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Why do people thumbs down a person for saying they are in an interracial relationship?
Is it really that much of a threat to them?
First, understand its not a threat, its a matter if ignorance. The term "interracial" refers clearly to people of the same race, yet people who question or down such, claim the people are of different races, which is ignorance.

Second, pigmentation is a biproduct of geographical location and biological needs met due to adaptation to the environment. How does that classify as RACE? It doesnt.

Finally, to even question anyone's choice to love another, is itself ignorant. Love shows patience, kindness, isnt rude or overbaring. Anyone who questions anothers heart to show love, is void of love themself and therefore should not be given any credence for their position.
What are some good arguments against interracial relationships?
im just trying to expand my thinking and better understand people who see things differently than i do. i think i pretty much know all of the common arguments and then some but just... enlighten me : ]

whatcha got? arguments AGAINST interracial relationships?? no thumbs down i promise : ]
Okay here are some arguments against it even though I am a Black/Japanese mixed man dating a White girl.

1. Most people typically do it out of greed and for money (White girl dating a Black man for his money)
2. Most people do it for benefits and for bragging rights and because it makes them feel like they are "less racist".
3. have it hard and are not accepted by both types in their races, like Langston Hughes said about him hating being Black and White mixed.
4. Sometimes it is done for a US citizenship (A girl from Mexico marries an American man just so she can be a US citizen or a girl from China marries a man from England to be a citizen of England).
5. It is done out of pressure, like for example, an Asian girl grows up around White people but she cannot marry an Asian man if she is attracted to one because her White friends will pressure her into marrying a White man.

Those are 5 arguments I could come up with.
How do you feel about interracial relationships?
I am writing an essay on interracial relationships for a collage paper and I need to get a few diverse opinions on how people feel. Don't worry I will give thumbs up to everyone and not get mad no matter what you opinion might be because that is just what I want, is your opinion
People are afraid of the unknown. Nothing new there. That's not a race issue; it's just fear of the unknown and it's been there since the beginning of time. People who regularly interact with people of different races quickly realize that there are no substantive differences. The challenge to all of us is to expand our social interactions to expand our awareness of other cultures.

We will know that we are making progress when people stop focusing on interracial as a word...

If our society is to grow, then we must embrace ALL relationships that encourage commitment and stability. Whether a person embraces a person of a different race or one of the same gender, we need to develop a respect for their choice and not attempt to push our prejudices towards them. Life is short and we should not waste our days here by condemning people who have beliefs that differ from ours.
Is it racist to not support interracial relationships?
I am getting a lot of criticism and thumbs down for saying that I will only love within my race.

Also for saying I don't support interracial relationships. Whats wrong with not supporting it? Is this society becoming overly politically correct?
Not at all. This society is sinking into the quagmire of PC.
Other Cultures & Groups: Why do you Biracials and race traitors push interracial dating on people?
Not everyone wants someone from another race. So why is it that if I say, I'd rather stick to my own I get thumbed down? Why can't you accept other's opinions?
I know right. I've stated so many true opinions, but I've gotten so many thumbs down. Today as I came on I got a notice saying im down 29 points, so i got at least 3 or 4 violations from giving a honest answer. People just can't stand the truth i guess..
What do you think of interracial relationships?
No racism here. I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks when they are walking in the mall and see a white man and a black woman? Does it make a difference if the woman is white and the guy is black?

A best answer will be chosen and i'll give thumbs up for any good responses i find.
I don't see any problem with it. While it may have been an issue before, times are changing and such a thing is more widely accepted. While it isn't accepted totally, it's definitely becoming more common.

I, myself, am actually in an interracial relationship. I'm Asian and my girlfriend is white. We never notice if other people look at us, but others have noticed that we do attract looks, but they never seem to be the type where people look down at us, but rather more of curiosity.

Our friends though and our families are supporting of our relationship and if anything, they think we go really well together. I'm personally very happy with my relationship.

Race should not be an obstacle in a relationship or love, for that matter. If anything, the difference has proven to be really interesting and fun.
Look at the thumbs down for the answers of this question, why do you think this is?;…

The people who don't oppose interracial dating are at the bottom because they have been thumbed down so much, why do you think this is?
Because the question is one that is trolling for reactions.

By the volume of sheer thumbs( up or down) , one could surmise that the questioner got what he/she wanted... a reaction....
How bad is racism in the US compared to racism in other DEVELOPED countries?
I recently posted a question on this section about that and one lady said that Canadians are open minded and loving and Americans are racist and hate interracial couples. Much to my dismay she received 5 thumbs up and no thumbs down so maybe I am missing something.

Anyways compared to racism in other DEVELOPED (mainly Western European countries, Canada and Japan), how bad is racism in the US?
The US is the only country in the world that even attempts to address racism.

Research the treatment of the Roma/gypsies in Europe.

Japan believes in 100% homogeneity.

At least the US is trying to fix the problem.
Cultures & Groups: Why do you Biracials and race traitors push interracial dating on people?
Not everyone wants someone from another race. So why is it that if I say, I'd rather stick to my own, I get thumbed down? Why can't you accept others opinions?

The white owned media keeps on pushing black people to marry outside, fxck that sh!t.

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