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Can a mature person have sex with a mature woman in a hotel in Delhi? while they are not husband-wife?
I want to know, can a mature married person have sex with a mature married woman in a Hotel, while they are not a Husband-wife without no any objection of Law?
Law never interferes in one's private activity unless and until it is causing any public inconvenience. You can have sex with anybody anywhere in the world provided your better half and latter's known (maybe better half in your case or parents or boyfriend or anyone connected with her) do not make any objection and lodge a complaint. Police has no time in asking for who is making sex with whom and where.
What age do you think is mature enough to have sex?
And why do you think its a mature ag? What kind of person would be acceptable to have sex with?
You shouldnt have sex until you get married. Save it for later and you will be really happy. What happens when the person you marry knows you have had sex multiple times? Just please dont do it until you are married! :).
How do you know when you're mature enough to have sex?
How do you know when you're mature enough to have sex?
-How come some 20 year-olds are not mature enough to have sex but I've known some 16-year-old girls mature enough to have sex?
I think it's more when you know that the person your going to be doing it with is the right person for you and you both understand each other on the same level and that they are prepared to take the next step also.

Also maturity does play a major part though but I think being mature about it is basically what I said in the first paragraph. Also knowing about contraceptives and such and knowing that your going to be comfy doing it.

I think though at the very least it's not a good idea when you still have school and your life ahead of you because the biggest bombshell would be finding out your pregnant while you still have school.

I agree with people about the married thing too.
Why do i keep changing my feelings about sex? mature answers please?
im 15 and im still a virgin. i will want to have sex and i cant stop thinking about it this lasts a few days.after a few days i wont want anything to do with sex. im really confused. im not gonna lose my virginity cuz of my sex drive. does this have to do with my cycle? im catholic and im not supposed to have sex until im married. my body wants to have sex but my mind cant agree!
yes! Hormones go up and down during the month, and it affects your moods and sex drive--so you can have feelings of wanting sex! This is normal, and doesn't mean you have to act on it. In fact it is much wiser 'not' to act on it. There are lots of diseases out there, and some are not curable. Lots of guys will say anything to a girl in order to have sex, too--and noone is ready for the responsibility if a pregnancy should occur!
It is up to you when you have sex--and don't worry about what other people say and do.
How can I stop being a pre-mature ejaculate, when I have sex?
When I have sex, I am already done shortly after I start. So how can I stop pre-mature ejaculating? I do not want to start taking drugs, I want something like a diet change, or something to help me keep it under control.
Is it wrong to wear a purity ring symbolizing no sex unless in a mature relationship instead of marriage?
i really want to pledge my purity to god. but i don't want to wait for marriage if i know i may not be able to remain faithful, because i think it would be worse breaking my promise than not pledging at all. so do you think it's wrong to make than promise to wait for sex until i'm in a serious, mature, and healthy relationship instead?
well in Corinthians it clearly says that sex is only after marriage

personally, i believe in love not just marriage

God just wants you to wait for that special someone, and have sex with that special someone only. It is also a symbol of your devotion to him and it shows that you love him so much you could wait for something so great. Wearing a promise ring to represent waiting for a mature, serious, and healthy relationship is a very mature approach and i commend you for it. However, it does not follow with the God's rules.
Would having sex with a gal with Down's Syndrome mature her in a hurry? By how much?
I think having sex might mature people in a hurry, so how well would it mature a woman with Down's Syndrome?

Is it worth trying out? What will I get out of it?
that is sick.
Does sex matter more in a relationship as u become more mature?
as a teenager, i notice some people not willing to have sex with their bf/gf. i noticed that girls sort of treasure their virginity also. but as you grow older and become mature, is it true that sex just becomes a casual thing with every partner? whereas some teenagers are still unwilling to have sex? i mean right now i noe girls and guys who treasure their virginity and not willing to give it up unless its the "one" but as u grow older and still a virgin, will it matter who u give it up to as well?
Sex is and should be a major part of a relationship at any age. I'm nearly 40 and been with my partner for nearly 20 years and like any part of a relationship it's good and bad but we try and keep it alive and exciting.
It should always matter.
Just how important is sex in a mature relationship?
People always say sex plays an important role in a relationship. Some say it makes the relationship better and healthy. Why, when it can mess with a relationship and possibly make it worse?
Very good question and i could go on with an answer probably forever. But ill start by saying i believe that sex is to be shared within a marriage. Bc i think it could not only screw up a relationship but it can mess up your head. Sex to me is so so important and means so much. And its something you share with the one that's created for you personal. And no sex i guess isn't a big deal if your in love. But alot of the times after the sex is over and done with the feelings are gone. Or you gain an extra attraction to the person that you've done it with and that person dosent like that and leaves u and your left broken hearted. But my ex boyfriend and i would fight about sex constantly. Bc he believed that there was no way for us to fall further in love without the sex. And i don't feel like even if that was a right thing to say that he ever deserved it. So if your going to have sex i would say be more than positive that this guy isn't gonna kill you after the two of you do this. Its a big deal. And it means alot more to women than to men.
When do you know that your mature enough for sex?
What age or level of maturity do you think is reasonable to have sex?
Also, under waht circumstances?
I am a bit young, but I've been with my boyfriend for about 3 months. We haven't done to many sexual things. I honestly am in love with him. I know, it is a bit early... but I do really care about him a lot. We are both willing to wait longer until both of us are completely ready. Also, we are both virgins.
I would say about 15 could be 14. Most of us would say wait like at least 18. But most people lose their virginity around 15-21. So its really up to you and what your boyfriend thinks

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