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Where can i download free celebrity wallpapers for my nokia 6233 mobile?
i need both indian and holly wood stars wallpapers
Where can i find free Celebrity Wallpapers and posters through internet?
I'm looking for some web that also contains not-very-high-profile celebs as well
just google link search their name. Find a fan site, they usually have high quality stuff on there, including wallpapers.

good luck.
What is the best site to visit for free, legal, & downloadable celebrity photos or wallpapers?
What are the best websites that allow you to download celeb photos for free to possibly put on a myspace page? For ex, sites that have all kinds of celebrities from classic Hollywood to today?
You can download celebrities wallpapers from
Where can i buy or get free wallpapers of bollywood celebrities ?
I want to start a website related to bollywood celebrity.Where can i get latest photos and events of these celebrities ? Iam even ready to buy them .I dont want to use pics from indiaglitz or some other site bcoz they are all bought by them .
Hi iii,,
Like me i think u also like can get free wallpapers and videos of both Bollywood and Hollywood on. ....
1. (for PC)
2. ( for Mobiles)
4. (100%free)
5. (100%free)
Ian Somerhalder wallpaper? Help!?
I want to find a really good wallpaper of Ian Somerhalder, preferably on the beach. I have searched but can't find any except this one, but I want to get rid of the writing.…

Also I have GIMP and I have the 2 pictures, I've tried putting them together, but I can't make the edges look faded so the pictures blend into one.
Please help! Post links or give me advice on how to fade it.
could you do this… with the two images. Get the Tineye plugin if you don't already have it. It searches the web for similar photos. You can also click on most changed when you search for similar images with tineye. Instead of having to search with text like ian beach or the like that imitates the photo you can let tineye do the image search for you.

Edit: I had both of those pics in about 3 seconds without the text using Tineye. It returned 22 photo matches.

Edit: I also took about 10 minutes removing the text from the pic using the clone and smudge tool in Gimp before I thought about tineye. Fortunately I was able to remove the text so it wasn't a complete loss. I learned a new Gimp technique.
i want wallpapers of all the celebs including bollywood, hollywood, wwe..........

try for wwe wallpapers too
Any good wallpaper & scrensaver sites?
do you guys know any good free wallpaper sites of automobilies and celebrities for a standard 1024x768 desktop?

and do you know where i can download free video screensavers?
Who is hotter?
mandy musgrave or paris hilton

Free free celebrity wallpaper Tube Videos