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Isn't it funny that people are still asking about Obama's birth certificate?
As if the government, the republican party, McCain, Palin, the FBI, the CIA, Judge Judy, the Olsen twins, Team America and Little Oral Annie wouldn't have actually made a major issue on national television EVERYDAY for months BEFORE THE ELECTION?!?!

Are some people really still clutching at nonexistent straws? Do you really think it isn't over?
Wait for it.......
There it is. The sound of all the neocons furiously typing their response about the Berg lawsuit. Strangely, they never mention his lawsuit against Bush for masterminding 9/11.

Where can I find 1980's porn tapes?
I'm looking for VHS tapes from the 1980's. In particular, Little Oral Annie stuff, and also amateur stuff. Is there a place online that discusses and trades these things??…
What explanation will the Camping-ites have for Judgment Day NOT coming May 21 2011?
They are being predictably evasive when asked directly about May 22 2011, if the Sun does not turn red with blood, if 200 million elect worldwide do not suddenly turn up missing, and if Gabriel's trumpet does not sound. "It won't happen so there's no point in asking" is their answer!

Which of the following spins, will the Camping camp use when the sun rises on May 22 2011, as yellow as a dandelion?

#1 ) "Oops, didn't carry the 2, I meant, 2211, whatever....stay tuned and I'll tell you how to make sure your great-great-great-great grandchildren are Rapture Ready"

#2) Camping has a nervous breakdown, his family sells his assets off and quietly mothballs the ministry

#3) "Well we got enough people to clap and do the Woo-Woo dance and God was so amused that he moved Doomsday forward a few years, we'll have the *next date* for you after these messages from our sponsors! And remember, Little Orphan Annie says Drink your Ovaltine."

#4) "We weren't really serious, the point is that we must be rapture-ready at any time! had you going, didn't we? Praise the lord!"

#5) (The Millerite Reconciliation) Ohhhh it wasn't supposed to be the end of the EARTH... it was some OTHER planet! See, God is going through the Galaxies and rapturing them planet by planet so there isn't too much Heavenly congestion at the Pearly Gates. ...or something!"

#6) Just to hedge his bets, on May 20 2011 Camping does a broadcast "Now, even though I've been saying for a year about how I'm 100% positive that I'm right, ...I'll say now that there is a teeeeensy weeeensy chance that I'm wrong, and with that in mind, please don't do anything rash like close your bank accounts or give away your possessions..."

#7) (Oral Roberts defense) "Just because I'm wrong doesn't mean the Bible is wrong! And even though, paradoxically, if I'm clearly interpreting the Bible incorrectly, I still think you all should keep tuning in to my show"

#8) "Well we didn't mean a LITERAL rapture, we just meant 200 million people would accept Christ. And according to our Missionary tally, we happen to get exactly that amount! And no, you can't see our papers. They're secret stuff. "

#9) Camping renames Family Radio, and does all future broadcasts with a fake, funny voice and a false mustache, and never appears in public again.

Any other possible occurrences? What do YOU think will happen ?
Number 1.
Same thing he did in 1994, he "miscalculated" the first time and moved the date.

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