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What does it feel like to have a big pregnant belly?
Mostly when you were nearing the end of your pregnancy and your belly was very big. Do you feel bulky? Do you feel large and round?

How did it affect your daily life?

What does it feel to have such a bigger belly when you're walking, sitting, etc?
Ugh...My little girl was lodged up in my ribcage and I had to sit up very straight on lay down. Walking became harder, my husband always walked to fast and I got left behind. Getting up from laying down or sitting down got a lot harder. I just felt like a massive beached whale. Constantly had to pee, then it got hard to pee even if I had to pee really bad. Every time I ate I had the worst heartburn. Yuck. I hated the end of pregnancy!
How big is your pregnant belly?
I just measured around my big belly and it's about 37 inches! I'm 36 weeks pregnant-- just curious to see how others measure. I think it's neat just to see how different everyone's pregnant belly is!
i'm very huge and everybody comments about it, but it doesn't bother me. i'm 17 weeks and 36 inches. That makes me huge eventhough i haven't gained much weight yet.
Where can i find a float for the pool for my big pregnant belly?
I am six months pregnant and I'm looking for a float to use in the pool this summer, preferably with a hole in it for my belly to hang out of when I lay on my stomach.
don't need one ......Tractor trailer parts store! big ole inner tube
When did you start getting the BIG pregnant belly?
Now that im showing, I cant wait to get the hugeee pregnant stomach lol.Im 26 weeks, and showing but when will i get that round beach ball look ?
possibly never, do you really want one though??? they arent always easy to come back from
This question is for all the ladies who have been pregnant.What dose it feel like to have a big pregnant belly?
Like what feels like is inside of you? Dose it feel like it would any other day you werent pregnant or different? Im just very curious:)
When I was first pregnant [weeks 3-16] It felt like a really bad flu and I felt really bloated. From weeks 16-19 I felt not pregnant at all.. when I got my first kick at 19 weeks I still felt pretty unpregnant but I kept getting little movements from the inside that reminded me I was pregnant. I had a decent sized bump by 24 weeks and by 28 weeks there was no hiding I was pregnant. I felt pretty much not pregnant until I was 34 weeks.. the only symptoms I had were a big belly that I kept running into things with because I wasn't used to it and the kicking.. at 34 weeks it all went down hill I got a ton of late pregnancy symptoms and by 36 weeks I was done.. but I carried to 42 weeks 1 day and mostly I didn't feel pregnant at all, I never really stopped doing what I did before I was pregnant and my motto was "I'm pregnant, not disabled" because everyone would yell at me for lifting heavy things, or if I fell or if anything went wrong they seem to think our bellies are made of glass lol.
Big pregnant belly, uncomfortable and achy. How do i get comfortable for Christmas?
I am usually all about Christmas time! I loooove it. This year I am in pain, I'm a huge bellied prego lady. My frame is small so I ache easy. What are some things I can do to make myself comfortable for the Holidays.

I live in California
Try resting more. Maybe your aches are worse than usual because it's colder? Sorry, I'm not exactly clued up about californian weather, but it certainly is cold here. Even a chance (BIG CHANCE) of white christmas!! (london uk) So you could use a hot water bottle.
And i know this sounds silly, but why don't you immerse yourself in all things christmasy (which don't include a lot of travelling/moving)? You said that you always love it, and next year, you'll probably need to do the works with a . Anyway, the purpose of that is you will be distracted and maybe less concerned about pain.

And can I just say, the guy who suggested weed: what is wrong with you? If cigarette smoke is harmful to a baby, wouldn't that be worse? And the person who said abortion: that is just bad. She probably wants this . And besides, (applies to uk dunno about us) I think it would be illegal at this stage.
How do you get a baby out of his crib if you have a big pregnant belly?
How do you lean in?
Stand parallel to a side of the crib, and remove the baby with the arm that is over the crib.
Will I ever get a big pregnant belly?
I am overweight as it is...5'3 180 pounds. My stomach already feels bigger and rounder for some reason and I'm only 9 weeks..I'm just nervous that my stomah is already as big as it's going to get...I'm probably just being hard on myself..I don't know. Were any of you my size when you got pregnant, and when did you get noticably pregnant?
Because of the extra weight, it may take a bit longer for it to look more like a pregnant stomach, but it will get there. Plus, like me, you are on the shorter side, so you are more likely to show sooner (taller women have a more elongated torso...more places for baby to hide).

With the first trimester comes some bloating, so it is not uncommon that you might feel a bit bigger than you would normally. Plus, your uterus should be about the size of a grapefruit!

I'm 5'3" and currently 134lbs. I have baby fat left over from my other babies, so I normally don't really start looking round and HELLO PREGNANT until around 5 or 6 months along. I can get away with wearing maternity clothes sooner because I have the belly (and then people think I'm pregnant and not fat). Of course, your mileage may vary, but that has been my experience.

Congratulations on your baby! Looks like we'll both be having holiday babies (my due date was the same as yours until my OB changed it today). =)
How big does a 9 month pregnant belly get?
Just wondering.. I know every body is different, but I was just wondering how big the belly usually gets. I am overweight, so I hope I still get a belly. Im about 175, and Im 5'3. Not pregnant yet though, and Im trying to lose another 20 pounds....
Even if you're overweight, you should still see a belly at 9 months. There have been women that didn't know they were pregnant and neither did the people around them and they ended up giving birth to full term babies. But that is rare. Losing some more weight is a good idea though, it's safer for you and your future baby. By the way, doctors usually go by one centimeter for every week. So full term, your belly (lying on your back) should be about 38-40 cm.
Has anyone ever had a pregnant belly so big?
Has anyone ever had a pregnant belly so big that they got stuck somewhere? Tell me about it.
I got stuck behind the table at a restaurant while sitting at a booth. We had to move the table for me to be able to get out!

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