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Which type of panties are preferable to wear with a micro-mini-skirt? What is your preferences and why ?
I've a fondness for ruffles and lacy string bikini panties. But think is depends on whar kind of booty you got, that makes a guy weak in his knees when you "happen to cross his path".

* giggles
thongs, g-strings, string bikinis....something that won't leave lines, although, some guys LOVE the little white cotton panties too. just ask my hubby... :)
Why do some women wear micro-miniskirts so short that when they sit you can see their panties?
I was waiting for my wife at an upscale shoe store when a hot young chick sat down with her boyfriend and her panties were exposed. I think she caught me looking too and I felt weird about it.
I wear the micro miniskirt when ever my hubby and I go out on date nights together along with 5" stilettos! I do it for him but if you happen to see me I hope you enjoy the view! If you don't say anything or approach and just look then there isn't anything wrong with that. Enjoy!
Do the Body Creations micro-fiber panties by Hanes work?
They claim to not cause pantylines, but I'm skeptical. Has anyone tried them? Did they work for you?
They will most presumably work. If they don't bring them back ! Quality Guidelines will give you a refund.
Pantyhose and Panties in Lacrosse?
I have a couple of questions about lacrosse clothing. I am a sophomore in high school (and a girl.) Under my lacrosse skirt I usually wear my black Moving Comfort micro panties. Is this a good idea to wear panties under a lacrosse skirt? Also, one game was REALLY cold and the coach recommended we wear pantyhose to keep our legs warm. During that game I felt like I was running around in a formal skirt due to the panties and black pantyhose. What are better: Panty hose or Under Armour tights?
You'll definitely want to wear *something* under the skirt. If you don't it is quite likely you'll give the spectators and the rest of the team a bit of a show. I'm not a lacrosse player, but I figure I'd probably wear some kind of short shorts under the skirt if I did--something like spandex volleyball shorts of soffes--something that wouldn't show under the shorts under normal circumstances, but that would keep me covered when necessary, too.

For cold weather I'd go with the UnderArmour tights. The UA Cold Gear products are made especially for cold-weather athletics and will be more comfortable and more durable than normal pantyhose.
Would you like to see Gloria Hunniford in a micro mini skirt and black stockings with stilettos?
Someone asked this a while back. I definately would pay to see that! Black pencil skirt, seemed black stockings and black stilettos, black suit jacket and a low cut white blouse. And white panties of course!
Only on Grab-a-granny night!
Can a 16yr old girl wear a micro mini skirt 4 inches long in public places?
It has a big cut at the back,and is exactly 4inches long.I'm very eager to wear it!Please give me some advice?
P.S:I want to wear it without a panty.Please help!
Well yes you could as long as you don't violate local obscenity laws.

Just don't go picking anything up off the ground...
I love to wear micro mini skirt without panty, Am I a slut?
comment on this.
I don't know enough about you to judge whether or not you are a slut, but I'm going to say no.
Lots of women find it more comfortable to not wear panties. I don't really agree, but it's not unusual nowadays.
As for micro mini skirts, those don't make you a slut. They make you someone who has a great body and is proud of it.
Will I likely get some kind of infection if I don't wear any panties in public?
I'm not trying to be like stupid like britney spears or anything, I have a healing cut that's right where the pantyline runs... and i would be protected by my own fresh clothing (no micro skirts! ... you pervs!!!), so is there any risk?
Cuts in that spot are brutal!! I here ya. Try wearing the booty short type of underwear, depending on your outfit. They can be soo comfortable! But I mean if you have no other options, then I would go ahead and do it... just be super safe about it
Girls: Do u think these panties can be worn underneath the jeans and skirts?
Do u think these kind of panties can be work underneath skirts and jeans and are they comfy bcuz i don't like wear underwear.Its not bcuz of panty line or anything its just that i don't like underwear. So i found out these kind of micominimus panties,atleast i can hide my camel toe.


My girlfriend wears wicked weasel's stuff all the time. She owns a bunch of their micro panties. She claims they're more comfortable than a lot of the bigger ones they sell at Victoria's Secret. They do carry a premium price though, you won't find a 5 panties for $25 deal at WickedWeasel like Victoria's Secret, so be prepared to spend more.

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