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My friend is a women and she wants to sell her soiled panties on line as she says they have clitty litter ?
What do you think are there a lot of pervs out there that would purchase women's used panties with clitty litter in them to sniff them ?
That's absolutely disgusting.
Is this true that in Japan, they sell soiled panties of school girls on vending machines?
Just curious, who would ever buy a soiled panties of unknow person even if she is a school girl in Japan, imagine selling it on vending machines like hamburger or coca cola. What is this world going too?
I doubt that is the case that they would promote or allow this, I do know there is a demand for these items in japan and they are sold and dealt with away from the public eye. Its likely that its not just the japanese that have this as you can understand the world we live in today and many different cultures it would be unfair to brand one nation by the acts of so few!
Can a man contract HPV from contact with soiled panties?
Here's a twist, I am immunosuppressed due to a liver transplant.
No. HPV lives in the tissues and you only get it through contact with infected tissue.
Is it true The Rock and Stone Cold soiled their panties like a girl on her first period?
When they had to face Chris Jericho?…
Bf kept my soiled panties!?
discovered that he kept my disposable soiled panties during a trip together, felt disgusted, should i keep this relationship?
no big deal girl, they are your panties, aren't they?, that's just a fetish as many others, don't let all these stupids answer you've got here get into your head....idiots, that's what they are........
How to break it to my mom- i want to get some panties to wear-15yo male?
Hi, i'm a 15 year old male, i'm bisexual, n i have a panty fetish, i love the smell of soiled panties, but i want to get some of my own pairs cuz i love wearing them, i find them more comfortable and better looking, i want to find a way i could break it to my mom that i want some to wear, can any one help me,
whoa.. just buy them urself and wash ur own laundry. tah dah! prob solved
Will some of the Scottish Football Section users send me they're soiled panties?
Preferably women but I will accept mens as-well. I get a massive kick out of sniffing them and trying them on. I love to hold a dirty pair of panties tightly against my face and deeply inhale the intoxicating fumes, burning my nasal hairs and turning me on!! The very thought is making me feel giddy!

If you guys dont send me your dirty panties I will have to go stealing them off washing lines. I hate doing this because 9 times out of 10 they've been washed to well so I cant get that rancid stink that gives me a real buzz.

So come on guys and gals of the Scottish Football Section send me your filthy panties and help a guy out. I need my fix!!!! Just go to my profile and email me. I'll send you my address and remember the dirtier the better!!
I won't give you mine until you make me laugh
Is it weird to like to smell used panties? like buying used panties?
like after a long run from exercising or working out, have you ever sold your soiled panties? is it weird to like the smell?
Where can I sell my panties online?
I have been sitting on a pile of old/used/soiled panties for awhile now, and I would love to make some money off of them. But Craigslist costs $10 to post. So does anyone know any site besides eBanned or the PantyStore where I could find potential pantie-buyers??
try this website:

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