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Are there any stores where I can find huge bras, or do I have to order online?
I sized myself (pretty sure I did it correctly) and I'm a 32 H - I. It's relatively easy to find the cup size, but nearly impossible to find the right measurement with it. Any stores where I can find the right size or is my only option online?
Where are you located Jane? Unfortunately, most stores don't stock sizes above an E/F. None of the mainstream department stores do, anyway.

I buy all my bras online (I'm a 28J/30HH) and I find it's MUCH cheaper to do so. I get mine from,
Where can I get huge bras?
I live in Tampa Florida and I need to get a 36 FF up to 36 JJ bras, do you know where I can get them?. If not can you tell me an on line shop I can buy them? Thanks.
I get mine at Lane Bryant...they carry up to an H. They have regular sales and for being so big, they are very sturdy and very pretty altogether. Love 'em!

Frederick's largest cup size is an F...they have NO FF sizes...much less anything in a JJ. I also have never been impressed with their quality.
Torrid also only goes up to an H.
Did you try eBay? If you can find a seller on there that carries larger sizes, you might contact them and see if they have access to the much larger sizes you're looking for.
Where can i get sexy bras for bigger sizes?
all i can find in my size is really huge bras you cant even wear a lower cut top with because they are so big, they look like granny bras. Where can I find cute, big size bras that dont cost a fortune?
Hey Jenn

I know a couple of busty girlfriends of mine that are opening up a new website dedicated to big bras for busty ladies. Because they know the hassle us busty women go through to get comfortable, supportive and sexy big bras. You can sign up for their email for their grand opening where if you sign up now and become a member they said they are giving like 30% off on set of 7 bras or so (dunno if i am supposed to leak that) but hey that's what girlfriends are for.

You can find them at
Does a bras cup size make a huge difference?
no perverts! Okay so I accidently got the wrong size bra today, I am normally a fuller 34a but I accidently got a 34c. It fits fine just a little bit big on the cup part. WIll this make a difference or make myy boobs look eneven or anything like that??
yes it will.
Coconut bras for huge boobs?
my best friend and i want dress Hawaiian for next halloween but i cant seem to find any coconut bras that are large enough. i have DDD breasts. anyone know where i can find coconuts that big ? (besides the grocery store. i dont really wanna have to make them from scratch.)
I found it! Go here…
Why are bras at kohls in the juniors section so big?
i went there today and found only two bras in a 32A. Most of them are like B's and C's. I didnt really see any D's though. I also checked in the womens section and a majority of their bras are just huge! why don't they make any smaller sized ones? thanks for answering.
it's hard to say. maybe most of the smaller bras are sold out or they don't order to many because people don't usually buy them. of course they make smaller ones. You just have to try different stores. You can try la senza or wal-mart or jc penny's for example. there are lots of stores that sell smaller bras :)
Im only 16 and have huge breast. they grow so much each week i have to get new bras.when will they stop growin
im 16 and they are huge,im a triple 40d so 40ddd and even 48 e i didnt even know they made e size bras. and i only weigh 117. when will they stop growing they hurt my back sometimes.
I would think about having a reduction, ins may cover it if it is causing you back problems, see a chiropractor and have him send referral.

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