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How to get in a girls pants without a relationship?
Ok this girl really likes me..and its obvious she wants me to be her bf.. but i dont want a relationship right now.. so how can i let her know i just want sexy time without any strings attached? because im a nice guy so i cant just see me hitting it one time and then not talk to her again.
flirt with her, be really nice and super-shmice, then tell her that you're not ready for a relationship yet, but you really like her and really want her, but repeat you don't want a serious relationship again, then tell her you really like her again.
and then it's up to her - if she sleeps with you knowing your terms, you have no moral responsibilities, if she doesn't - she doesn't.

most likely she will do it, because she will think that you're saying that now, but she can make you change your mind, pretend that she really can, look at her with a sexy look after you tell her about your *condition* "simply not ready, don't want to hurt your feelings, because I really really like you and I have fantasies about you, but as I said, don't want to hurt you" think what to say according to her reactions, don't push it, but don't let her off the hook at the same time.
How do you get in a girls pants without her knowing?
while shes awake and being 100 ft away from her and while wearing a tracking device it goes off if you leave the spot u r supposed to stay at
Use your 100 ft long invisible penis.
Thats too easy, next.
Are you a guy that can be friends with girls without having to get in their pants?
Or is every female a slab of meat to you?

Just wonderin'.
Im a guy and dont Expect/Try to get with any of my girls who are just friends.

But if it happened I wouldn't say no.
Girls...whats the best way for us to get in your pants without actually having to pretend to be interested?
Like whats the best routine too pull to get into ur pants quick & easy without all the BS guys usually have to go through?
dirty talk, get me horny, and i'll happily let u in my pants
Girls: would you rather live without a bra or without pants for the rest of your life?
Just a random poll question.

I would live without pants :)
* :O I can't decide !!!!

WAIT !!!

=D Without a Bra - I can wear my Bikini as a bra it isn't technically a bra and yet it is !!! Muahahahahahaha *
Is there a way for girls to pee standing without getting a StP device or having to pull down there pants?
Or actually, it seems you have to take them off. I can't figure out how to do it without having to take both articles of clothing off, though apparently you can do it while just pulling them down.
cut open a water bottle take the front part unscrew the cap, place on vag and pee like there is no 2mmro!
Would U go for a guy girls who sings in black pants without a butt?…

See,this how ludicris 80s glam metal could go. A lot of chicks thought he was sxy at th time
Have you heard of the Glam Metal Band: Spell Check??

Apparently the Lead Singer had a ridiculously large Butt and could get no satisfaction...
POLL: Why do some girls' pants have NO pockets? I've never seen guy pants without pockets. That's just crazy..?
BQ: Do girls ever suffer from pocket envy?
what do you think bras are for?
Why do girls wear leggings as pants, without covering their butt?
...I'm frustrated, because I know that I'm not supposed to engage in harassing behaviors towards girls (such as butt touching or whatever else), and I have long struggled with this habit - my apologies to any women that I have offended - but the thing that drives me nuts is this disturbing trend that I've seen since I came to college: girls wearing tights/spandex/leggings as pants, with a top (shirt, sweater, etc.) that only comes down to their waist. If you don't want people touching or looking at your rear end, why are dressing in a way that deliberately draws unnecessary attention to the very body part that you don't want being touched? Leggings/tights do NOT count as actual pants. They were meant to be worn under something, such as actual pants, shorts, a dress/skirt, or AT LEAST a top that goes down past your rear end and your crotch. Yet I constantly see girls wearing these leggings and their rear end and crotch are just flailing out for everyone to see. And then these same girls get all mad and offended when someone does so much as even look at those body parts. News flash - OF COURSE they're being looked at, because your leggings are showing off every detail of your lower body, VPL's and everything. I know it's not a good idea to give in to my temptation of touching girls' rear ends, but why do these girls make it harder for us by dressing in this classless manner? Your just tempting us guys even more, and it's difficult to resist temptation. If you're unaware that you're drawing this kind of attention to your rear end, you're hopelessly ignorant. If you are aware, but you still choose to dress that way, saying "I will wear whatever I want, and no one had better touch me, no matter what body parts I'm showing off" - then you're just being stupid and trashy. News flash 2 - REGARDLESS OF YOUR WEIGHT OR BODY TYPE, Tights/leggings/spandex being worn as pants with a top that doesn't cover your rear end and crotch is NOT sexy - it's just stupid, slutty, classless, extremely tacky, and most of all, trashy.
"I have the right to wear whatever the F I want because of my self-expression, and I'm in college, and I'm super busy, and that's why I always walk super fast, and what are my professors gonna do about it?" - or - "I'm on the track team, and I like to run and jog, so this is a fine way to dress" - but do you really want to be stupid enough to get mad about your butt being touched or looked at when you're showing it off in nothing but a pair of leggings that show off your underwear lines and everything else, leaving nothing to the imagination? Do you really think that this is stylish or sexy? Or are you just arrogant enough to choose to dress like a whore anyway and expect no one to do anything? Spandex, with only a normal-length hoodie and those stupid Ugg boots? You can think whatever you want, but this form of dress is just tacky, slutty, and trashy.

...Now, I am fully aware that I'm going to suffer persecution for saying what I'm saying, but I just had to get this off my chest. Ladies - I love you, but you just get on my nerves so much. Can you give at least a little leniency to us guys? If not, can you please at least be considerate enough to not wear such a slutty outfit that draws such unnecessary attention to the very body parts you don't want being touched (which doesn't even make sense)? If you don't want people touching your butt, why wear tights with only a mid-length shirt? That's just going to draw more attention to your backside than usual. And NO ONE wants to see your stupid camel-toe - my apologies for the language, but if I don't say it, no one will.
hehehehehe i symphatize with you bro,i symphatize.

even if am a girl,i agree with you dressing like that has trouble written all over it.

but please try not to touch any of...ummm...u know 'cause u don't wanna end up in jail like the person above me said.

instead next time u see a girl wearing tights tell her straight to straight on her face about how stupid it is for her to wear tights,it might get some burden off you.

all the best!!!

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