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Cheerleaders, what panties do you wear under your spankies/bloomers?
What kind of panties: Thong, bikini, boyshort? What color? What brands work well? Also, what color are your bloomers/spankies? Do you ever feel embarrassed showing them? Thanks!
umm its a prefference i prefer thong color dosnt matter
victorias secret pink r nice
and not if u love the sport it part of the uniform
my bloomers are hunter green=D
What would you think of a wife that refused to wear a cheerleader outfit to a superbowl party to pay off a bet?
so her poor husband had to wear one including a bra and panties for the 1st half?
She was not involved with the bet but shouldn't she be willing to show a little T &A to save her husband?
I hope she was laughing at you. lol (No, you made the bet.)
Ladies, how do you feel about NFL cheerleaders outfits?
I just saw a picture of the arizona cardinals cheerleaders and it shows 7 girls doing nothing more than have their chests out, heads back, and one leg forward, and you can easily see their panty covered butts because their skirts are so short. As a guy, I love seeing cheerleaders' butts but you gotta think at sometime these uniforms are going a bit far. I mean their panties show this easily, it makes you wonder if women these days are being more and more solely valued for their girl parts and they're liking it.
Like hooters girls, these ladies know exactly how they're exposing their bodies. Their choice.
Ladies why do girls think it's the end of the world when this happens?
I hear girls stories like she's a cheerleader and her friend failed to grab her from the air on time and ended up ripping her skirt or shorts and her panties show and everyone whistles. Why do girls always say things like "my life is over" and be so dramatic about it?
Because they are teens and their increased hormones increase the drama of everything.

When they get older, hormones balance and most get more reasonable.
Does anybody know where to find a specific porn movie where there are two blonde cheerleaders who show up at a?
well hung guys house selling something for a fundraiser for their cheerleading team. The guy invites them in so he can get them some money. He is only wearing a towel. He returns with money and the towel falls off. The girls say they were just wondering what it looked like and he says for them to show him theirs. They pull their panties down and he sits beside them on the couch. Then it all starts happening...
I think the movie you are talking about is Hustler's barely legal #2. You can find it here… it is scene 7 I believe. One of my favorite porn scenes.
Do Cheerleaders Wear Matching Colored Panties Or Something Else Under Their Skirt ?
OK this is a silly question, but I want to know.
When I was in school, being a hormone overloaded boy.
Every time a pretty girl in a cheerleader uniform do a flip, etc.
Of course her skirt would go up and show what was underneath.
If the uniform was purple, all the girls had purple underneath.
So I thought it was attached to the skirt or part of it.
Do they wear panties underneath them or are they used as panties.
I know it's a nosey question
But better to ask here than get smacked for asking in person.
This question isn't as stupid as you think it is. Most people wonder anyway. No we don't wear matching underwear. They are called bloomers. Some people call them spankies (I personally don't know anyone that does). & they are seperate from the skirt. We wear them over our underwear.

What do you think of DX running Raw last week?
The Coach, who has been running Raw for some time, has challenged DX to run the show. DX ran him out of the building and owned the program. In a humorous twist, they made the Spirit Squad wear cheerleading uniforms (since they are geeky gay cheerleaders). They made Spirit Squad member Nick lose the match to the legendary Sgt. Slaughter with their distraction os showing him a thong panty that he forgot to wear. So how did you enjoy the DX-ran show? Was it good or bad? Give me your opinion, no matter how you want to put it.
It was really cool. DX proved that they're as good inside the ring as hey are when they're outside playin' tricks.

First, they beat three tag teams, Viscera & Charlie Haas, The Highlanders and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdock. So, they made a mark that they can take challenges and finish them.

Then, they threw The Coach out of the building and made him cry. After that, it was sweet. They made a lingerie match between two divas. I only wish it was a pillowfight.

After that, it as even more funny. They made the Spirit Squad come out in HAHA! female cheerleding uniforms and boy, did I enjoy the look on their faces. Credits to Sgt. Slaughter for beating Nicky but he owes it to DX cause the Spirit Squad were too busy hidin' their butts to interfere in the match.

The Steel cage match wasn't made by them but they did make sure Cade & Murdock didn't interfere. So, we know they're fair in their decisions. I hope they beat Cade & Murdock.

It's really cool that Raw! finally has GM's who are fair and can deal with troublemakers. Kinda reminds me of Stone Cold's days as "Sheriff". I wish that DX should start operatin' the cmaeras again. Remember, they did that once and we had great instant replays, funny noises, funny writing etc. etc.

Overall, DX put together a great show. I wish that they run Homecomin' as well. It would be a huge success and they would perhaps embarrass SD!

I'd like to see " King" Booker and his "Royal Knights" fight off DX. Or how cool would it be if Ken Kennedy got stunned by Austin and Kane and Umaga's match gets cancelled and a fatal-four way match takes place instead. Kane vs Umaga vs Big Show vs Undertaker ( or Batista ). That would be sweet.
What is the reason for you cheerleader girls wearing skirt outfits?
I mean seriously, I stare at you ladies at all the assemblies, I'll admit. Love it when you swing up your legs like that. I got six inches of wood even right now thinking about my school colors that our cheer girls stand for! I'm thankful for every one of them doing the flips and the leg swing ups. Sometimes I get so much frequent wood that I have to wait one full minute to stand up in the end of each assembly show because my hard-on sticks way out. But anyway, why do you cheerleader girls wear those special skirts? Is it so we can see your cheer panties if we want to?
Because longer skirts/shorts/pants restrict movements & muscles.
Why don't high school cheerleaders wear shorts or fleece underneath their skirts?
At my high school, our cheerleaders do a lot of flips and jumps. That's like all they do. They don't cheer and they don't chant. All they do is do cartwheels and when they do, all you can see is blue panties. Can't they at least show coverage. You can see the whole underwear. Are your cheerleaders like that. I was sitting next to my best friend at the game and she was like?
We didn't have traditional cheerleaders in my high school. But what are you complaining about? If their panties are showing, what's the big deal? Cheerleaders are usally just around to get the male fans sexually aroused anyway
I think I made a big mistake by going naked at a co ed party. Do you think I will live it down?
am a high school junior and went to a party last saturday night where there was 5 cheerleaders and like 3 football players there. I thought really it was going to be just kinda hanging out, having pizza, and some drinks but we ended up playing an adult board game and the guys all had to get naked. We all took off our clothes at the same time and once the underwear came off, these guys were like 5 inches and I was standing there with an inch in front of Courtney, Tiffany, Paige, Elizabeth, and Kayli. I was so embarrassed. Of course the card said we had to remain nude for 10 minutes. We then had to sit on the couch. The girls came out of their room in their cheerleader outfits, and they paraded in front of us. Some bent over and showed their panties, but again when we all got erect, I was just 3.5 inches while they were like twice as big. I also leaked fluid. Am I just a total loser with no self control. Should I have just left the party once the naked game started? Will I live it down

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