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Girls, at a topless beach, would you go topless? How about wearing a thong bikini?
Which of the two would you be more likely to do (if either) and why?
Of course I would at a topless beach. Thongs are uncomfortable so I wouldn't wear one.
Beach Scenario for Girls Only: Would you go topless?
Girls, if you were on a beach where exactly 50% of women are topless and it's legal to be topless, would you...

A) Keep your bikini top on

B) Take your bikini top off
B- my top would be off anyway.
Have you ever went up and talked to a girl you never met b4.. sunbathing (in bikini) or topless on the beach?
I never have, I reckon they would get pretty embarassed..
Don't be shy. Just go up to them and start talking. If they don't want to be bothered, they will tell you to buzz off. Just be well-groomed, friendly, polite, well-mannered, and non-threatening. Say something funny like, "I've been taking a survey, and you are the cutest girl on the beach." Be complimentary, "I like your hair, smile, bikini, whatever." Perhaps you could offer to get them a cold drink or ice cream bar. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Why do i want to go to the beach to see girls in bikinis now?
im 15 i used to like going to the beach because it was fun to swim and make sand castles but not i just want to go to see the girls in bikinis and tanning topless
You have warm blood in your arteries and a full set of hormones.
I'm going to the beach in Valencia (spain) next week. What to the girls wear on the beach?
We're all 17 (2 friends of mine and I, all girls). I wanted to know if I should go topless on the beach or if I should just wear a bikini. Can I go to the beach naked if I want to? What's the norm there?
I would caution against going to the beach naked in Valencia. Thong bikinis are very much mainstream there, and you can then decide whether or not you feel comfortable going topless.
I went to a nude beach in Miami and got an erection lying next to three teenage girls? I felt bad. Is this ok?
I went to a nude beach for the first time last weekend and surprisingly got completely naked and enjoyed it. I found myself wanting to place my beach towel near the girls who were at the beach. Surprisingly many girls went topless or wore a thong or bikini and didnt get nude. For some reason I really got off lying nude next to them being naked. Often times they would look and sometimes I would get some giggles cause I am only an inch flaccid. I must have been at the beach all day long. Finally towards the end, I saw three teenage girls probably 13-18 years old and lied next to them, and got an erection. They seem amused and were laughing. I knew they were younger and thats probably why they stared and giggled but for some reason I got so turned on by being at this nude beach. My question is it wrong to go for this reason? Is it ok to go to a clothing optional beach to show off your body. I never approached any girls or made any lewd remarks or anything and dont want to. Please help.
Don't feel like it's unnatural to get an erection. Of course it's ok. I'm sure it wasn't the first time that they have seen a guy turned on by them, so it's ok. Teenage girls at a nude beach? That doesn't sound right to me, though. Where were their parents? As young as 13 years old? Hmmmmmmm........
Topless in the beach, why all the fuzz?
I am a Brazilian international student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and this is my first year here. We are having a warm October in Ottawa, and this past Sunday I went to Mooney's Bay beach with three of my new girlfriends. In Brazil I always go topless to the beach and since topless is legal in Ontario I didn’t even bring the bikini top, but when my girlfriends saw me topless and realized I was going to stay that way they simply packed their stuff and went to settle 100 yards from me. Anyway, I stayed on the beach by myself but anytime I went for a walk I noticed people gawking or giggling at me.

Now, that's my question: Why all the fuss about being topless at Mooney's Bay beach? Topless is totally legal there and I don't understand why somebody would have a negative reaction. Is this a common thing in Ottawa, being ashamed to stand beside a topless girl? Are Ottawans so close minded and conservatives?
Europeans and SA are far more liberal about beach nudity.
Canada and the US are not.
What do you girls like to wear on the beach ?
I'm guessing that girls who answer this question will be from all different parts of the world so it'll be good to get different views/faishons/ customs & tastes. I spend a lot of time in UK, France, Greece, Spain, Italy. so I generally sunbathe topless, or wear a nice bikini. I see pics of women in Brazil who wear thongs, they look so sexy. I might try this. I am going to USA soon.......what is the rules on beach wear there... I hear they are strict/prudes ?
As little as possible.(w/o burning)
What is the difference bitween pornstars and normal girls and ladies now adays?
what is the difference bitween pornstars and girls now adays who wear micro bikinis,thongs,topless on beach and lying in positions
No diffrence, they're all slutty lol
Going to the beach in Spain (Valencia). What do the girls wear?
We're all 17 (2 friends of mine and I, all girls). I wanted to know if I should go topless on the beach or if I should just wear a bikini. Can I go to the beach naked if I want to? What's the norm there?
It will depend on what other people are doing... take a bikini top with you, and if everyone else is topless, then go topless too.

It's very risky though- can you imagine how painful it'd be to sunburn your nipples? And how potentially dangerous it is?

If it were me, I'd keep my top on and just fake tan it. An all over tan doesn't seem worth the risk.

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