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Why is it bad to wear your pants unzipped in public?
People always make a big deal when my fly is down like it's supposed to be embarrassing. Why is not okay to walk around with your pants unzipped? It's not like my penis is hanging out.
Because your animal might crawl out and freak someone out~
My teacher walks around with his pants unzipped. What would you do?
Serious.. I go to a Bronx school. When the bell rings he just undoes it and he is always behind the podium. I was wondering why he was fumbiling with his pants for awhile and it turned out his pants were unzipped.
he might just want a shave from a student.
You have just discovered that your pants were unzipped the entire?
You have just discovered that your pants were unzipped the entire time you gave a speech to your class. Which of the following responses would you most likely experience?
a. decreased sympathetic stimulation to the small intestine
b. increased parasympathetic stimulation to the stomach
c. increased sympathetic stimulation to the heart
d. decreased sympathetic stimulation to the bronchioles
e. increased parasympathetic stimulation to the iris
It's okay.

The cage was open but the beast was asleep.
When I woke up in the dentist's chair today, my pants were all the way unzipped?
and my shirt was pulled out. I asked the dentist why my pants were unzipped and I could tell he was embarrased. The nurse just looked at me all weird, too.
He was going in from the indirect route.
The movie was boring so I unzipped my pants and whipped it out?
It was our first date. She seemed awkard about it and unsure. So finally I put it away. It went well after that and we got ice cream. She agreed to a second date. Should I bring it up and apologize or just pretend it didnt happen?
Have you ever walk in a street with your pants unzipped? ?
without you noticing it, and then while walking an opposite gender approached you that your zipper is unzipped? if you do, how do you feel?
And why was he looking there? i'd like walk away. FAST.
What would you do/feel if a girl took off your belt, unzipped your pants and then said "Just kidding"?
I didn't do it or anything, just wondering! (;
i would take it well and it would make me laugh my head off but i would also wish she wasnt kiddig. Lol good question.
Girls, have you ever gone the whole day with your pants unzipped?
I just got home and realized that I forgot to zip my jeans this morning! This was like the worst day for it too. I had 2 presentations today in school and then I hung out with my freinds at the mall afterwards. But worst of all... (this is so bad) my jeans have a factory defect: the denim behind the zipper isn't sowed to the waist or the bottom of the zipper. So it was folded back all day and everyone could see my underwear. (good thing I wore cute panties today).
that happened to me yesterday
i knew it was unzipped but i couldnt zipp it up cuz the zipper was stuck
but atleast it didnt really show and my top was kinda covering it ;p

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