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How do I get hooters girls pantyhose ?
I go to hooter alot and I just love the pantyhose they where where can I get their used pantyhose do I go into the girls bathroom and get them out of the trash and take them or what
Maybe get some off ebay.
Do girls even know how sexy they look on pantyhose?
I find girls wearing pantyhose extremely sexy. I don't know if girls know that, maybe they think it improve their sexiness slightly, I don't know. But me and a lot of my male friends agree that pantyhose make the girls look so hot. I especially like when they wear short skirt and a tight smooth shiny black pantyhose. O by the way, I have a girlfriend and I am not perverted..
Just like you girls think guys with uniform (football players or bike) are hot. It's natural, not perverted.
It's making a slow come back as more ladies try it and see the fact that more guys look with some hosiery than with bare leg. I'm a little more flexible, any sort of hosiery in brown, black or even somewhat nude if the outfit needs it. Pantyhose or stockings/thigh highs.

it's not perverted, it's just like the way they treat boobs only a different part of the body that is sadly not admitted to or accepted as it should be.

Miss Marlboro, check out the polls online over the past 10 year's...none of them show bare leg even close to some sort of hosiery especially pantyhose. It was a bad idea from the fashion industry.
Why would girls get creeped out if I talk to them about pantyhose?
I saw a girl wearing pantyhose at school today, and I wanted to tell her how pretty her legs were. But someone else on here told me that it would creep a girl out if I said that. I don't know why.. They're just clothes, and I thought girls like to talk about clothes anyway.
Don't tell her the pantyhose is pretty, tell her that her legs are, if you mentioned her underwear it'd creep her out! :)
Do girls take their pantyhose off and change after getting home?
I went to church today, and noticed a number of girls wearing pantyhose with their skirts and dresses. I was wondering, after they get home, are they more likely to leave them on for the rest of the day, or take them off and change into something else?
good question lol as its 1pm in chicago and i just got home from church, and i wore pantyhose today and the thought of changing never crossed my mind, of course the shoes come off, and jacket but thats about it.i dont see the point of creating more laundry you know, and i think its more effort to change back. so like for me ill be wearing pantyhose for the rest of the day until i go to bed. if i wear em to school or something, its the same thing, what i put on in the morning, pantyhose or not it stays on me for the day until i go to bed, i hope that helped!
Girls i am just curious do your feet sweats more when you wear pantyhose with heels?
I just see girls wearing pantyhose every day
and i noticed strange smell from their feet.
Is it really reason for smelly feet?
Try wrapping your head with a plastic bag, and see if you will suffocate and sweat. If you sweat, this applies the identical theory to why girls feet will sweat when wearing pantyhose. About the smelly feet, its for me to know, and for you to find out. (: Lol.
Is it OK to only date girls who wear pantyhose?
I love it when girls wear pantyhose. I wish they wore them as much as they did 20-30 years ago. I've been watching "The Brady Bunch", and the girls wore pantyhose all the time! At my school, it's quite rare that I see any girls wearing them. Why is that?

I won't date a girl who doesn't like (or own) pantyhose. I'm 15, by the way.
it's alright to go out with those kind of people but then you just gotta accept those people first to build up a good relationship with them.
How many girls wear pantyhose/tights at your High School?
What kind do they mostly wear them? Opaque tights and ballet flats w/ skirt, etc etc?
Does your High School dance team wear tights a lot? Have you ever caught a person wearing their tights with out anything covering their legs like skirt or shorts?

Girls: When you change at the locker room, do the girls who wear pantyhose just not cover their legs when changing or do they go somewhere or what??
A couple of them wear them like ballet flats and tights with a skirt. Or they sometimes just wear leggings (not me) it's usually not attractive when you don't wear skirts or shorts over because they can either make you look super skinny or make your thighs huge depending on the fabric.
The dance team wears them just as much as the rest of the school.
We change openly.. but some girls prefer to go somewhere else. If you mean by changing not wearing underwear underneath the pantyhose.. no one does that, they usually wear a thong and when they change they don't turn around!
What is it with guys fetish of pantyhose on girls.?
In the work place, social events,ETC guys love nylons on girls. I have to admit I searched on the word pantyhose and couldn't believe how many sites came up.
I just asked my husband your question, here is his answer.

He likes the way it looks on our legs, how it makes our legs look better, tones them up, and adds a sheen to them. He actually likes the shinier ones more than matte finish ones for this reason. They are also smooth to the touch and they feel good to rub up against. :-)

He likes them so much, that he wears them himself, whenever the mood strikes him. He's worn them for years for fun and for warmth in the winter. We often shop for them together and enjoy wearing them for each other.

You all should encourage your men to wear them with you, you might just like the results.
Why do some guys like girls in pantyhose?
Recently, when I am onboard a train, I realised that there are some guys who would look at girls who wore pantyhose, especially those girls who wore black pantyhose.
I really wonder, what is it in the pantyhose that the guys fancy? And also some causing such a hit that the guys actually licked or sucked the feet of a pantyhose-ed girl. I mean like... Isnt it disgusting? :x
So guys/girls who have any comments/answers, please feel free to share! Thanks! (:
well it is fetish and some diagnostic i dont remember code in psychiatry.

Pantyhose fetish is like not really solved and understood because by research (both male and female can have that fetish) it begin in recent childhood when dont even know what is that.

my example i have pantyhose and legs fetish. and history is like this, i had dreams and something attracted me to pantyhose when i was very young like 10-11 years old, then i didnt even know name of that thing and so... later 13-14 i realized that i have "crush" on that thing and woman legs. later 17-18 i found that it is called "fetish".

and if someone think that it is gay thing, i saw mostly straight people like that, and i am straight too.

so pantyhose fetish is connected with woman legs/high heels/stockings etc.. fetish. very common with foot fetish (i dont have that).

why pantyhose are so attractive to us, proper answer is that it is really in our genes, and not fully understood, later we can say that we like because it make girl legs so smoth etc.. but that are only excuses.

and what to say more, PH fetish is practically normal, most people you will not even recognize that they have, and for you girl it would be nice if you give them that pleasure, mostly in sex by wearing pantyhose or stockings, foot fetishist are something different and you have bare foot fetishists so it dont need to be related with pantyhose fetish.

there are man who like to wear pantyhose and that not, i really dont like feeling of pantyhose i prefer men stockings. and where i live (russia-moscow) you can see almost every girl wearing PH, it is very much weared, but problem are those girls who wear them like because it is woman thing, and dont know nothening about fetishism, and when they face one they judge hard...

and to conclude this, "why black"...
well as far as i seen in rl and forums etc.. black is most attractive color, not only for pantyhose but for panties, bras... but you have same amount of people loving skin color pantyhose, opaque, transparent, colored... so it is just taste.

p.s. pantyhose fetish is one of the largest fetish, but it is not, panties (tangas) fetish is largest (: but generally people dont judge so hard panties lovers as pantyhose which is in most cases judge as not normal thing and people drawn back from the society.
Do girls wear pantyhose with their prom dresses?
Or are most of them planning to go bare-legged? By the way, that looks very tacky to me. I wouldn't take a girl to prom unless she was going to wer pantyhose with her dress.
I think that today, most girls go to the prom bare-legged. I say that's a travesty. Pantyhose is WAY more classier. If I were a school principal, I'd send any girl home early from the Prom that wasn't wearing pantyhose. After all, where have our standards gone?

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