This happened every few minutes for about an hour then just stopped. This morning I get up and my belly looks and feels smaller and flatter. Is this normal? What happened?
Your baby has probably dropped right into your pelvis, causing your belly to look smaller.
Where can i find a fake preggo belly?
For halloween im going o be a preggo and my friend is going to be my babbys daddy(Im a guy,Shes a girl)and i want to buy one that straps around with fake boobs and is possibly filled with sand!!

ive already tried empathy belly and its like $600 to $1000 for one and i know ive seen some for about $30...So yeah just let me know!!

Frankie C.
Try Party City. I'm pretty sure I've seen them there.

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