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Quick question about lingerie/swimsuit models and vaginal discharge?
I know this may seem like a silly question but i'm really curious:
Women get a 'healthy' daily discharge as the vagina cleans itself out. i know that some women get more and some get less, but every woman gets some discharge and it often leaves a small wetmark on the underwear where it comes out. So how come lingerie and swimsuit models don't ever have little wet marks on the bottoms they model- especially after theyve been wearing the garment all day at a convention or event? I know that they're not wearing pantyliners/'dailies' pads because the garments are pretty thin/see-through.

How can models wear items for hours at a time and not show any discharge on their underwear?
My guess would be they wear a very thin tampon or somethin
Are my measurements right for a lingerie/swimsuit model?
I'm 5'6 and my measurements are 34-26-38. Yes, I know I have wide hips and a booty which doesn't fit typical model measurements but that just makes me look curvier despite being slim, and curvy yet slim is what you want for swimsuit/lingerie modelling right?
5'6" is generally not tall enough for runway modeling. I'm only 58" and I have a lot of trouble with my height as well. But if you've got a nice face and stuff, try looking for an agency that will book you to do photoshoots only! Good luck!
I really want to become a lingerie/swimsuit model. How would I go about it?
I'm 17. Almost 5'9. I've been told I would make a good lingerie model before, but never really knew how to go about it. I live in a small town so it's hard to find any modeling school or photographers. Any help would be nice. =)
I agree fully with Kitty but remember that this is not a long lived career nor is it an easy one to get into and then into the good well paid jobs, you will be picked to death for any and all flaws you have from too short too skinny to too many freckles to too think and fat legs.

So take it all on the chin and remember that nothing in the business is personal to you just your appearance in comparison to the vision they have.

P.s make sure you get some really nice pictures using both natural light and artificial, use pictures that need to be developed rather than instant as you get a better quality in my opinion and then just like kit said... post them away :)
Who are some good swimsuit, Lingerie Modeling agencies in Australia?
Who are some good swimsuit, Lingerie Modeling agencies in Australia?
Paul Roberts, Melbourne
How Do I Become a Lingerie/Swimsuit Model?
I'm putting a portfolio together, how exactly do I put myself out there?

I'm very confident in my look and ability. I have a personality and intelligence, besides the superficial aspect. I'm aware of the dangers, and to look out for scams. And the age requirement
I'm a model but I was lucky enough & just got scouted when I was out shopping & it all went from there. Try & get an appointment for an agency to see you, Try as many different ones as possible, send your photos to well respected agencies & perhaps newspapers? It's a hard career to get into & very competitive, remember there are many girls who would love a job like this so you need to be as bubbly, bright & warm as possible & make your portfolio amazing, Be as smart as you can. Agencies don't dig dumb girls. Good luck :D
I wonder what happens to the swimsuits & lingerie that models have worn on the catwalk ?
I have always thought about this: its now a question of hygiene after models have worn clothes that got in contact with their genital area. Does the designer give them for free after the show?

I would also like to know,how the women models,deal with menstruation if they have to walk the runway in lingerie or swimsuits. They always look safe & confident to me?? I ask that bcoz not all women can wear tampons. Does Victoria Secret choose a show date when all the girls are not menstruating?
I would guess that they get to sell them, inasmuch as the models likely wear protective shields.
Same for the ones having their periods, if they cannot wear a tampon, I am sure that they wear protective shields, or so my wife informs me. As you can tell, I am no expect, but the question interested me.
I think the same answer applies to actresses who appear in skimpy underwear that could show too much.
Lingerie and swimsuit modeling?
I would like to become a swimsuit or lingerie model but the girls I have seen have smaller breasts. do you think my breast are a bit too big to model swimsuits and lingerie? i m 5'5, 25 years old 106 pounds and I wear a 32D. I am the one on the left in the picture taken last year. i still look the same.…
i think you're fine.…
How can I be a lingerie/swimsuit model?
I want to be a lingerie/swimsuit model.
I wanna know if its possible since I am-
1.Only 17.
2.Only 5'4 (but thin)
3.Everyone tells me im photogenic
4.I look good in lingerie and bikinis.

I also wanna know if by looking at me, you think I should/could do it. Im usually a very confident person, but I just am curious of everyone elses opinion.

Heres a pic of me (just a face pic nothin to wrry about lol)

I know u cant rly tell from these pics, but i didnt want to put up anything ``unappropriate`` since there are lil on here.

I guess i just want to know if im attractive enoughh
Why would you want to be a swim suit and lingerie model in particular? There are different types of modeling that don't sell your body like that. If the reason is guys and you wont to do it so you can say "I'm a lingerie model" it's just not worht it coz the types of guys that would be interested in you for that 1 reason are guys that are looking for one thing in particular. If you want a guy to be interested in you for more than that's you should understand this. Also if you really must become one of these types of models you need to join a modeling agency and ask them for an interview, the agency will be the ones to either accept you or deny you. It's not aboust how pretty you are these days it's aboust the current "look" they are looking for at the time, The "look" comes and goes just like fasion comes and goes. Hope this helps. :]
How to be a nude/lingerie/swimsuit model / playboy/stripper i'm really hot?
i think i have to wait till i'm 18 i'm 17 right now
but i really want to be a nude/lingerie model
i wanna be in playboy
after high school im gonna be a stripper or something

other facts:
i'm Japanese/Taiwanese
i'm 5'9
i have big boobs and pretty curvy
i'm used to being naked around guys because sometimes the guys in class invite me over and we do stuff, some of the guys pay me to dance in front of them while stripping
i'm used to wearing skimpy stuff cuz when i go to anime cons i usually cosplay as yoko or just wear lingerie and heels , plus a lot of fuys ask me for pictures so im used to it
i'm not a virgin pretty experienced ;D
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