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All Comments

How would you respond to a pervert asking about lesbian twin sisters?
his question with my answer...

he contacted me seconds later...

should i respond to oswaldeugene?..
Heeeeey, someone in that question looked a little familiar......hmmmmm?
Lesbian twin sisters?
You know how a cliche male fantasy is to watch 2 hot lesbian twin sisters have a party together? You could say that to pretty much any straight guy and he would nod approvingly?

.... But isn't that ? They're related, right? Why would most guys find sister as a good thing?
*I am a firm believer that is wrong.
Because when it comes to kinky stuff like fantasies, men think of women as objects, and that makes something like seem OK.
Also, when it's girl-on-girl, it can't be bad, right? That's the way we argue dude.
What do you think of two lesbian sisters?
do u think that it is fine for two sisters to be lesbian? and what about two twin sisters?
Why wouldn't it be?
What is the possibility of two sisters being lesbian or bisexual?
Not twin sisters. I'm older by three years. I'm 17 she's 14 and we are both bisexual. I think we might end up being lesbians though. I'm kinda girlie and she's more of the athletic boyish type.
IDK. Not that uncommon, I suppose. My sister and I are 3 years apart as well, me being the older of us, and are both queer. She calls herself bisexual, but leans very heavily towards women whereas I usually call myself queer or sometimes a lesbian. In general though, we have very similar orientations and are both femmes. This guy on youtube has a few brothers and sisters who weren't twins and all of them ended up being gay too.
Why do lesbian sisters have sex with each other?
Twin sisters french kiss each other!
in your dreams !
I had threesome with my wife and her twin sister Im pretty sure they had lesbian sex?
Ive been puking all day long I feel sick we were all drunk none of us really wanted it we haven't talked yet Im confused help me
could my wife not be lesbian could she just extremely narcissist (to love herself a lot so she sees her self in her twin sister)
oh trolls
what would yahoo answers be without you guys
thats really good trolling now a days trolling is all garbage
what ever happened to flooding all the answers with stupidity
Ok so my twin sister is a butch lesbian and im sick of people telling me shes going to hell?
Ok i have a fraternal twin sister who is a butch lesbian im not im a straight girly girl but of course I love her shes my best friend.We are 13 she has been the way she is for as long as I can remember I dont have a problem with it she doesnt bother me.Im soo sick of people telling me she is going to hell.We are Christians and she has been saved so i pray shes not going to hell.I dont think she is.I hope shes not.All of the time from people i get "ur sisters going to hell" some girl I know added me on fb and the first thing she did when i accepted her request is tell me "Your sisters a lesbian im sorry shes going to hell" when we got a new at school we were talking to him and he told her "your gonna burn in hell" What should I say to these people?
You should ignore those people. They seriously took time out of THEIR life to tell YOU that YOUR sister is going to hell ? They need to get over it...Your sister should be proud of who she is, and that she has such a supportive sister like yourself. If it doesn't bother you, then the comments made by other people should be simple to ignore. God loves all his . Ignore the Hypocrites.
I don't understand why one of my identical twin sisters is...?
a lesbian yet my other twin sister is straight.

Shouldn't both of them be either gay or straight because they're identical?
I thought that people are born gay, what's going on?
Identical twins are genetically identical - they are not the same person. They may have hormonal differences, environmental differences, and different preferences. These factors have nothing to do with genes, but that doesn't make these preferences an active choice. We still don't choose to be gay.

I have identical twin brothers who look exactly alike (or, they did until one dyed his hair, haha) but one, Matt, is dyslexic and Alex isn't, but Alex has bipolar disorder. I'm not trying to say that homosexuality is the same as a learning disability or a mental illness, of course, but it is in that it's not necessarily genetically imprinted or fixed in our DNA. There are a multitude of possible "causes" but every person is different. We can't pinpoint a specific, definite reason for why some people are gay and some are not, even if they are identical twins.

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