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Do guys mind wet underwear?
I guess I get turned on pretty easily, so I do get quite wet in my underwear. And I really want to be able to let him go down there. But I'm afraid that he won't enjoy that fact that my underwear is wet if he decides to play with me through my underwear. Is it a turn off for guys when a girl has wet undies?
There are guys who love it - its a sign that they know how to turn you on....other guys don't like it and think its gross.
Well, for those who think it's gross - you are too immature to handle having sex and should walk away ! You NEED moisture.

I am a wet panty girl myself and it drives my current boyfriend wild
Help,is she pregnant?sex with underwear?
well,here is another of my friend problem.please reply as soon as possible.she is really dying for answer from me.well,she is virgin and she and her boyfriend was messing around in the car.and then the guy shot(ejectuated)in his under wear 4 times.and then my friend(the girl)she was wearing under too but a bit thin and she sat on his penis but with under wear(she is with her underwear and him boxer).she she felt that it was wet her virgina.
well,my question is that is that possible that she could be pregnant by that?well,i mean it is today she just called and asked me to find help.Thank you for the answer again:)..well,i know that the chances are little by wearing underwear but she told me that she felt that the guy wet the underwear and she could feel that wet to her vigina.
There is about a 1% chance of this.
What is the female version of a guy's wet dream?
In case you don't know, a when a guy has a wet dream, it means he was dreaming about doing sexual things or that he's having sex. He ejaculates in his sleep so that when he wakes up, his underwear feels "wet", thus calling it a wet dream.

What's like for females when they dream really sexual stuff? Do they experience something similar?

Females do have orgasms in their sleep, they just don't leave evidence of it all over the sheets or their underwear!
Can a girl get pregnant if a guy rubs his wet but clothed groin over hers in her underwear?
if a fully clothed guy were to rub his slightly wet groin (wetness seen on clothes over groin part) over a girls vaginal area, when she was in underwear, is there any chance of her getting pregnant?
obviously you are too young to be rubbing anything on anyone if you do not know how babies are made. Look at thousands of questions that other ignorant ppl ask " am I pregnant?" and should be able to figure out how SEX works. If not, google it or look it up in a dictionary for Pete's sake!!! Just so you know, you have to have sex to get pregnant, and doesn't consist of having clothes on!!!
Guys, I need help! If you finger a girl, and her underwear is "wet", is that gross?!?
Because I get pretty wet, and if it's all in my underwear then my boyfriend sticks his hands down there, will he think it's really gross? Or, ahhh. I'm so confused. I know it's discharge and blahblah, all natural and healthy. But ahjfbksaj! Help!
its normal to get wet whenever he fingers you. He should take it as a compliment, since it means your turned on and into it. It shouldn't be embarrassing, and its completely normal. trust me, he should definitely like that your wet.
Wet undies Guys Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi I am a 13 year old boy. When I wake up in the morning I notice a wet spot on my bed sheets, and even on my grey underwear. Its the size of a cd. It doesnt smell like pee. Whats happening to me? GUYS ONLY PLEASE
Email me at to talk to me about this.
sorry i am not a guy but my 12 year old son has the same problem.It is called wet drems some boys going through puberty get it and it is totally normal it is from ejaculation when you dream or think about sexual things if you want to look up more go to
Guys! What did he mean when he said....?
I was hanging out with a couple of guy friends that I've known forever. We were at one guy's house and they decided it would be fun to get in the hot tub (the outside kind, not the bath tub kind.) I didn't bring a swimsuit, so I said no. Both guys got in in their boxers and I sat on the side and put my feet in. Both guys tried to talk me into joining them, but I still said no b/c I didn't have extra clothes and I didn't want to get my underwear wet. then one guy said, "Well, I'd LOVE to see you in your wet underwear!" And the other guy punched him and told him to knock it off.

These guys have both been my best friends since childhood, I'm 15 now, one guy is 15 the other is 17. The 17 y/o said the underwear comment. What did he mean? Was he joking or really wanted to see me in wet underwear or did he mean something else (other than hot tub water) or am I just reading into this too much?
He meant he's thinking of becoming a Minister of God before traveling the country playing golf to raise money for local ghetto youth charities, then become a pro MLG gamer until retiring at the age of 32 in a castle in Wales.
If I try to dry my wet underwear in microwave? Is that safe? NO JOKE!?
I am in situation. Its night here and I need my underwear, they are all wet.. is it safe to put them in microwave oven? will they catch fire? I am in tension and that is the onyl solution I could come up with... please guys, its no joke.
They won't catch fire, but you'll probably get steam burn when you open the door.
Can guys get "wet" just like women?
Hello there! Just about 30 mins ago,I was having a very err....intimate chat with someone ^.^ As we talked,I felt as if I was having little drops of pee escape from my penis. I thought it was just some drops of pee since I didn't go to the bathroom today. But when I went to the bathroom and checked,I had my *** on my is that possible? I didn't have an orgasm. I also didn't stimulate myself in any way during the chat. I had my pants FULLY on and I did not rub myself from the outside. Can someone tell me if this is normal? (I'm a guy btw). And in advance,thank you for your answers!
For both guys and girls, "getting wet" is part of the bodies preparation for intercourse -- the bodies way of lubing up! In your message, however, you said you had *** on your underwear. I'm assuming that starts with a c and ends with a m, right? Were you saying this just because you had a wet spot on your underwear, or were you basing this on the appearance of the liquid on your underwear. I'm assuming you know what *** looks like -- it's white to yellow, depending on the guy. Pre-*** is clear. You can produce quite a bit of pre-***, especially over 30 minutes, so I'm guessing that's what it was. You can also, however, get aroused enough to leak ***, especially if it's been a long time since you've "let it fly". Either way, sounds like you had a fun chat!

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