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What is the best way of excusing myself after soiling my pants in a restaurant?
This happened to me yesterday at the sizzler. everyone thought i just ran without paying. i would have loved to stay longer but the "brown matter" could have leaked through my pants. when i came back hours later to get my they seemed awfully upset. how can i prevent this from happening again?
Don't run out of the restaurant. Run to the restroom. Lock yourself in the stall and get your pants off as soon as possible. Use the toilet to make sure you won't have any more surprises. Then proceed to use the toilet paper to clean as much of it up as possible. Then, use the paper seat protectant (usually located behind the toilet) to make a barrier between your pants and underwear. You now have enough time to pay your bill, fetch the and beat a hasty retreat. I would much rather give myself a cursory cleaning than let any of that soak into my driver's seat.
How should I punish my for soiling his pants?
He's almost a year old now, and this has to stop sometime. My wife and I have been more than patient, but it's time he stopped this.
You are awful. You don't punish a one year old for doing that.
Should i spank my 12 year old daughter for soiling her pants on purpose?
My 12 year old daughter poos and pees in her pants. SHe doesn`t have any health problems. we went to see a doctor he said it was just a being naughty. She does it on purpose. And i mean she stands there and lets it all com out .
Yes I think so! you should probably make her clean up the mess and buy her own pants with her own money too until she stops doing that.But as a parent you should be able to decide what to do on your own without having to go to yahoo answers.
But that is just what I think. You have to do what ever you think is right

Hope this helps :)
Girls soiling their pants in video games?
Which video games have scenes or gameplay of girls soiling themselves?

That being said, Metal Gear Solid 2 has a scene with Emma Emmerich peeing her pants. It's almost hidden (you almost have to look for it), and it's really far in. I mean, MGS2 is a great game and all, but if all you want is the scene, it's hard to justify 10-12 hours of gameplay...

Jeez, I can't believe I'm doing this.…

About 6:10 in or so.
I have a nine year old girl who is soiling her pants at school and at home what to do?
Have taken her to the doctor and she said nothing is wrong and ahve done the consulor thing and everything is fine but she keeps doing it. And the school is on my case saying I'm not doing anything. They offended my husband when they asked him if he was doing anything sexual with her of course he is not. In fact we are trying to concieve again and she is very excited about that and so is my son. I need some advice my nerves are about shot with the school calling me all the time saying I'm not doing anything to help her. I've done everything I know.
I am amazed at how many times this situation is being asked about here. Your daughter has ENCOPRESIS. Please look it up on the internet. Make an appointment with a pediatrician or pediatric gastroenterologist. I am shocked that your doctor did not diagnose this condition, but even though it is quite common, many doctors, teachers, parents, etc. have never heard of it.
Encopresis is a joint psychological/physical condition in which the withholds bowel movements until they are permanently constipated. The bowel gets very stretched out can loses the ability to sense when they need to "go". The is not at fault in any way, and they will not grow out of it without medical treatment.
Liquid feces leaks out from around the large impacted feces in the bowel. This condition is treated with laxatives, enemas and behavioural therapy.
Your little girl must be feeling terrible about this situation and I am sure it is very stressful on your whole family. Please know that this is a recognized medical condition and it can be treated. The treatment can take a year or more to totally be effective. Please see a specialist as soon as possible and good luck There is a support group on Yahoo Groups as well. Check it out.
Have you ever been put in a nappy for wetting / soiling your pants?
My parents did this to me until I was about 6.

Did your parents ever do this to you?
If so upto what age did it happen?
What kind of nappy was it (pull-up or with tabs)?
Or even if you have done this to your .

For those people who feel it is thier duty to answer my question telling me how "this is a bad idea and could be detrimental to the ", please realise that I'm not saying you should do this, I'm just wondering who does it or has had it done to them.
I don't agree that you should keep putting Nappy's/pull ups on a once they have been toilet trained. Your teaching them that they are big now and they should use the toilet like everyone else. If you put a back into Nappy's every time they soil them selves that's defeating the object. have accidents all the time, it's all part of the course of growing up and learning how to be a big !

On the other hand I do think that if the had diarrhea and it's really bad then if very young eg 3-5 they could wear pull ups during the day and night until it clears up, If there older then perhaps just at night. I think this is fine as the doesn't wont to be woken up every hour because you have to change all the bedding and give him a shower. My is now 9 and the other week he thought he may have diarrhea, HE suggested the pull ups as he felt safe in them, which in turn helped him sleep better.
How do you deal with a 6yo girl still soiling her pants?
she only ever does it at home- never at school or out. when asked why shes says she forgot....or im sick!
i have 4 other ranging from 8 years - 8 months and i dont have the time to help clen her .
i have tried to explain many different ways to try and make her go but the problem continues....HELP
I dealt with the same problem last year with my five year old. I didn't have as many other but had a three year old that was potty training. She would only do it outside or when they were playing. I didn't have the time to help either and tried everything. Finally I told her that she was my big girl and that she was setting and example for her little brother. When she went in her pants he would think that was okay. I also said that whenever she did it I would not stop to help her and she would have to wash not only herself but rinse the clothes out too. I explained that she would have to stop whatever she was doing and clean up herself, adding that she would miss out on whatever the activity was untill she was done. Then I explained that if she helped my son to see that it wasnt any fun to wet themselves our family could take pullups out of the budget and have money to spend on small treats. This worked like a charm. We gave her plenty of praise when she had a dry day, and kept a bag of dollar store toys to give them one at the end of a dry week. After the first week we never had a problem again. I have found that she resorts to babyish problems when she is craving one on one time. Sometimes just five minutes at the end of the day or when the other one is napping has solved all of those problems. Mostly it is just a cry for attention-negative or positive- and once she sees that it will not get her the attention she wants the behavior will stop. Hopes this helps.
Did anyone see that one reporter who crapped his suit pants yesterday, soiling himself & the female anchor?
I forget what news broadcast it was, but I think it was Faux News, but anyone that one older reporter began to soil himself and you could tell that something was wrong. You were like "Oh my, is he soiling himself or what"? Then a few minutes later the female anchor was wiping her chin and stuff, the the cameras started to bounce across the stage and everything was jittery, shaking even.

What was his name again? I mean the one who soiled himself then started flicking it around when it was oozing out of the back of his pants? When he flicked it and hit that one female reporter, I could of died.

What'd you all think? Gees, what did you do, turn the channel or what? I know it stank in there cuz of how the show went for like the next hour or so.
I wish i would have seen it; i bet it was stinky.
9 Year Old soiling pants?
I have a 9 year old that is still soiling his pants. I don't know what else to do and thought somebody out there might have had this experience with one of their and found a solution. I have taken him to his doctor and yes he has an enlarged colon from this going on for so long. We did the Mira-lax routine and it seems to have made them softer. I know this takes time but his biggest problem is he wont tell anybody and will sit in it until he takes his shower at night. We can't go anywhere because of this. He has to go to school and even though he doesn't say anything I am sure he is embarrassed. I don't want to put him back in good-nights but I can't afford the under pants any more. HELP!!!!!
I think that the good nights will be best until he learns to tell you.

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