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Do Guys Like Giving Girls Oral Sex?
I was just wondering whether you guys out there like giving oral sex to a girl? My boyfriend just doesn't seem too into it... he has nothing against it, but he's not exactly enthusiastic either...
Mmm I don't know about all the guys
but My guy loves giving it to me :)
How do people trick girls into giving them oral sex?
I do not understand how boys trick girl into giving someone oral sex. Can some one explain it to me?
There is no tricking involved. Some of us enjoy it and will do it anytime. Some don't.

Do girls enjoy giving oral sex?
Just wondering if my girl likes giving me oral sex and you know, swallowing?
Everyone is different. Some like it and some don't.
(girls only) why do most girls dislike giving oral sex?
hey i know alot of girls who say they just have regular sex but never give oral can any girl explain why
because we don't like it in our mouth, esp. if you want us to deep throat it. It makes us gag.
you may love your part, and we don't mind it, but putting it in our mouth is a whole other issue. (plus, then the *** is in our mouth and it tastes gross, etc.)
Does anyone know and tips for giving a girl oral sex if i have a tongue ring?
im good at giving oral sex or so im told and from reactions it seems like i am but i just got a tongue ring and i was wondering do you anything different or if theres anything i can add to it or any tips!!!

Don't wear anything with spikes xD I'm pretty sure u can get vibrating jewelry for the piercing lol.
Do girls really like giving oral sex to a man?
I don't ask my girls if they like doing it. They seem to enjoy it, but it makes me feel sick how they can suck such disgusting things. My penis is clean, but please.
no, but it tastes really good! arent we confusing?
Guys: Why do you like giving girls oral sex? What are yoiur opinions on it?



Love it?

I've never had it done!

I am 19 and my boyfriend wants to do that too me but, I think its kinda weird..what are your opinions!
To answer your questions in order,

Why? Because I like to make my wife feel good, she enjoys it and because she is very clean down there it tastes very good and turns me on as well. And I'm of the personal opinion that you don't have to be shaved for it to be good for you or your partner. Also it is nice to offer the same to him before or after as it feels good both ways.

Gross? Not as far as we are concerned! It is a very special way to show how much you love your and trust your partner when you give or receive oral sex.

Nasty? Is that not the same as gross? Either way again for us the answer would be no! As long as both partners are willing to give and or get oral sex why would it be nasty? As others have stated already though you should make sure you are both "clean" done there before either of you give the other oral sex. The suggestion above about taking a shower together is a GREAT way to get yourselves in the mood and to make sure each of you is clean down there.

Love it? OH YEAH! As a guy of course I like getting oral sex, I don't know many men who would say they don't! I also feel the same way about giving oral sex to a woman, and my wife feels the same way I do, she love the very personal intimacy or getting oral sex and she has a great orgasm as well! Or at least she says she does, and after 15 years of marriage I think I know when she does or doesn't like what ever is going on during sex! Ha ha! That is one other thing that others have all stated above, what ever feels good or bad if you chose to let him give you oral sex let him know, you know your body better than he ever will, it is feels good let him know and don't be embarasseed about that, it makes it better for you both!

Good luck!
Guys whats itlike giving girls oral sex?
i want my bf to do it for me, but he always gets out of it. is it really that horrible?
im not a guy but my boyfriend loves doing it. he loves the way it tastes is what he says lol and all of my guy friends unfortunately tell me all about theyre sex life and they all seem to like it pretty well too. so i dont know whats up with him.
Guys & Girls; What is your opinion on giving oral sex?
I'm Just Wondering.

I think it's disgusting & i wouldn't do it; But that's just my opinion.

Guys- I want to know if you like giving it/recieving it & ,if you think it's better then sex?
Girls-If you done it, how it feels & if you like it when it's done to you?
I absolutely love giving - it is such a great way to really explore and know her sexuality. For me the very best part of sex is her climax and I really can't experience it inside her as well as when I am giving oral.

As far a receiving - it feels great but I sometimes have trouble getting enough stimulation of climax.
Do girls fantisize about giving oral sex too?
I know guys dream about licking a hot girls vagina and breast, but do girl also dream about doing things to a man's penis?
A sl*t may think so. As for the good girls, if you get them turned on real good, then they think the same stuff too.

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