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Today me and my friend went behind the school to play GTA VCS and we saw 2 cheerleaders having lesbian sex?
and then they reported us to the princble for peeping and me and my friend got suspended for 2 days :( what should we do for rrevenge ;D
Why do you need revenge?
What are some good Lesbian films?
As a gay myself, I hate Gay movies. they're just awful! All about sex, and the gay guys act so self-centered. If I wanted to watch a movie with sex, I might as well just watch porn.
But I watched a Lesbian film "But I'm a Cheerleader" and I loved it so much! It was more of a love story and it had just a teaspoon of sex.
What are some really fantastic lesbian films?
I'm going to agree, I Can't Think Straight was really good. I just watched it today and it had me cracking up.

I like DEBS, but it's kinda dumb, so I don't really know why I like it. (Oh, Lucy Diamond is hot...that's right.)

Desert Hearts was really hard for me to watch. It just took forever. And, I'm sorry, the love scene was a bit pornoish and kinda awkward. But you may decide you like it, we all have different tastes.

I also just saw the movie Shelter, it's a gay film (about 2 guys) but it was totally awesome and had maybe a tablespoon of sex, but nothing like most gay films and definitely not porn. (And it ends happy, which is why I like it.)
Are Women really better?
Come on...They are not. But really. If Woman keep complaining then every man on earth should get a Sex change. Then we can Live happily ever after in Lesbian Land. Does that Shut you Woman up? Or would you lovvveee having lesbian sex, lesbian football players, lesbian cheerleaders, lesbian cars, lesbian horses the whole damn works can be lesbian and woman. We will just grow Sperms in the Labs and throw out any Boys in the Dump. Will that Satisfy all the men haters? Cos I'd lovveee being lesbian hardcore!
Not really...
Any good lesbian movies to watch?
ive seen but im a cheerleader, imagine me and you, the truth about jane, the incredible true story about two girls in love, show me love and loving annabelle. Are there any other good lesbian movies? I hate violence so please no violent movies. im 14 so nothing that has too much sex preferably :)
thanks in advance
I cant think straight
Yes or no
Elena undone
Four face liars
I think my sister is lesbian?
We are six ( I am the youngest) I am 16, I am you basic average girl, I am cheerleader, I don't have sex, I am straight A student, I only go out Friday & Saturday ( Sunday or Saturday I visit church,Temple or Synagogue depend of which one I feel going, I really don't have a religion cause in my opinion religion mess up things, but yes I believe in G-D and only G-D, well beside giving you all my information allow me continue explaining like I was saying we are 2 girls and four brothers, okay now back to my sister I think she like this friend of her that is always with her my sister is 24 and her friend is 18 so she is an adult, the thing is that my sister is always with her and do rare thing to her, I don't have anything against her been lesbian, I just want to know and don't tell me I am nosey I want to know cause I cared and I don't want her getting hurt by my mom or dad.
what's up with people always assuming that girls are lesbians, just because they always hang with each other?

some people just don't like crowds. i for one would only like to be with 2 to 3 people at most rather than a whole bunch. i just get mad when people make an issue of me going out with another girl all the time. they assume she's a lesbian or bisexual. they make gossips about her or us. i just don't like people involving my friends in gossips.

there are certain friends who are special to me, but that doesn't mean i'm romantically involved with them.

my advice to you is to don't assume. you might get more than what you bargain for even if you have honest intentions. if you think your sister is a lesbian, then try to talk to her. see what she says when you talk about boys or try to set her up with a date. not only you are going to hurt your sister's feelings if your assumptions aren't true, but her friend's as well.

good luck.
Am I a lesbian in denial?

This has been bothering me for quite some time now and it is very confusing. I am basically trying to figure out if I am a lesbian in denial or if I am just suffering from OCD. I am 20 years old, and I have never had sex with a man or a women. I do not have a problem being gay but I am just trying to figure it out. When I think back to elementary school I always remember having crushes on boys. I was always embarrassed to have crushes on boys and when my friends would ask me who I liked I would say that I didnt like anyone. I even remember a couple of my friends asking if I was a lesbian in elementary and middle school. In seventh grade I was reading a book and two of the female characters fell in love. I remember reading about the first time that they kissed. I freaked out and didn't even finish the book. Afterward, I wondered why I had this reaction, I started thinking "what is I was a lesbian, is this why I feel uncomfortable when a boy likes me? could my friends have known I was gay before I did?" After that I let the thought go, I thought that there was no way I was a lesbian because I never had crushes on girls, if I was lesbian I would have had crushes on girls.

In high school I liked guys and went on a few dates but I always seemed to find some reason why I didn't like them. None of my relationships lasted more then a month. I never wanted to go any further then kissing a guy. Even the kissing would be dull and I never felt that spark. I always seemed to have one best girl friend and when that friend got a boyfriend or we stopped spending as much time together I would get really sad, I felt betrayed.

About six months ago I started to question my sexuality again, I thought that maybe I was a lesbian and I had just never come to terms with it. I started watching lesbian movies and tv shows, I love the LWord and "But I'm a cheerleader". I started to think back to when I was growing up, I remember in elementary and middle school thinking that some older girls were really pretty and that I just wanted to hug them and be with them. I came to the conclusion that I was probably a lesbian. But then I began questioning that because I have sexual fantasies about men. I would never want to be in a relationship with a man but I fantasize about having sex with them. Could I be a lesbian and fantasize about men? I started looking at pictures of women and then men and trying to figure out who I was more attracted to, I would do the same thing with people in general. I think it made everything worse because I was putting way to much thought into something that should feel natural.

I know that sexuality takes time to figure out, I guess I am just wondering what other lesbians think of my story. Do I seem like a lesbian in denial? For those of you who didn't know you were lesbian/gay from a young age when and how did you figure it out?

Thanks for your time!
My friend went through the same problem. She ended up being bisexual. Maybe thats what you are. At first she didnt know which sex she liked better, so she told herself she needed to experience both. She had a girlfriend then a boyfriend, and then she realized she didnt like one over the other
Why Is There No Lesbian Equivalent To "Another Gay Movie"?
Seriously. There are so many very funny and campy movies lampooning and exploring all the hilarity and ridiculousness you can sometimes find in gay male culture ... and yet none seems to exist for the lesbians.

The closest I can come up with are the hilarious "But I'm A Cheerleader" and "Mango Kiss", but each is kind of narrow in its focus (the ex-gay movement and lesbian S/M and polyamory, respectively).

So, come on! Where are the all the aspiring lesbian film-makers, ready to bring something fresh and funny to the table- no sappy Lifetime-like dramas or another re-hashing of coming out/realizations. There's so much fun stuff that could be done: lesbian stereotypes up the wazoo, the whole sex-positive, porn-happy wave that sweeping GLBT circles, feminazis, LUG's, bisexuality, the genderqueer revolution, butch/femme, L-Word parodying, indie rock and veganism, a star-studded cast with all the famous lesbian faces making quick, fun guest appearances . . . the list goes on.

Maybe the director just didn't feel like making one? I'm sure if it was 'Another Lesbian Movie' instead of 'Another Gay Movie', people would be asking why there wasn't a gay equivalent. There are plenty of gay AND lesbian films out there, though. At least in 'Another Gay Movie' they didn't leave out lesbians completely :]
Looking for some good lesbian movies to watch that have a little bit of everything in them?
What I mean by that is lol, A Good script nothing boring love scenes, or some sex scenes, Romance of course, interesting.
The movies I have saw are.

1.Truth About Jane.
2. Lost And Delirious.
3. D.E.B.S.
4. But I'm A Cheerleader.
5. Better Than Chocolate.
6. Eloise - Spanish lesbian movie.
7. Spider Lilies - Japaneses lesbian movie.
8. Show Me Love - Sweden lesbian movie.
9. And than came lola - okay.
10. Imagine me and you.
11. Loving Annabel.

These movies are kinda of old now how I wear out things, lol so that's why I want some new ones to watch in that type catagroy that I gave you, I would like to see some Russian lesbian movies or some forgieon ones if anyone knows of any thanks?
Gray matters
High art
I can't think straight-- chicks are hot.lolz
And then came lola
If these walls could talk 2...i think you'd have to rent it,
Itty titty bitty committee <---- super funny
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love <-- never watched b4
The Truth About Jane
Lesbian Vampire Killers
Remember the daze <-- (not strictly lesbian but has a teenage lesbian couple)
Tipping velvet
kissing jessica stein
GIA < angelina jolie is in it.
foxfire--- hints on angelina jolie which plays a lesbian...
bound < --- really good.
SOUTH of NOWHERE.. (teen lesbian tv series)
SUGAR RUSH (teen lesbian tv series)
Am I a lesbian?!? Please answer!?
Well I don't know if I'm lesbian,bi,or straight hopefully you guys can help me put with this because I'm to confused at this point.
Well Im 15 and a girl, I'm a varsity cheerleader at my high school. I have always been boy crazy, I still am in ways. I ALWAYS do my best to look good for boys I know, and even boys I dont know! I always find myself flirting with boys I like and don't like I don't realize Im doing it half the time. This boy and j have a thing (he's majorly hot) and everytimr we hug my crotch burns and throbs I get so turned on and I don't want it to end. I can see myself having sex with him and a relationship, and other ex boyfriends of mine or certain boys in general I can see myself being with. When I think of sex I think of the boy I want to do stuff to me and I fantasize about them all the time and I dowant a husband and a boyfriend. But boys also make me very very nervous, I can't stop smiling and blushing when I look or talk to a cute boy but If a guy I don't really like dates me or something I get very stressed and I feel like throwing up and I don't think that's normal. But a thought popped in my head staying I was a lesbian a while back and it won't go away and I'm confused. I've never had a "crush" ona girl. Honestly I cant picture myself dating a woman either, it doesn't seem "me". I do find myself looking at girls bodies though. And sometimes if a girl is very pretty I may have a slight fantasy about it but I never get really into them & sometimes I do that I can't see myself having sex with a girl either. But when I'm really ***** I think of all types of sex and me having fantasies about it I have girls all I've me since I'm a cheerleader and I don't get aroused when they touch me or like at a dance last night when me and girls were grinding on each other for fun I wasn't aroused then either But I have had an urge before to hold my friends hand or give her a kiss before The thoughts don't go away even if I think I'm straight plz help!!!
You sound Bi-sexual, not a lesbian, but bi-sexual.
I'm a closeted lesbian but I'm also the most popular girl in school?
Okay here's the thing
I've known I'm a lesbian since i was about 5. i tried to kiss my best friend when i was little and when i watched disney movies i wanted the princess not the prince. but that didn't stop me from wanting to be a princess too. and it wasn't until my mother told me after an incident at elementary school that 'girls go with boys' that there was something wrong with me
i'm 17 now. I'm a cheerleader and i'm very popular. I'm campaigning to be junior prom queen with my boyfriend. he's my gay beard i guess. i dont love him and i dont feel anything for him. everytime we have sex i have to use lube because otherwise it hurts and i cant get turned on around him, its all an act. and its not just him, ive slept with 5+ guys and it was the same everytime
i know i'm a lesbian. i want to come out and have a beautiful girlfriend and amazing sex for once but i'm afraid to lose my rep
You won't be able to get what you want out of life until you're honest with yourself and others.
You need to stop living a lie.
Why bother with silly things that don't bring you happiness like campaigning for junior prom queen?

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