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Can she be a lingerie model? (pics included)?
I think my friend has an amazing body and I am SO jealous (she knows i am. haha) I definitely think she can be a lingerie model and wish I had a body like her's. She always goes on about she isn't skinny enough, but I think she's perfect. She's petite though; 5'1" Do you agree she could be a lingerie model?
Ya. She's really skinny and has a nice size chest. I think so. Height doesn't matter in lingerie modeling, it's only run way.

Well actually it can matter sometimes. It just depends if she's just standing up or if she's like doing something else to represent that lingerie.
Can i be a lingerie model? pics?
you can be any height for this modeling i know that :P
im 5'6
18 years
115 lbs
waist- 25''
chest- 34C
jeans- 1

im working on my waist still and body and what not to be top shape- i dont have any body pics just headshots

these pics are kinda old ive slimmed since then :P
im open to any criticism
Impossible to answer without some real body shots. Do you have a flat tummy? nice butt? thin thighs? no cellulite? Then maybe.
This girl I'm dating goes to this guy's house to "model" in lingerie and partially nude pics?
She asked me to come so I felt like I trust her but she's not texting back in like an hour and it's kinda sketch. Yeah she's not my gf but I don't want her to be if she's gunna **** her photographer. She shows me some pictures so I know she's actually modeling but she's been there for like 5 hrs wtf? Should I be suspicious?
Not necessarily. Does she pose as a nude model often? Is he actually a professional? Is she being compensated?

5 hours may sound like a long time for a photo shoot, but it's really not. It takes a lot of time to set up equipment and adjust lighting between shots. Being an artist model (whether for photography, sculpture, painting, etc) can actually pay pretty well, so I think that if you like this girl, you should TRY to be open-minded presuming both she and the artists approach this like professionals.

Also, speaking from experience from sculpture and life drawing classes, after the few initial minutes, you sort of forget that there's a naked person standing there in front of you. You start focusing on pose and light and shadow and composition, and aren't really thinking about the person being nude at all.
My Xgirl is threatening to send some pics to my fiance of the time she made me model her lingerie. should I?
Tell my fiance ahead of time or just hope the X doesn't go through with it ?

If I tell her will she understand that the girlfriend kind of made me do it ?

Its pretty bad, no thongs thank god, but bras, panties, and a babydoll nighty?

How would most women react do you think?
You should tell your girlfriend. It will be much better coming from you than from you X. You should sit your girlfriend down and tell her what your X is threatening to do and let her know why you did it.
My X gal just sent out pics of the time I was drunk & she made me model her lingerie! How much will this hurt?
my chances with other girls?
Will they realize that she made me do it?
The fetish of men wearing women's underwear seems to be so commonplace now that it would be more unusual to see you in your own underwear.
I put pics of lingerie models on the computer screen...?
used to put pics of Victoria's Secret models wearing lingerie up onmy mom's computer screen. I used the computer about 40% of the time. Even when I was off of it and not using it, I'd leave the pics up there. Some pics would be of Stephanie Seymour in a really sexy pose and some would be of Heidi Klum in a thong. When Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima came onto the scene, I pu their pics up as well. The question is, was this a way of expressing myself or something. Kinda like comming of age? The thing is she never even spoken to me about having them up there and these were some REALLY sexy pics. . Not sure if that would be of any significance. And I also posted pics of Korean Supermodle Morena Corwin in some really trashy(not nudity) poses. Now for those who would say, well ur a guy, still, I"m just being curious as to why she never told me to get them off of the screen and screen savers. Could I get an in dept answere. And also, is this normal to do? And why?
Thanks :)
Apparently your mom isn't concerned about it, or she'd have said something. Perhaps she simply accepts that this is part of a guy's growing-up process. If she has her own account, then I would presume that they don't show up on her "side" of the computer. Either way, if she's not worried about them, why would you be?
What are measurments for lingerie/bathing suit models (pics attached)?
Recently, I asked a question about runway modeling. I am to short for the runway and not "anorexic thin". So I was wondering does anyone know the mesurment for lingerie models or commerical modeling. Thank you, I know Elite and Ford do high fashion. But could they recomened me to that department? Since I don't know agencies for that kind of modeling.


Catalogue model:
5'8" -5'9"' Bust 32"-34" Waist 24"-26" Hips 33"-35"

Lingerie model
5'7" - 6' Bust 32"-35" C cup Waist 22"-26" Hips 33"-35"

Where to measure correctly:

BUST - Measure around the fullest part of the bust, it's ok if you're wearing a bra, but not with padding or 'uplift'.

WAIST - measure around the smallest part of the waist, this is NOT usually at the navel, but slightly above.

HIPS - This should really be called a BUTT measurement, because that's exactly where you measure, around the fullest part of the hips, including the butt. If you're really not sure then measure about 8 inches below your waist for a good estimate.

For better accuracy, these measurements should be performed by someone else, using a fabric measuring tape or a non-stretchy string which is then measured against a yardstick.
I see an awful lot of unrealistic measurements given on this forum, and hope this will be helpful to some of you.

you are stunning, xoxo
I convinced my gal to let me take pics of her modeling lingerie,But she wants one of me in lingerie, Does this?
seem fair?
She thinks if she has one of me then I will for sure not show them around
Do girls understand how silly a guy looks and feels in your stupid silky undies and lacy bras?
NOPE I hvae a picture on my phone of my Fiance in one of my bras red and LACEY too
he looks good LOL
My X girlfriend just posted some pics of the time she MADE me model some of her dresses & lingerie! How will?
girls react when they see this do you think ? They will understand she forced me to do this right?
Has this happened to very many other guys do you think?
Oh and is it better at least that I didn't wear any thongs just some stupid bikini panties with bows and lace on them
lol did she have a gun to your head and force you to put on the panties ????
it was a choice usually girls make stupid decisions like that but ..

girls will laugh at you and make jokes and guys will think your gay
If your guy got really drunk and you talked him into modeling pretty lingerie and took some pics would you?
feel guilty about it later on or enjoy teasing him for awhile about his prancing around in lacy panties and bras ?

Oh and would you hold on to the pictures?
I wouldn't feel guilty lmao!!It would be fun plus I'd join him and model with him taking pics <3!!

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