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In anime, why the insistence on showing young girls' underwear?
I always noticed this. I otherwise enjoyed the anime, but whenever they show a little girl's underwear under her skirt, it was disturbing. And these are family-oriented shows, like "My Neighbor Totoro," "Sazae-san," etc., that insist on showing it. Why?
Because in Japan it's not that big of a deal. There's nothing sexual about it, it's just little not paying attention to that sort of thing.
If little girls can show their underwear, why can't older women?
Why can't it make sense for every girl or woman to not show their underwear. I see young girls in public with their underwear showing and their moms never do anything or say anything about it. But everyone harps on the teenage girls or older women when their underwear shows. Aren't both inappropriate? Here is an example.…
it's not appropriate, it's bad parenting
In you opinion, is there a diference in boxers showing and girls underwear showing?
my mom gets really mad when my boxing are showing and the thing is im not even sagging a lot, barely at all and most of the time its just when im sitting down. but my sisters underwear show s soeitmes too and my mom hates it as well. but i think that there is a difference, in my boxers and her underwear. i kno this is stupid, but im tryin to explain it to my mom, just that, idk, i think its ok that my boxers show a little, not even on purpose and but its notwith my sister.(not that shes doing it on purpose either) i just need some help explaining it to my mom, or just you opinion on the matter. thanks!
Personally, I think there is a difference! Its okay for guys, their just boxers. Besides its kinda cute sometimes. And when girls do it. It's gross. I don't think that girls should ever do that. I know that I don't. Its just one of those things guys can do and girls can't. lol There is a big difference! Besides boxers are like shorts, most girls underwear doesn't need to be sticking out, if you know what I mean. :)
Is there a difference between a guys and girls underwear showing?
im 16 and my mom is always bugging me because my boxers are showing only a little bit because i sag my pants a little but my 15 year old sisters underwear(bikini type) sometimes shows 2-3 inches and my mom doesnt care at all. Give me your opinion this makes no sense
Guys - it doesn't really matter.. they're guys

Girls - uh.. disturbing.
I saw on AFV a video with a little girl with frogs in her underwear but can't find it online.?
It was the winner of that show. It was called "froggy bottom blues". I've looked for it online and can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it? I've already looked on you tube and the afv site.
i was just looking for it too (that's how i found this question when searching)

I found it on -- it's called "how many frogs"
What kind of underwear do you like on a girl/guy?
On guys, I love the boxer briefs. They're not tacky like tighty whities, but they're more form-fitting than boxers.
On girls, I don't care for anything overtly sexy or lacey. I tend to like simple thongs or bikini type cotton briefs. I find subtlety very sexy. There's nothing sexier than a girl in an oversized shirt showing off either a little cleavage or nipple and white cotton panties.
On guys, I like to see briefs, not the old white BVDs, , but spandex or nylon. On girls, I like to see pretty nylon panties.
Guys what would you think if you see a girls underwear in class?
not sticking out completly but if she were to sit down or lean forward and a little bit shows by mistake. reg underwear or a thong. this happened to me b4 but usually i have a hoodie or sweater t cover up my waist, i typically wrap it around me when i am sitting down. my friend said it showed fyi. just wondering what a guys opinion is. good or a bad thing.
If it's a thong sticking out it's awesome and I love it. If it's granny panties, then it's tacky and classless.
Funniest Home Videos - Anyone remember the little girl w/the frogs in her underpants?
I know that sounds hugely weird (and probably like a fake question if you hadn't seen it) but msn's episode guide lists this description for the show that originally aired 12-19-98:

A woman waxes a man's eyebrows; hurdle-jumper; a little girl collects frogs.

All I can remember is a little girl outside in her underwear, and she pulls out this huge bullfrog! Then she pulls out another one, and it turns out she's got like 7 of these things in her pants!

I was watching it with my grandaughter a few years ago and we were in hysterics. I would love to find a clip if anyone knows of one on youtube, or even on a dvd.

Girl boy shorts underwear?
the boy shorts underwear that girls wear is it ok if it shows a little of the bottom of your but or is it supposed to cover eveything?

boy and
girl can answer
its soposed to show alittle...yeah.
Girls: Is a guy telling you your underwear/crack is showing considering perving?
I was having this debate with a friend of mine. She says she would slap a guy, even her own brother, for looking down there!

I'm more civil haha. Unless the guy is a total creep, I appreciate it (and get a little embrassed too haha).
well would you rather him not tell and a boy you really like tell you instead. He's just helping you out. But if he continues to look down there then he's a pervert.

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