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Why are guys so obsessed with a lesbian kiss?!.....?
I don't get it. When I see 2 girls kiss it makes me kinda sick and I look away. What about a butch + lipstick lesbian kissing? that's not hot right?
I don't know. I tried to have my first kiss with my girlfriend, and we found a secluded place with no people (just so we wouldn't offend others like you) and the second I kissed her this cop followed us around the corner and was all driving slow. Asked how old we were. We moved to her car to talk and then he drove by us again all slow, circling her car. We weren't even doing anything. Some guys are just...guys. Cop or not.
I feel more attracted to my lipstick lesbian friend than to my girlfriend...what should I do?
I love my girlfriend but...idk I find my lipstick sexier and more fun, like I love talking to her and stare at her beauty, plus the fact that she kisses and touches other girls turns me on. My girlfriend knows she's lesbian so she doesn't mind but the thing is that she doesn't know that I have these thoughts when I talk to her.

Am I in love with my friend? What should I do?
Ask ur gf about a 3-some??? I cnt really think of anything else

obviously if you haven't heard the song ^^

*Vodka Syndrome- after to much you are subject to hump/kiss/lick/bite/ect. every piece of meat that walks through the door
Vincent, i'm not even going to think about opening that link lmao- And there's nothing you can do to make me!

From what i've heard, and the song title- I think she's a sad, sad person!
This lipstick lesbian on YouTube has issues.?
firstly she was talking to me about how she kissed this girl and liked it, but she was worried about what her boyfriend would say. then she started having a rant about how i was so gay, and that she hoped i would choke on my H&M scarf while masturbating to Mozart.
You mean Katy Perry. She's not even a lesbian, lol.
Lesbian video that involves lipstick?
one girl with black hair and one with blonde try on lipstick then mix the two by kissing. It leads to one laying down while the other kisses her neck and stomach. Teenagers. Website where I can find it.
I have no ideal
Best place for a lipstick lesbian experience boston?
I am having very curious thoughts about being with a woman. I myself am a femme and have kissed girls before, but I want the whole experience. I want to be with another femme who is experienced and would like to teach me, but im new in town and don't know where to go or how to go about it. It would need to be a discreet affair. Looking for the best place for this to happen or somewhere I can go and feel comfortable having a drink and looking at other femme woman. Im 36 and fit.
Try some adult themed dating sites. There are tons of women who are bisexual or bi-curious on those sites who are traditionally femme and looking to meet other women who like femmes.
Lesbian sex problems?
I'm a lesbian and I've been dating this girl named Dilana since last summer.
We've kind of taken it slow.. I'm not sure but right now she can like do stuff to me no problem what so ever.
She just won't let me do "stuff" to her if you know what I mean.

We make out and kiss and all that other stuff but she just won't have well, sex.
I have never seen her naked ever but she has seen me like a billion times lol :D

She does stuff to me all of the time and I feel so horrible because she will never let me do it back to her but her and I both know she wants to have sex.
I asked her why she wont let me see her or do anything to her and she said "Im too uncomforatable with me body..sorry"

She isn't transgendered or anything she just doesn't like her body and I don't know what to do!
I try explaining to her I don't care about it and she just says no no its okay.

Lol this is the third time I have asked this but I don't get much answers.. I posted it in this section because it may have alot of answers and dont be a homophobe thanks :D
P.S. She is not a fat butch either, lol she is like a lipstick lesbian.

Please help
I've had girlfriends like that before, well not lesbian girlfriends but shy girl friends, whatever, you know what I mean. Have you tried coaxing her into it all? Like keeping the lights off for her, doing things under the clothes? Wearing a blind fold?

And keep in mind I only suggest that because you said she wants to have sex. You can't really pressure her into anything, if she's not ready she's not ready. You'll just have to be understanding and wait for her to allow both of you to take that next step.

Hey one quick question, are you her first girlfriend?
So, lately I was seeing this lesbian now I'm confused?
Ok, we met through a common friend, I'm bisexual and she's a lipstick lesbian. She's older by 6 months and really way prettier, sexier and has more sex appeal than me. Anyway, it started with me just random chatting with her, I am attracted to her, but just considered her one of those girls I'm just trying around.

It was funny, after a few days, she suddenly became way too attached to me. She keeps sending me messages, calling me and stuff. At first I found it a bit freaky then she grew on me. On the 3rd day that she's been doing that, she started calling me pet names like "baby" and sending me messages of wanting to kiss me passionately (I don't send any messages like those by the way) and for me it's a little freaky and it's kinda happening way too fast? Then on the fourth day she just told me she said to her mother, grandmother and brothers that I was her girlfriend. Err, for me I find her attractive, and since I don't have anyone around I just give her the message that I'm okay with her, but there were constant reminders that she's too fast.

Although my hormones the past few days rage cause of her (she's aggressive, what can I say? And I happen to be attracted to her in the first place) I'm not sure if I really like her. It's really weird though, all she said was she liked my smile, simplicity and attitude. But it's still in such a short time? And she's acting all way too in love with me, this is just the sixth day she is pursuing me, but we met 2 weeks ago. She speaks about wanting to take care of me the rest of my life, she'll do whatever I want and never trying to love women again if I hurt her.

Err, can someone fall in love in such a short time? And yes she told me that she is in love with me.
Four days and she is in love, eh?

Well, I think you should be careful because it sounds like the same time frame as Romeo and Juliet and we know what happened there... lol

Just tell her that she is going to fast. If you are interested, don't dash her dreams, just tell her to start over slowly.
So. Mya, my lesbian friend.?
in one of my previous questions i told you all about this girl, her names Mya, and she's mixed race, got dyed red hair - like me:L:L - and her eyes, omg, her eyes, shes got theese big deep dark eyes that tell a story of 1000 words, they're beautiful, shes beautiful.. - thaught i'd tell you a bit about her..
Anyway, so we got into this fight yesterday, about nothing really, i was in a **** mood and i snaped at her, i have a short temper, so then is escalated, so today i went round hers, to try clear things over, and eventually, she let me in.. so we were in her living room, and we were starting to clear things up, but then somthing happend, like we just started screaming at each other.. i dont know why, it just happend, so after that, it was quiet, and we were like staring into each others eyes, and then like she kissed me, like pinned me agaisnt the wall, and well.. you know... so afterwards, we had a sit down, and we talked, so i told her that i think im bi, and then we watched salt under a blanket, yeah so, i really like her, but what should i do next? any ideas.
and one more thing, she refers to herself as being a '' lipstick lesbian '' but i dont know what that means?, but shes always doing her make up, and hair and she religious over her nail varnish:L:L

- sorry about the length, and probably the poor grammar, just got home and im tired at quarter to 3 in the morning.
Lipstick lesbian is when one feminem lesbian is atracted to another feminen lesbian, meaning a a woman who is atracted to mascular lesbians (confused yet). So basically a lesbian who likes to role play as a man in bed or make oove to a lesbian role playing a man (Jesus!) in other words, the only partner for a lipstick lesbian, is another lipstick lesbian, and you fit quite nicely as you THINK you are bi which means you have some manly fetures but are atracted to women. As for what to do next is up to you, do you generally belive you are bi and want to be with your friend (if not sure, you could always try being bi with her and see what it's like) or do you want to keep things as they are. Ifi were you i would try dating her, and if it doesn't work out, i'm sure she'll understand.

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