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I'm 19 years old, and have been wearing panties since 4. Are there any girls that find this hot or sexy?
I'm a 19 year old male. And I've been wearing panties since I was 4. It all started when I was 4 around Halloween. My 2 older sisters decided to dress me up as a girl. Since then I've been wearing girls panties everywhere. Even to school. No I'm not gay, I'm as straight as you can get. My question is are there any girls that find this hot or sexy? Please don't be negative towards me. It really hurts to here that.
Dude, any woman who finds that sexy is messed up in the head and you dont want that kind of girl anyway. What you need to do is stop. Get some therapy or something. It just aint right bro.
After Sex In Movies, How Many Girls Are Wearing Panties And No Bras? Please List Movies!?
My friend and i are having an argument weather most girls in movies, after sex sceans, are visualized wearing no bra however they are wearing panties. Please list movies with grils wearing panties and without.. Please and thank you. (yes it is in fact a strange thing to argue about)
go to a sight like red tube
Do you girls wear panties under your slave Leia costumes?
Just was wondering because I can't believe all those girls at comic con are so brave to walk around with no underware fearless of people seeing their best bits...
I prefer to go without panties if I am wearing an outfit like that.
What did women and girls wear for panties and bras under their sports gear in the late 1970s/early 1980s?
i am wondering what high school girls had on for underwear under their gym shorts and tops before they used sports bras. i seen a video with alyssa milano when she was young wearing a sports bra but i have no idea when the video was made.
Well- I have worn bikini undies since my teens. (mid 70s) There have been sports undies since early 1970s- like netball pants. I wore frilly white undies for tennis though. I also wore white shorts - really short shorts. Bras- I wore comfortable bras but not underwire. I gave up sprint running at about 20 years of age as got sickof my boobs bouncing round and not being comfortable. Sports bras were only just coming in about 1980s as far as i am aware yet sports pants were around.
Would you a date guy that wear girls panties?
most of the time. i mean, if he thought they were cute and comfy. my ex wanted me to wear them - she thought it was really kinky, so I did. now I like them. if you get the right size they are just like bikini briefs for guys. So would you care if you bf wore cute white panties with hearts or pink thongs, etc.? no mean answers please.
its ok...but its strange to know that u wear the same panties with ur boyfriend....and what if u try to make him think u are sexy while u wear ur sexiest panties and then he takes off his clothes and his panties are sexier?!
My son wants to wear girls panties?
My 13 yr old son told me that he wants to wear girls panties. I instantly told him no, but I am now reconsidering it. What do you think?
I'm a straight male and I started wearing panties when I was 13, there is nothing wrong with it. If there what makes him.comfortable then let him. I'm 23 now and I still wear panties there just about all I wear. I find them more comfortable then men's ,plus women's have a wider selection and more styles. My girlfriend excepts it. But anyways it may just be a phase hes going through. Just sit him down and talk to him about it.
Why do girls wear panties?
I always wondered this! Besides for when they have their periods there is no purpose for girls to wear them other then for looks! They dont support anything so why are they there?
I didn't know guys wore underwear to "support" anything! Boxers don't look like they support much. I just thought guys are always farting and therefore, they need to change their underwear more often than their pants (I do some guys laundry, like husband, sons and house guests and those tire tracks are exclusively masculine!).

The only time I did not wear panties, was some (successful) attempts to drive my boyfriend crazy with my sexiness. For some reason, guys are turned on by a woman not wearing any panties. Then I got married, and therefore stopped trying so hard.

If you’re wearing a skirt with no panties, you feel all exposed, vulnerable and feeling the draft. It’s not very comfortable. Also, this part of your body is naturally wet and moist and could be dripping (yes…eewww) when you get turned on, which is more likely to happen if you feel sexy.

Not wearing panties while wearing pants is out of the question, unless you’re a masochist. The rubbing of rough pants fabric on that delicate area would be excruciating.
Why do so many girls not wear panties with mini skirts?
This isn't just celebrity like Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears and, recently, Kate Gosselin. I work for a multimedia video production company and we film at a lot of lavish, luxurious clubs from Atlanta to New York and time and time again, women are running around in mini skirts without panties and everyone can see it. They act like they don't notice, but it's just disgusting.

I don't understand it. Why on earth, if you're a woman, would you wear a skimpy short skirt with no underwear? How stupid and disgusting are you?
I think they do wear panties. Except they're called thongs and string bikinis. Mostly, I think, it's because they don't want them to be seen if the back of the skirt or dress rises.
Otherwise, it could feel nice to be naked.
My gf found girls panties in my laundry?
OK, this is a bit weird, but I wear girls undies from time to time. I like them - so no judgment.

I never told my gf - didn't think it was worth the grief of telling her. Well, she was folding my laundry this afternoon and found a couple of pairs of girls bikini undies and two thongs. She is major upset. She thinks I am fooling around on her. Which I am not, I just like to wear girls undies sometimes instead of boxers.

So, do I tell her I like to wear panties or do I let her think I am cheating. I mean, I guess I should tell her, but I know she is not going to like it.

Please help! Thanks.
tell her you like wearing womens panties...
What do most girls like wearing better silk panties or cotton panties?
My girlfriend has for some reason never liked to wear silk panties or thongs I don't know why but my sister has absolutely gone crazzy about the silk thongs G strings and the normal silk panties seems weird that I know what my sister wears under her pants but we live together so I guess thats no big deal Anyways what is it that girls perfer most cotton or silk and why
i just like cotton panties.. that's that.. cotton thongs are cool too.. but cotton all the way :)

it's not like i have to impress my boyfriend with my underwear anyway.. they don't stay on very long when he gets to see them :)

his favorite are the cotton short ones.. with little cherries on them.. ehehe

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