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Boobs ? Bras need some help please answer!!!?
i had "the talk" and i'm 12 i bloomed late but my boobs look smalller tahn other girls i want to get them bigger what do i do i'm in a training bra but i dont think i need cups yet what should ido
You can't really do anything about your breast development. What happens is what happens. You could start to try an A cup bra (you say small boobs, so I'm guessing you're A cup.) I mean, my boobs weren't really that big either, I started off an A cup for quite a while. Now I'm a C cup, and that took about 3 years before that happened. So you should just wait and be happy with what you have. Besides, big breasts can cause back problems, so be happy with small ones. :)
Umm boobs/bras, need help?
ok, im 34DD n im still a teenager. wenever i go shopping with my friends they always can buy these cute, colorful bras and i have to go to the adults section where there are only solid color "granny bras". ive tried going online to buy cute bras in my size, but they are like $60 or higher. does anyone know a place where i can find cute bras my size that are cheap?
Sorry I'm in the UK but we have plenty of shops that do DD sizes and higher. La Senza, Marks and Spencers, Bravissimo to name a few. They have all sorts of colours and styles. Adult women goes from age 18+ so includes 'non' granny women, im not sure where you're looking but most adult women have a few plain bras and then a few sexier bras. They are expensive, nothing can really change that.
Can sleeping in bras make your boobs deformed?
My friend who tends to lie a lot told me that if you sleep in a bra your boobs become deformed. I was just wondering if that was true of is she was just full of it.
no lol.
but i find it more comfortable sleeping without one.
whatevers more comfortable.
Do padded bras make your boobs look bigger?
I have a friend, she wears padded bras and I thought she had huge boobs. When we were at a friend's party, we had a water fight and her bra got wet so she took it off. Her boobs looked so small! Like smaller than mine and trust me, I have pretty small boobs. Do padded bras make your boobs look bigger? Thanks in advance.
Yes ma'm , they sure will. Padded bras will fill in what mother nature didn't give you:)
Do minimiser bras make boobs 'look' smaller or they make you drop a few inches from the area?
In other words, are the results visual only, or you do drop a size / inches when you wear one? How many sizes / inches can you drop with a good minimiser bra?

I am not sure I understand the question, but here goes. The minimiser will make you look slightly smaller and mainly is helpful in holding some of that wonderful breastflesh under control so you can wear blouses and dresses that your great gifts from nature might prohibit you from normally fitting into.
Once you take it off you will still have all your glorious bounty. It will not permanantly disable you.

I think when my wife wears one of those it takes about and inch off which is very helpful for getting into tight blouses.
Are there any dressmakers who can measure for and make good quality bras? my boobs are impossible to fit.?
i live in south london, so someone in that area will be swell. please.
Dont know where ini S london, but here in the us there are lots of places that are specialty stores that have crazy sized bras, like my friend is a 40EE or something like that and she has to shop at special stores like that. try lookin online
Bras, boobs, help!!!
I have small boobs and they only fit in push up bras, not in regular bras. I always thought push up bras make your boobs look bigger, why do I only fit into a push up?

And, when do you guys think that most people start to wear bras? (I know it's different for everyone, but
Hmm that is interesting, but it isnt abnormal. Everyones boob size is different, so yours may require a push up bra to feel right and be protected. Theres nothing wrong with that!

Most people start wearing bras at about 11. I started about 10.
I got measured last week and i was told i was between a 34/36 DD or E so i would have trouble getting bras but in the end i ended up buying a 36 E.
Thing is my boobs only just fit in my hand and there not excatly round...
Should i go get measured somewhere else even though the bra fit?
if the bra fits wear it...
Bras boobs?Support in them?HELP?
We'll i wear bras that r underwired but sometimes i don't know if my bras are bigger or smaller than my boobs? How do i know if they give me enought sopport? And do you think they sell push up bras in wal-mart in 30a?Just wondering. Why do you think that people say not to wear a bra or padded bra if your a 30a under? If people think they shouldn't wear one than y would they bother selling them?
I wear a 30a and do padded bras make you boobs look bigger?Is it okay if i wear thoes instead of not padded bras? How do i know that the bra i buy is a push up bra? PLEASE HELP!!!!
it should say if it is push up or not but you can tell becaus the bottom part it thicker than the top.

but they do make your boobs look kinda bigger and they should have that size.
Why do girls wear bras when their boobs are small?
Ive dated a girl that wore the smallest size in bras and ive seen her boobs and other area and ive seen her in a bra and its too big like theres areas on the top of the bra where you can slide something down it and i was wondering why girls wear bras when they have really small ****!
so we have something to take off

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