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I want to buy some lingerie for my girlfriend?
Do girls prefer items that show their top or bottom? In other words do girls prefer lingerie that makes them bottomless or do they prefer lingerie that makes them topless? Or a mix?
Welcome to the reason we men should not buy lingerie for women :P What is her best asset?
If you do not know her size then go for onesize lingerie, you can find a lot of one size items at and probably at although i have never been a fan of them.Also both sites have a good size guide so you can try and work out the best lingerie though i must ask why are you buying lingerie FOR HER since really its FOR YOU?

You would be better off using amazon and finding a book related to what she likes as a present than a present for you that your just essentially giving her to wear.
Sexy lingerie for boyfriend sleepovers?
I need something sexy to wear with my boyfriend when i stay the night! I always wear sweats, or his clothes, but i want a pair of sexy pyjamas to wear! We haven't had sex (nor to we plan to) but he's seen me topless (but NOT bottomless). Do you know of any lingerie thats not too expensive? Thanks!!
Either way, wrap it before you tap it (wear a condom or take birth control).
When I was 16 through 18......?
I used to pu pictures of lingerie models up on the computer. It's my mom's computer. I used it about 90% of the time. I put models such as Karen Mulder, Stephanie Seymour, Laetitia Casta and Tyra Banks for examples. I even put up non nude playboy pics of Carmen Electra. I say non nude because she was bottomless and just her butt was showing when she was posing with that fishent outfit in 96. I know that my hormones were kicking in back then, but I'm trying to get to the route of why I would do that. Forget going to a doctor. This is free. Also my mom never even talke to me about having these pics up.Why is that? Why do you think I would put pics on the computer screen? Could I be testing to see how far I could go with them? Or was I expressing myself with these pics? And if I was, what was the message I was expressing?
it sounds like a pretty normal teenage thing to me, like putting posters on the wall. As long as they weren't something incredibly graphic, I wouldn't worry.
Why do the arab refugees enjoy "the special status"-at the expense of the Western taxpayers?
The arabs did not comply with the basic resolution of the UN number 181 about the partition of Palestine in two states:Jewish and Arab.Arabs rejected it and
two hours after Israel declared its independance,they -5 arab states and the unanimous gang of the palestinian arabs-attacked Israel.
After Israel beat them up,the palestinian arabs fled out of fear that Israelis would do with them the same they would be with the israelis-if they won.
But not all fled.Some 200000 palestinian arabs stayed.Now they are the citizens of Israel,whom their arab "brothers" in Gaza and West Bank call "fat cats".
Try to guess,why.
Until here,all is correct?
Very well.
The arabs who fled in 1948 are now either dead-or with one foot in the grave because of their age.Even those who aged 20 in 1948 now age 80.The status of the "refugee" is NOT HERIDATARY,which means that if yur father and mother had the refugee status-YOU already do not have it.
This law apllies to ALL the refugees in the world:to more than 20 millions of Germans converted into the refugees after the WWII,to hundreds of thousands of Japanese,to 80000 Jews who were robbed until their lingerie in arab countries like Syria,Egypt,Lebanon-and then thrown out of these countries.
But this law does not apply to arab refugees.
Can someone explain,why?
BTW,the only case when the UN created the special organ with the mission to take care of only ONE GROUP OF REFUGEES is,again, the arab refugees from Palestine.I mean the UNRWA,which exists only and exclusively on what the Western taxpayers give to the UN.Billions of dollars are every year pumped from the Western countries into the bottomless funds of the UNRWA-and finally,end up in the pockets of the leaders of Hamas.
Again,can somebody explain to me,why?
Lulu wrote:“well Russell, that is because Israel doesn't have to constantly rebuild because they are being bombed and bulldozed do they?”
Oh,Israel had to restore damage quite a lot of times,and not the damage in the form of a couple of olive trees being cut out-but the damage –result of the true and bloody wars.
First it happened in 1948,when your “brothers” from 5 arab countries attacked Israel.The war raged on the territory of Israel, 6373 Israelis(about 4,000 troops and 2,400 civilians) were killed by arabs in this war.
Then-the Six-Days war.
Then-the Yom Kippur war.
Then – the constant shelling of the Northern Israel by Hezbollah. It went on for the last 10 years, until 3 years ago Israel finally got tired and with a light slap made Hezbollah sit quiet on the Litany River.
Then-6000 rockets shot on Israeli cities from Gaza in just 3 last years.
Then-the suicide and other terrorist attacks.
Israel HAD to constantly rebuild, but she does not run around the world begging “good people from the West,for Christ´s sake, give us something to rebuild the mosque we used for storing "Qassams" , so that we could replenich our energy-and curse you more” and crying how “poor” and “oppressed” she is .
BTW,your arab “brothers “ have not paid a dime to compensate the damage they produced. Don´t you want to demonstrate how “fair” you are-and at least apologize, to start with?

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